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What Are The Different Types Of Berries?

Eye-catching colors and mouthwatering flavors are all I can think of as soon as I hear about Berries. These are small, rounded and pulpy edible snack which is typically juicy to eat.

The best part being that these fruits do not have any seed or pit and thus one can immerse themselves in the pleasure of the juice marble-like balls without the disruption of a seed.

The best part about berries being the high content of anti-oxidants, this makes them one of the healthiest snacking options available to us. Thus, berries are not just appealing to the eyes but also great for the health.

Various Types of Berries

Various variety of Berries known to us are:

1) Goji Berries


These berries are also called Chinese wolfberries. In ancient Chinese culture, these berries have often been linked to happiness, physical well-being and sexual health of all individuals. These berries are deep red and provide us with Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and K along with linolenic acid, selenium, germanium, and some other minerals.


2) Blue Berries

They are a powerhouse of nutrients with loads of antioxidants and anthocyanins. Blueberries prevent the risk of heart diseases, cataract, varicose veins and also peptic ulcers. They are truly worth enjoying.


3) Raspberries

Raspberries are a great source of fiber and are often a part of various desserts. They make you feel full soon due to the presence of leptin. These are also said to be a great source of Vitamin C and Manganese.


4) Black Raspberries


Though they look very similar to blackberries yet, they are different fruit. These are a good source of Vitamin C. They possess strong anti-cancer-causing properties.


5) Acai Berries

These berries are found in the South American Rainforests. These berries are loaded with healthy components such as anthocyanins which help in lowering cholesterol levels and also improve heart health.

They help in slowing the aging process as they have high antioxidant content. These are so rich in anti-oxidant and vitamin value that it can be rightly said that one acai berry has ten times the vitamin content as compared to a blueberry.


6) Cloudberry

They have been assigned this name due to their appearance. They are bright and appealing and taste equally amazing. These are a great source of  Vitamin C and Carbohydrates. Thus, they impart instant energy.


7) Chokeberry


Unlike other berries, these are bitter and tart through the nutrient content is high for these as well. They are a great source of Vitamin A and C along with Iron. These berries have an acerbic taste, i.e., bitter but are still suitable for making good quality wines.


8) Bilberries

These berries have a taste similar to that of Blueberries, and they even look similar. The only difference is in their size. The Bilberries are three times smaller in appearance than the blueberries. These help in controlling diabetes and also help in improvement of night vision and reduce the occurrence of cataract.


9) Strawberries

Strawberries are as healthy and as tasty, as beautiful as they look. They have high phenol levels which help us protect against diseases and promote good health. Strawberries have a high content of magnesium, omega3-fatty acids, manganese, iodine, folate, vitamin B, Vitamin c and Vitamin K.


10) Boysen Berry


These are not very popular but taste wonderful and are a great source of various nutrients. They are a great source of Vitamins, Protein, and carbohydrate.


11) Blackberries

These also are full of healthy nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Pectin. Blackberries are often considered helpful in fighting cancer-causing carcinogens. These contain various other polyphenols as well. They taste amazing along with all the other health benefits


12) Elderberry

These berries do not have a tempting taste but are beneficial for our immune system and thus are a must have.


13) Cranberries


Unlike other berries, these are not sweet but tart in flavor. They increase good cholesterol and also are a great booster of female health. They are used in juices, jams and even manufacture of alcohols.


14) Goose Berry

Also called Amla in Hindi, these are a great source of Vitamin C.


15) Huckleberry

They look so much like blueberries that it gets difficult to differentiate. Though these berries have slightly tarter. They are an instant source of energy due to their high content of calories.


16) Barberry


These berries have a unique flavor, unlike other berries. They are tangy and yet sour in flavor. They help in the prevention of diabetes.


17) Salmon Mulberries

These have a sweet taste and are rich in all kinds of Vitamins, proteins, and minerals.


18) Black Currant

These are sweet to taste and are a wonder for our eyesight and optimal health as a whole.


19) Dewberry


Beauty conscious, are you? Then add this tart flavored berries to your diet and enhance the glow on your face.


20) Juneberry

Ever heard of berries which have a nutty flavor? Well, Juneberries carry a unique sweet and nutty flavor.


21) Loganberry

These berries are a cross breed between the blackberries and raspberries. They have a unique taste and are often used in juices and jams.


22) Tayberry


Tayberries are known to lower cholesterol levels. Their taste is the perfect combination of bitter and sweet.


23) Barbados Cherry

These are just cherries without the seeds and are found in the Caribbean and certain parts of South America. These are highly nutritive.


24) Bear Berry

These red berries are loved by bears and thus, the name ‘Bear Berries.’ Their sweet taste makes them fit for human consumption as well.


25) Black Mulberry


These berries need a warm climate for their growth and can be used to add tartness to pies and jams.


26) Buffaloberry

These berries are bright red and are bigger than the usual berries. They can be consumed fresh or dried.


27) Chokecherry

This is a tart tasting fruit often used in jams.


28) Cowberries


These fruits are used in baked goods and are almost like Cranberries. Though they have a tart taste and a reddish appearance.


