Aloe Vera plant is shrub with short stems. Its leaves are full of Aloe Vera gel and are succulent. The texture of leaves is smooth, thick and they are usually long and pointed.

It’s mainly famous for its gel which has various properties be it medicinal, for beauty enhancement, in cosmetics or as food supplements.  It is also grown as an ornamental plant. Here, We’ve listed various types of Aloe Vera:

The Different Types Of Aloe Vera are:

• Aloe Africana


It is one of the most attractive aloe plants which has its natives in Cape Town, South Africa. They are majorly popular due to their beautiful flowers and strong architectural features. The flowers on this plant are usually tubular.

• Aloe Ciliaris

This thin little Aloe Vera plant is famous for growing and developing rather quickly. It has bright red tubular flowers and soft hair like teeth. It is known for attracting bees and birds which support the surrounding environment.

• Aloe Marlothii

This is also referred to as the mountain Aloe Vera due to its height. Its leaves are spiky green and robust in texture. Its flowers are usually very attractive in color and range from yellow to a vibrant red.

• Aloe Socotrina

This plant is a native of the Socotra Island in Yemen. This plant keeps high value in homeopathy and has been found to be of great use for internal health.

• Aloe Maculata


This type of Aloe Vera has colorful flowers and intense greenery. The foliage of the plant is pinkish red during full sun and turns to bluish green in the shade. The leaves of this plant at times turn purple.

• Aloe Ferox

It is one of the famous South African plants which is famous for its medicinal uses. The leaves of this plant are dull green with a slight bluish tinge to them. This plant is usually shaped very elegantly with its leaves curved slightly downwards.

• Aloe Striata

This plant is often called coral aloe due to its beautiful hues which are very similar to the corals. Just like cacti, it can store water and so it is apt for growth in dry areas.

• Aloe Humilis

This plant has triangular leaves lined with white teeth. Even its stems cluster red flowers. The gel from this aloe plant is known to cure sunburns.

• Aloe Aristata


This aloe Vera plant is known for its deep green leaves which have white spike tooth around them. This plant has therapeutic roots which are used in Ayurveda for healing wounds.

• Aloe Polyphylla

This type of aloe vera is majorly planted as an ornamental due to its beautiful appearance. It has flowers with different shades of red and the leaves are sharp on tips and serrated at edges.

• Aloe Plicatilis

This aloe vera is almost depleted since they have been used as an ornamental since really long. Now it is only grown for its therapeutic uses and its use in the beauty industry. It is now a declared endangered species.

• Aloe Arborescens

This is a wild variety of Aloe Vera and is usually seen in the desert parts of Russia. Each stem of this plant has a bouquet of grey-green leaves with pale teeth. It is commercially grown as a medicinal plant.

• Aloe Petricola


Another ornamental aloe and popular in gardens due to its beautiful red, orange, and yellow flowers. It is often considered as a great environment booster.

• Aloe Barberae

This aloe plant is known to support our health in a lot of different ways. It bears rose-pink flowers with green tips and can grow over 50 feet tall.

• Aloe Dichotoma

Aloe dichotoma is often confused with a tree due to its long woody stem which branches out like a tree. Even this aloe has been labeled as critically endangered since 2011.

• Barbadensis – Miller

This species of Aloe Vera has made its place as the most beneficial one for both its consumption and topical use.

Apart from these types, there are several other lesser known types of aloe vera as well. It is said that there are almost 400 species of aloe vera.

Health Benefits

Aloe Vera is well-known for its therapeutic uses & we’ve listed below the various benefits it has in our daily life:

 Aloe Vera is known to improve digestion & cure constipation, piles & irritable bowel syndrome.

 It prevents aging & makes skin glow. It also makes skin soft & moisturized.

 Aloe Vera juice contains natural detoxifying agents that cleanse our system &  boosts immunity.

 It’s rich in Vitamin & Mineral content & aids weight loss.

• It also helps in healing radiation burns in cancer patients. Just with topical application, a soothing effect can be felt.

  Massaging Aloe Vera gel on bones relieves from arthritis pain & its juice also helps in suppressing pain.

Aloe Vera is extremely healthy for the female uterus.

It cures gum diseases and helps us maintain oral health.

Aloe Vera helps stop hair fall & adds shine to hair.

• It also helps in lowering bad cholesterol and promoting overall heart health.



Aloe Vera is one of the best gifts, God has endowed us with. Using it in the right quantity can help us develop a healthy life & boost immunity.

It works on our soul by reducing stress, on the mind by boosting confidence & makes our organs healthy as well. It is one of the best additions we can make to our diet.

Aloe Vera juice is easily available in the market or one can easily plant it in their house & use its gel for optimum usage.

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