9 Secrets of 3 Day Diet – The Military Diet (Weight Loss “Miracle” or Major Fad?)

3-day diet military diet says that you can lose 10 pounds in a week.If you ask an obese that “Would you like to lose 10 pounds in just three days?”.

What do you think that they will reply you?

It’s simple, We know the answer that they are generally going to give you. People affected by obesity want to lose weight because obesity is a house of harmful diseases and 3-day military diet claims to reduce 10 pounds in a week, which attracts some of the people affected by obesity.

Basically, the creators, followers, fans or supporters of the 3 day diet or military diet are actually appealing people with their claim to burn 10 pounds in a week and 3-day diet military diet is making loads of reputation on social media sites.

Why someone will miss this kind of opportunity which advertises and claims results to reduce 10 pounds in a week.

However, everyone is not same, some of us are quite smart and we believe in finding the truth behind the mysterious  picture. I am one of them, so I am going to introduce you with 3-day diet military diet with detail after doing some study and exploration.

Meet The 3 Day Diet – The Military Diet

The 3 day diet was developed just for people who needed to achieve their big goals of getting rid of excess fat and that way – “lose large quantities of weight in short period of time”.

The label of the 3-day diet tells the meaning on its own. It is maintained for 3 days and then you get back to regular foods for four days, and then continue on the 3-day diet plan.

3 Day Diet doesn’t include any kind of rare foods. however, it includes common food that can be found in your kitchen or in the market easily. there are no unique costly recipes or ingredients in 3-day diet – the military diet.

It provides accessible food list for 3 days and It had better not to make any kind of replacement with the food menu.

It claims that if the diet is followed accurately, It will provide results like getting rid of 10 pounds fat in a week and  3-day diet plan will work to achieve your goals of losing weight.

1) Variation of 3-Day Diet – The Military Diet

10 pounds a week means the cumulative total of 30 pounds every month, there are a number of variation of 3 day diet, but they all claim to help you reduce weight 10 pounds each week.

This variation also includes what to eat or not to consume during this 3 day diet period for followers.

One variation of 3 day diet suggests-:

  • dieters stay for the first day only by consuming water or drinking water.
  • the second day, they are allowed to eat fruits and drink only fruit juice
  • and on the 3 days this variation of 3 day diet (military diet) suggests to dieters that they may consume only vegetables and drink only vegetable juice.

The most popular military diet and that appears to be the most usual, which is a meal plan that include guidelines for dieters just what exactly to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

2) Military Diet Was Not Developed By Nutrition Experts



This diet was most likely not developed by nutrition experts. One website that offers the diet includes this warning:

Neither the staff nor management of 3 Day Diets are experienced, licensed, or knowledgeable to judge or recommend the validity or safety of this diet. We do not necessarily endorse this diet and recommend that before trying this or any other diet to consult a physician or licensed medical practitioner. Use at your own risk.


No one knows accurately about the root base of the 3 day diet. Nevertheless, sources suggest that the design of the 3-day diet came from junk mail, bulletin board, faxed from one person to another and word-of-mouth.

It was famous with the name of the Fax Diet for the reason that offices everywhere were inundated with unknown faxes offering this Miracle Diet, in the 1980s.


3-day diets also go by various other names which include the Military diet, Army diet, Navy diet, fax diet, ice cream diet, and the Mayo Clinic, American Heart Association, or Cleveland Clinic diet.

Despite the fact that several variations of 3-day diet claim to have been developed by one of the health-related association, but there are no health-related associations have previously been identified to come ahead to maintain responsibility or to encourage any of these diets.

All these health cognizant associations don’t want to be linked with the 3-day diet. Many of these associations completely refuse to appear involved with the 3-day diet and tend not to support its consumption or usage.

Generally they all are basically introduced as 3-day diets.

Many association which have these diets named after them, including the Cleveland Clinic or the British Heart Foundation, step out of their approach to telling dieters that the diet would not originate where its name promises.

