Green florets bind together by a green stem forms the yummy and succulent broccoli. The various types of broccoli are seen each with varied shape, structure, taste, and size. At present this vegetable is one of the popular vegetables of America.

It is also known to be an extremely nutritious vegetable. Broccoli is a member of the Cruciferae family of vegetables. Broccoli is a derivative of Broccolo which points at the flowering tuft of the cabbage. In general, just like all other vegetables, many types of broccoli are also known to exist.

Types of Broccoli

The various categories of Broccoli are listed below:


1) Broccoli Rabe

Rapini is another name of Broccoli Rabe. It has amazingly crispy florets with lots of foliage. The plants of this broccoli grow up to 1 or 2 feet tall indicating that the broccoli then is ready to be harvested.


2) Sprouting Broccoli

The unusual purplish or white broccolis are usually the sprouting ones. They have small florets as compared to the other types, but the flavor and essence of broccoli are as good as any other type. This variety is also called the Italian Broccoli.


3) Brocco Flower

This type is a hybrid between broccoli and cauliflower. These have spirally arranged florets which are spikey. It is usually crunchy in taste.


4) Broccoli Raab

The broccoli Raab is an easy-to-grow variety which has beautiful mustard like earthy flavor to it. Though a type of broccoli it is closely knit to turnips as well. It is pretty young in the U.S while has been in existence since long in U.K.


5) Calabrese Broccoli

The most easily available type of Broccoli especially in the U.S.A. It has green color with a blue tint and bushy florets. Its florets are dense, and the head is big in the first harvest followed by several smaller heads thereon.


6) Broccolini

It is a cross between the Gai Lun and the traditional broccoli. It has a beautiful deep green color. The stalks of this broccoli are long and slender with bud-like florets. It usually is sweet to taste.


7) Large – Headed Broccoli

Usually, the first harvest of Broccoli yields larger heads in comparison to the following harvest, though if good care is still taken then large heads can be produced.


8) Romanesco Broccoli

A unique upright plant produces this special and royal vegetable which needs a lot of space for its growth. It is only served at certain upscale restaurants.


9) Leaf Broccoli

These broccoli types are usually used as salad greens after their stems are chopped off.


10) Chinese Broccoli

Chinese broccoli is also called Gai Lun. It is a hybrid of the traditional broccoli with kale. It generally tastes sweeter than the other types of broccoli. Its stem and leaves are generally used for culinary purposes.


11) Emerald Crowd

It is a uniformly growing variety which has heavy and dense florets.


12) Bimi

It is known by various synonyms, and baby broccoli is one such famous one. It has a nutritional profile which is even healthier than the normal broccoli. The stem has a sweet flavor while the foliage is further smooth.


13) Blue Wind

These broccolis are of medium size and are beautifully green with tints of blue. They have appealing florets.


14) Marathon

The marathon Broccoli has a higher head than major types which is a domed shape. It has densely packed smooth florets.


15) Centennial

This variety usually has no or very few shots on the stem with a dense head which is smooth and has bead-like florets.


16) Gemini

These broccolis are known for their uniform heads. These are just perfect for the summer production varieties.


17) Winter Purple Sprouting Broccoli

The name does suggest purple, but certain types of broccoli in this category have white flowers. These broccolis are received after being vernalized.


18) Tahoe Rz

This type of broccoli usually has a domed head and a clean stem with dense green florets.


19) Constellation

These broccolis usually have very densely knit florets and a clean stalk at the bottom.


20) One Cut Monflor Broccoli

This type of broccoli usually has loose florets on slender green uniform stalks. The florets of this variety are usually very tender.


21) Paraiso

This variety has a good production of large-headed dark green broccoli. The florets have a beaded texture.


22) Asteroid

This is crown cut broccoli with really high-quality produce. It has a neat stem and a pretty dark color and is simple to harvest.

Apart from these, some other known types are Imperial, Avenger, Lieutenant, happy Rich and Santee, etc.

Health Benefits of Broccoli

The benefits of consuming Broccoli are:

1) The fiber content of broccoli helps in enhancing immunity and fighting inflammation of the body.

2) The Vitamin K content of Broccoli regulates your blood pressure and also helps in regulating the bone mineral density.

3) The fiber further improves the digestive health and supports a healthy bowel movement.

4) Broccoli is rich in vitamin which helps in boosting immunity and also maintaining a good vision.

5) Broccoli is known to guard us against various types of cancer.

6) It helps in maintaining a shine, glowing and acne free skin.

7) Broccoli help in maintaining healthy and glossy hair.

8) It contains a compound which is proven to have anti-aging benefits.

9) Broccoli is known to contain Vitamin A which helps in increase of sperm count and also in prevention of cancer of the bladder.



This green stack of florets is not just famous for its floral looks but, also for its incredible nutritional profile. It certainly is a must have on a regular basis.

The consumption of broccoli saves us from various diseases and keeps our body healthy inside out, and the best part about this healthy green is that you need not make any extra effort to include this amazing veggie in your diet.

You can have it raw, grilled, sautéed by itself or add it to any delicacy or toss it on a pizza or in a salad. Don’t just hog on fat because your brain and body will crave for it, choose what is healthier and let your brain then bask in the plenty of health that this vegetable will provide in return.

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