In my childhood, my elders used to tell me “An apple a day keeps the doctor away“. We can understand apple juice is healthy because it’s name tell us that apple juice is made of apple. I’ll introduce you to Numerous health benefits of apple juice because I want to find how beneficial are these apples?

It’s not only me who heard that apple is good for our health, I don’t remember anyone ever saying that apple is dangerous for our health and we should not eat apples.

Many People think that apple juice is only for children and it’s a kind of kid juice, but they have taken it wrongly, and It is one of the most common misconception about the apple juice.

Types of Apple Juice

There are many types of apple juice, which are harvested in many parts of the world.

Some of the common apple juice known are the following ones-:

After seeing the various types of apple juice, lets head to health benefits of apple juice.

1) Loaded with Crucial Nutrients

Apples and apple juice are loaded with crucial nutrients, and offer numerous health benefits.

Antioxidants are very crucial for your body, driving back free radicals that are associated with many cancers and chronic issues. Apple had the second maximum level of antioxidant activity in comparison with other commonly eaten fruits in the usual American diet.

research conducted by researchers from the USDA in 2004 examined more than 100 foods to calculate the concentration of antioxidants in every serving. they found that Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples positioned at number 12 and 13 on the entire record.

Apple has a class of compounds known as phytochemicals. These compounds are plant compounds that give fruits and vegetables to have defensive properties. They guard you against chronic problems by inhibiting cell proliferation and also managing the immune and inflammatory response system.

2) Antioxidant-Rich Pulp

Phytochemicals including polyphenols offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection to slow aging and prevent sickness. the following precious plant compounds come from the pulp in unfiltered apple juice.

Peels of apple are rich in polyphenols, it helps to fight against chronic health issues which includes cancer, heart disease and asthma. Apple pulp on the other hand has fibre that is beneficial in cleaning the intestines and preventing problems of the digestive system. It promotes healthy bowel movements too.

3) Liver health

The alkaline properties of apple juice supports to get rid of toxins and waste substances from the body. Pectin is valuable in sleek function of the digestive system and the Skin of apple contain pectin that helps apple juice to work as liver cleanser.

4) Heart and Lung Protection

Benefits of Apples for Heart

Consumption of apple and Apple juice helps reduce the chance of heart attacks. A University of California study in 2001 including human subjects demonstrated that the quercetin in apples and juice of apple reduces the accumulation of cholesterol plaque in arteries and thus lowers the risk of heart attacks. Thus, in todays world where heart attacks are so common this sweet juice can help you curb this menace.

Apple juice is not only beneficial for heart health but it also assists an asthma attack to subside.

People in the research encountered the advantages in lowering plaque after six weeks of either consuming 12 ounces of apple juice or ingesting two apples every day. These fruits are also beneficial for asthmatics. While consuming apple juice abundant in quercetin can’t substitute a rescue inhaler, the polyphenols can assist an asthma attack to settle down.

study with guinea pigs suggests quercetin lowered creation of histamines, the aggravating chemicals the body makes in response to allergens. Allergic flare-ups usually induce asthma attacks.

Summarising the above in simplest form would be that apple juice helps in keeping your heart healthy and prevent asthma. Thus, it helps you in living a healthier life.

5) Good Immunity

The decent amount of vitamin C in apple juice helps boost immunity and avoids numerous issues triggered by virus and bacteria. Vitamin C along with iron in apple juice is also extremely helpful in building the bones stronger.

6) Improves Digestion

Health guidance suggests apples have a substance known as “malic acid“, which allows maintain liver function and enhances digestion. It will be helpful Juicing apples because this is going to support supply malic acid through the body swiftly.

7) Alzheimer’s Disease

Consumption of Apple juice on a daily basis decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers from the University of Massachusetts found that mice given the comparable amount of two glasses apple juice on a daily basis for one month encountered a reduce level in the creation of beta-amyloid, which is a protein that create “senile plaques” in the brain and accountable for the growth of Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Shea commented that “These findings offers further evidence linking nutritional and genetic risk factors for age-related neurodegeneration and recommends that frequent consumption of apple juice can not only support to maintain one’s mind functioning at its best, but may also be able to delay key aspects of Alzheimer’s disease and augment therapeutic approaches.”

Additionally, more research is required to be done on humans. But, even with such facts this juice certainly seems to be immensely healthy for your body.

8) Protect Against Metabolic Syndrome

Many Red Apples

Metabolic syndrome is the title assigned to a group of risk factors that raise your risk for the heart condition and other issues such as stroke or diabetes. These include a large waistline, a high triglyceride level, a low “good” HDL level, high blood pressure and high fasting blood sugar.