29) Farkleberries

It resembles blueberries but is black. They don’t have any taste and are a snack for wildlife.


30) Indian Plum

This fruit is another favorite of the birds. It is sweet and has a reddish tinge on their peels.


31) Bunch Berry


This fruits tastelessness makes it best suited for birds rather than humans. They have a pretty appearance due to their red clustered appearance.


32) Nannyberry

These berries are majorly used to make syrups and preservatives. They look like chokecherries.


33) Red Mulberry

The fruit taste just like the Blackberries. But they perish faster in comparison to blackberries.


34) Oregon Grape


These are generally small and appear to be purple. They have a tart flavor and are often used to make wines.


35) Sugar Berry

These berries are a favorite among birds and insects. They have a yellowish tinge to them and taste very sweet.


36) Thimbleberry

These wild berries are often seen in and around the regions from Alaska to Mexico. They have a sweet flavor to them and are very soft.


37) Wintergreen Berry


These types of berries have an acerbic taste which gets better as the temperature falls. These berries are found on vines throughout the territory of U.S.A and Canada.


38) Wine Berry

These berries taste tart and yet a have mild sweetness to them. They are found in New England and are often called wild raspberries.


39) Young Berry

These berries are found in regions of New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia. They are named after Mr.Byrnes M.Young, Who was the one to first find these berries.


40) Sea-Buckthorn Berries


These berries are generally used in the preparation of tea, juice, and syrup.


41) Black Cherries

These berries have their origin from America and taste like super ripe chokeberries.


42) Chehalem Berries

These have a bright peel and are smaller than the Logan Berry. It can be had fresh, dried or canned.


43) Bayberries


Bayberries are often used in making wax and alcoholic beverages. Though, they can be consumed fresh or dry and even canned for future use.


44) Himalayan/ Armenian Blackberry

These berries are usually dark blue or black when ready to be consumed.


45) Hackberries

These berries are usually very colorful, and these trees can easily be found around us.


46) Josta Berry


These berries are smaller in size than gooseberry and bigger than blackcurrant. Its fruits are often cooked and then consumed.


47) Kotataberries

These berries are just like the marionberries, and they are deep black.


48) Marion Berries

These taste just like blackberries but are longer and conical in shape, unlike blackberries.


49) Olallieberries


These berries are a cross breed between youngberry and loganberry. These berries can be had as is or processed.


50) Pine Berries

These berries taste like pineapples and have a white color. They are very attractive.


51) Pink Currant

These berries are really tasty and are also used as ornamental plants due to their attractive looks.


52) Red Currant


These berries have bright red color. They need partial sunshine to mature to a plant.


53) Rose Hips

Rose plants produce fruits which are berries. They have a bright orange appearance and can be had fresh. They are majorly used in making jams and preservatives.


54) Yellow Currants

These are generally grown as decorative plants due to their attractive color. Though they do bear a delicious fruit which can be consumed fresh or used in jams, jellies, and juices.


55) White Currants


These berries are sweeter than the rest of the currants and are often consumed fresh.


56) Cape Gooseberries

These come wrapped in a paper like a cape and have a sweet and tangy flavor.


Certain fruits like Banana, Pomegranates and majorly all tangerine fruits are also at times considered to be a part of the berry family due to their definition. They have not been included in the various varieties as the list of berries is never-ending.

There still are varieties known to mankind which are highly toxic and cannot be consumed. Some examples are Juniper, Pokeweed, American Bittersweet, and holly to name a few.

It is still believed that there are still large varieties of berries that we are unaware of which makes me think are we missing on some good tasting fruits because there still are remote areas which are out of human reach.


Health Benefits of Eating Berries

Berries are brimming with Nutrient and are available in such a large number of varieties that it gets difficult to choose which one to eat. Their benefits are not just limited to the nutrient supply they provide us with, but they also act as an immunity booster and are a part of many beauty routines.

Some of the berries are an instant source of energy and thus help in feeling energetic and full. Some of the other well-known health benefits of berries are:

1) Barries protect us from any radical cell damage due to high anti-oxidant levels.

2) It helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

3) They can sometimes help us decrease our appetite by making us feel fuller.

4) Barries help in controlling cardiovascular issues.

5) They help in maintaining cholesterol levels.

6) Their antioxidant content helps in controlling and preventing cancer.

7) Barries are great for our eyesight.

8) These small fruits are considered helpful in the functioning of our arteries.



So many benefits in packed in such tiny pulpy balls of taste make berries all the tastier. It is advised by experts to eat at least one cup of berries in order to maintain a healthy diet and body.

It can for sure be said that berries are the healthiest snacking option available to us and with such a variety of taste to choose from, why should we lose a chance to enjoy a handful of health while our mouth will be full of taste.

Michael Greger once said, “Berries are the healthiest fruit, offering potential protection against cancer and heart disease, boosting the immune system and acting as a guard for the liver and brain.” Listening to his appreciation, we should all make sure to include as many berries as we can in our daily diet.