3) It’s not for Everyone

3-day diet is not low-fat, low cholesterol, or low-salt diet and it is only low-calorie diet. As a result, 3-day diet is not a healthy and balanced choice for the majority of people with specified problems including high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

It is ideal to lose weight for controlling these health problems for those who are suffering from obesity. 3-day diet is not a maintainable weight loss method, there is some myth that after several days, you gain back all weight that you lose.
Selecting a healthy way for weight loss is better than the 3-day diet day which will provide you good health.

A healthy way of losing weight is healthy nutritious food and regular exercise.

4) Consult A Doctor Before Starting 3-Day Diet – Military Diet

Those who are planning to start a new diet should always consult a doctor or healthcare professional because Nutrients calories and fat daily recommended intake can vary from one person to another relying on their age, sex, weight, and other factors.

It is important to get these crucial nutritional compounds from our daily diet for our body to make organ work the right way.

The nutritional compounds that we get from our daily diet include calories, fat and essential nutrients that our body can not make by themselves,

Consulting a doctor can probably help a dieter to figure out which diet is risk-free for a dieter as their personal desires and doctor or health care professional can assist them to select a better diet that will satisfy their health condition for long lasting weight loss purposes.

5) How 3-Day Diet Works

The 3-day diet military diet claims that follower of diet can lose 10 pounds in three days if the diet is adopted accurately.

The diet promises that 10 pounds in three days can be possible for the reason that the arrangement of foods in the diet menu triggers a certain type of enhanced metabolism which can possibly burn pounds of fat.
It happens to be hardly ever become obvious actually how it is supposed to work or what type of reaction this is designed to be?

The diet tells the followers of the 3-day diet can perform repeatedly the diet soon after a couple of days of usual eating.

Certain variation of three-day diets permit for as little as two days of regular eating, and some others demand approximately 4 to 5 days.

6) Is It Good For Pregnant or Breastfeeding Woman?


 Pregnant or nursing women, the elderly or anyone with a chronic medical condition should avoid the Three-Day Military diet, Livestrong Website suggests.

You probably know that what the mother consumes can have a considerable effect on the development and progress of the baby.

A pregnant or Breastfeeding woman should be very careful at the time when they are planning to start new diet simply because a child gets their nutrients from its mother.

7) Dieter Can Eat Anything Once the Diet is Over

the 3-day diet are designed to deliver a follower of diet with extraordinary weight loss in the very small period of time and It is not supposed to change the entire eating practices of dieters.

The diet also indicates that the follower of 3-day diet can eat anything they want to eat after the diet is over, But It tells of giving careful attention about overeating, usually means this diet give warning to not eat way too much.

There are no exercise suggestions for the 3-day diet plan, weight loss is designed to originate from lower calorie intake or enhanced metabolism solely.

 8) What is Bad About The 3-Day Diet?

3-day diet doesn’t offer the minimum daily recommended calories  for women and the men that are 1200 and 1800 respectively.

Although sticking with the 3-day diet for three days might probably not effect in serious nutrient deficiencies, but it can direct to repetitive rounds of weight gain and weight loss that can deteriorate your organs and immune system and it can enhance the risk of gallstones or heart-related complications.

Additionally, 3-day diet plan does not promote frequent exercise and they don’t assist followers to set up healthy and balanced eating practices.

9) Enhance the Chances of Nutrients Deficiency

3-day diet34

3-day diet military diets have a large possibility of vitamin and mineral deficiency. our body requires food from every group of foods daily for good health.

Surviving only through eating restricted type of foods and fruits juices can possibly create problems for dieters and almost out of the question to get all of the crucial nutritional compounds or nutrients for good health.

Previously, I mentioned that our body can not make all these crucial compounds by themselves, as a result we consume variety of foods from every food group to get all essential nutrients for our body and a good health.

Final words

In the event that you ever want to reduce a couple of pounds swiftly, Neglect this doubtful 3-day diet military diet and try something that you can stick to in the long run mainly because you will wind up with genuine results from the hard work you put in for your weight loss goals.

Keep in mind, Whenever It is about the weight loss, sluggish and steady genuinely does get the glory of victory in the race.

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