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What Are The Different Types Of Beans?

Beans are essentially legumes, and so just like all other legumes, these are also rich in proteins, fiber, and folate. They are an excellent source of protein, especially for vegetarians. Every day you come across many types of beans which are all structurally different from each other along with some differences in flavor.

Beans are a staple food for various nations like Italy, Mexico, Brazil, and Egypt.


Types Of Beans

The various beans known are:

1) Baby Lima

Lima beans when not matured fully are buttery and rich in their flavor and flat shaped.


2) Black Bean

The black colored beans have a not so hard texture. They have an earthy flavor and are slightly sweet to eat.


3) Adzuki

The tiny brownish red beans are sweet to taste and nutty in flavor.


4) Black Eye

These beans are also in the shape of a kidney and have a small black spot in the center. They have an amazing fragrance and a unique creamy flavor to it.


5) Cranberry

The cranberry beans are small and rounded in shape. They have a yummy nutty taste and a mildly creamy texture to them.


6) Kidney Beans

The kidney-shaped beans are often popular in Indian and Mexican cuisines. They are usually bold and full-bodied. They come in various shades of red and are categorized according to their skin color. Like red Kidney Beans, Dark Red kidney beans, and white kidney beans.


7) Garbanzo

The color of these beans ranges from Beige to Pale yellow. Their taste is similar to nuts, and yet they have a wonderful buttery texture to them.


8) Great Northern

The great northern Beans are mediocre sized beans which are flat and shaped like a kidney. They are delicate and mellow in their flavors and usually taste more so like the delicacy they are added to.


9) Lima Beans

The smooth textured large ovular beans have a yummy sweet and creamy flavor, and they are beautiful and ivory in appearance.


10) Navy Beans

The navy beans are smaller than other beans and have an oval shape. They are also called pea beans due to their similarity to peas. They have a fine powdery texture and a delicate flavor to them.


11) Otebo Beans

These unique beans are only found in Japan where they are used as additives in confectionary items.


12) Pinto Beans

The pinto beans are usually creamy white and oval.  They have a tangible powdery texture with a beautiful earthy flavor to them. These are also called the Borlotti beans.


13) Pink Beans

These tiny beans as the name suggests are pink in color. They have a delicate rich and fleshy taste. They usually take about an hour to cook.


14) Black Turtle Beans

The black turtle beans are also called Pretos, they taste much like nuts and are famous in the Carribean.


15) Fava Beans

If meaty tastes are not your favorite, choose the fava beans as these are shelling beans with their unique taste.


16) Mung Beans

These small green colored beans are high in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The green sprouts are made off the mung beans.


17) Soy Beans

These creamy white to pale yellow beans are used as a major ingredient to make various other edible products. They are highly nutritious.


18) Haricot Beans

These creamy white beans are the size of a pea and are delicately flavored. These beans are often creamy to eat.


19) Edamame Beans

These soybeans are consumed within the pod at a younger stage. They are much softer in texture.


20) Bush and Pole Beans

These green colored beans are usually had raw especially in salads. Though, they can also be consumed after being cooked.


21) Winged Beans

The pods pf the winged beans have frilly edges. They are usually used in soups.


Beans come in many shapes, sizes, and structures but apart from all the beans as mentioned above, the green beans alone are available in various subtypes. To bring most of them to notice the types of green beans are also enlisted below:

  • Jade
  • Provider
  • Maxibel
  • Contender
  • Rolande
  • Provider
  • Tender Green
  • Soleil
  • Dragon tongue
  • Trionfo Violetta
  • Blue Lake
  • Spanish Musica
  • Kentucky Wonder
  • Rattle Snake
  • Fortex


Health Benefits of Beans

Certain studies indicate that beans might be helpful in the prevention of cancer and other chronic diseases. But, not only this there are several other benefits of consuming various types of beans. These are listed below:

1) Beans are rich in fiber and thus, help in digestion. They prevent diarrhea and also constipation by regulating the bowel movement.

2) They are rich in Iron and thus prevent anemia and Iron deficiency.

3) These are rich in carbs but not fats and thus, are good for your health.

4) Beans are rich in folate which are good for pregnant women and prevent birth defects in children. Folate helps in the thickening of the placenta which helps in holding the fetus and nurturing it too.

5) These are rich Vitamin K too which helps in protecting your joints.

6) The folate also makes sure that your stress levels are managed and do not create any depression. It also controls the homocysteine levels of your heart and thus, help in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

7) The Zinc present in the beans is good for your vision. It changes the beta-carotene to Vitamin A which is used by our eyes for its visual functioning.

8) These beans are rich in carb thus, make you feel full for longer and have no fat content too. Hence they help in weight loss.

9) The Copper in the beans helps in controlling the functioning of the enzymes. Which further affect your skin pigments and other connective tissues.



These nutritious pods are just as tasty as they’re beneficial. They can easily be added to your diet in raw form as salads or can be cooked, baked, grilled or sautéed as per your taste preferences. Their amazing nature and edibility in all forms make them a favorite among many vegetarians. Just choose the one from the above list that you think suits your taste and grab it for a blast of health for your body.