These layered goblets of leaves make their way through in almost all special delicacies around the world. The various types of cabbage that are available with varied taste and structure make it easier for you to have this green in any form whether cooked, raw, baked or braised.

This vegetable has been in existence since almost 1000 BC, and the best part is that it comes in various shape, structures, and tastes.

There is much to explore about this vegetable but, before you plan to grow one also understand the fact that cabbage needs a lot of nutrition during its growth stages and thus needs care.

This list though mentions only some varieties of cabbage but globally around 400 cabbage varieties are known.

Types of Cabbage

The different types of cabbage are:

1) Savoy Cabbage

Unlike other cabbage varieties, the savoy cabbage has leaves which are crinkled. It is always preferred over the other cabbages which have smooth leaves.


2) Summer Cabbage

These cabbages are round and take around four months to mature.


3) Spring Cabbage

This variety of cabbage has leaves which are bind loosely and thus; they need to be protected from the winds.


4) Chinese Cabbage

This type of cabbage has dark green leaves and a white stem. This variety is one of the earliest maturing ones and takes only about 8 – 10 weeks till they can be harvested.


5) Winter Cabbage

Winter Cabbages are usually hard, and so they are more long lasting than the other types of cabbage.


6) Napa Cabbage

The Napa cabbage has slightly crinkled leaves which are not held tight in the center. It has a much mild taste in comparison to other varieties.


7) Red Cabbage

This type of cabbage is purple but, many still call it deep red. These are usually harvested when fall season is about to end.


8) Green Cabbage

This is the most locally available variety with pale leaves which are strongly bound to the center of the cabbage.


9) Celebrate

These are compact plants which yield appealing bluish green heads. These are uniform in size and are generally do not fall because of yellows.


10) Green Lunar

This type of cabbage has an oblate shape and an attractive bright green color.


11) Promise

The promise types are great for markets as they have a high tolerance to certain pests. They harvest in a time of around 105 days.


12) Grand Vantage

It has dark green leaves and this cabbage is very dense and has an amazing ability to stay guarded in the fields.


13) Tropic Giant

This type of cabbage is resistant to various pests and even extreme climatic conditions especially hot ones.


14) Murdoc

This variety is also an early maturing one and usually takes around 80-85 days to mature. It has slender and thin leaves.


15) Cannonball Cabbage

The cannonball cabbage is also called the mammoth Brussel sprout due to its similarity with the same. It has closely knit leaves which are eye-pleasingly green.


16) Super Red 115

This is another hybrid variety with a dark red color to it. This plant is often appreciated for its produce.


17) Storage Hybrid #4

Another hybrid version which has waxy leaves and upright heads which together make it look fancy.


18) Super Elite

This cabbage is apt for shipping as it has closely packed wrapping leaves which are thick. This type has a sweet flavor.


19) Super Red 80

This cabbage has thick outer leaves and in pretty fancy to look at. It is dark in color and is pretty much uniform all through.


20) Superstar

This is a hybrid cabbage which is green in color. Its flavor is excellent and is loved by one and all.


21) Thunderhead

This variety is very uniform in shape and is dark green. It usually remains clean in the fields; it holds well in the fields too.


22) Brussel Sprouts

These cute little cabbages are sold on the stalk and can be frozen for longer storage.


23) Spring Crisps

This is another early maturing variety. It is best for being picked during spring and summer season.


24) Choy Sum

The choy sum is also called the flowering cabbage and produces yellow flowers. Pick on the ones who have really small stalks with crisp leaves.


25) January King Cabbage

The leaves of this cabbage are curled and have beautiful hues of green, blue and purple along with some tiny bits of turquoise. These are small in size.


26) Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage

The irony is that this cabbage is a native of U.K and has a heart shaped head with beautiful pale green leaves.


27) Portugal Cabbage

This is a native of the Mediterranean region with large and ribbed leaves of green color. The leaves though are tough but are loved in Portugal.


28) Red Drumhead Cabbage

This tough and deep cabbage is perfect for raw consumption as they are not much prone to worms.


29) Walking stick Cabbage

This type of cabbage is usually tall and resemble kale. The stems of this plant are used as a walking stick and bean poles thus, the name.


30) Winningstadt Cabbage

This is a native of Germany. It has beautiful dark green leaves which are shiny and large. It is sweeter than the rest of the varieties.


31) Tuscan Cabbage

A fairly younger type of cabbage with narrow leaves which are long and dark green. These leaves have white ribs. The cabbages of this variety typically have a mild flavor to them.


32) Gai Choy

This type of cabbage has wide leaves and astringent mustard-like flavor to it. This variety is entirely edible though majorly its stem is consumed after pickling.

Health Benefits of Cabbage

This beautiful foliage though resembles lettuce but is a close cousin of broccoli and cauliflower. It has certain health benefits which should not be overlooked, these are:

1) Its antioxidant level helps in controlling inflammation.

2) The anthocyanins in cabbage have been known to reduce the risk of heart related or cardiovascular diseases.

3) The insoluble fiber content of cabbage assists in digestion and also promotes a healthy bowel movement.

4) Consumption of cabbage provides you with plant sterols and soluble fiber which helps in reducing and controlling the LDL cholesterol.

5) It is known to heal the skin and provide a flawless glow along with slowing down the process of aging.



Cabbage needs the spotlight that has been taken away from it for so long. It is not just beautiful layered foliage but one of the nutritive veggies which surely deserve a place in our daily platter due to their amazing nutritional value. But make sure you wash it nicely and check for any worms in the vegetable before you consume it.

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