The good thing is, apples may be an effective approach in the combat against metabolic syndrome.

In the Experimental Biology 2008 meeting, Dr. Victor Fulgoni showed an amazing fact about some adults who consumed Apple products. He claimed that the adults who consumed Apple products experienced 27% fewer chances of getting diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.

“We found that adults who eat apples and apple products have smaller waistlines that indicate less abdominal fat, lower blood pressure and a reduced risk for developing what is known as the metabolic syndrome,” Fulgoni suggests.

Raw apples themselves, apple juice, and apple sauce are the apple products that was included in the following research. Therefore, start adding Apples in one of these forms into your diet in case you want to guard yourself against metabolic syndrome.


9) Fulfill Your Sweet Tooth

Consuming apple juice may assist to lower urges for other sweets including cakes, sodas, and candies. It can satisfy your sweet tooth because fresh apple juice is naturally sweet and gives you a good quantity of nutrients as well. Thus, it helps in cutting down on the intake of sugar to a certain extent especially artificial ones.

10) Protects Against Cancer

Because apple and apple juice are filled with lots of nutrients it has become more and more connected to decreased chances of different cancers.

Following are the studies that indicate how apple juice are beneficial and lowers risk of various cancers.

  1. Experts from the German Cancer Research Center examined the literature relating to the effects of apples and juice of apple on the risk of cancer and they came to the conclusion, that animal research has displayed apples and juice of apples to be beneficial in lowering the risk of colon, skin and breast cancers. These results were also suggested by the studies published in the October 2008 issue of the journal “Planta Medica”.
  2. According to the study of The American Institute for Cancer Research, the apple peels has a third or more of the fruit’s compounds regarded as beneficial in combating a range of cancers and It recognize that the peel has 80 percent of an apple’s content of quercetin, which is one of the four main polyphenols in apples.
  3. Animal studies indicate quercetin may be especially valuable in the combat with colon cancer, The American Cancer Society suggests.
  4. In a 2008 research, an analyst for DKFZ, the German Cancer Research Center, notices that unfiltered juice produced from cider apples is especially abundant in polyphenols, white clear apple juice is reduced in them.

All these researches indicate that apple juice is beneficial in fighting rather curbing the occurrence of various forms of cancer.

11) Asthma Symptoms

Children drinking apple juice once in a day may lower in wheezing frequencyResearchers from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute examined the effect of fruit ingestion on asthmatic symptoms, including wheezing, in childhood. Scientists noted in the June 2007 issue of the “European Respiratory Journal” that kids consuming apple juice once a day encountered reduces in wheezing frequency.

Wheezing is generally one of the first symptoms of asthma and thus, curbing it right in the beginning is essential.

12) Keeps You Hydrated

Thristy Girl Drinks Apple Juice

There is no determined limit for consuming water, but I want to mention that the recommended consumption of water is six to eight 8-ounce glasses each day. People may need more fluids for their body in case they reside in a warm atmosphere or get involved in a challenging task.

Apple juice can assist you to keep hydrated because it contains 219 grams of water per 8-ounce serving.
Acquiring sufficient amount of water on a daily basis is essential because many of chemical reactions in the body necessitate water. Simply putting human body is 60% water and the same needs to be maintained at all times in order to prevent dehydration.

13) Protect You From Neurological Disease

Scientists observed that the antioxidants in apples, oranges, and bananas assist decrease the damage performed to nerve cells in the brain and spine triggered by diseases.

Ailments put extra anxiety onto the neurons in the brain, and the brains of Alzheimer’s sufferers are demonstrated to have been subjected to elevated stress as time. This is what thought to be moderately accountable for their nerve weakening as part of Alzheimer’s.

Moreover, studies have displayed that men who take in large quantities of flavonoids (similar to those determined in apples), may be able to reduce their risk of Parkinson’s condition.


After knowing all the health benefits of apple juice, you will understand that why apples are the most popular fruits in the world.

You need to keep in mind that everything needs to be in a moderate amount and portion sizes are essential, even if you are going to drink apple juice. Don’t be misled by trusting that you can get all these benefits by drinking lots of apple juice in one day.

let us know via comments what do you think about health benefits of drinking apple juice daily.


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  1. I have recently begun drinking apple juice almost every day (ever since I bought a juicer!!)… it is one delicious and healthy habit to get into!! <3 Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. I was diagnosed with pneumonia and I had it for two and a half weeks and I felt so weak and tired and out of energy I began to drink apple juice and to eat apples everyday my energy return my body was strengthened from it I could feel the difference literally in my body when I would drink the apple juice I am feeling much stronger now I very much so believe that it should be in everyone’s diet everyday you can literally feel it in your body working making you healthier and feeling healthier

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