A luscious green stem loaded with thorns is all where imagination runs when we think of a cactus. It is a plant which is usually seen in a desert and can store water.

This plant has a system for water absorption through contraction of its stem and also with its shallow and not so widespread root system. There are various types of cactus.

These plants show various structural and non-structural adaptations to suit itself to the surrounding environment and thus giving rise to its different types.

The Various Types Of Cacti Are:


Beavertail Cactus


These cacti are generally the prickly pear types of cactus and have a height between 51 centimeters to around 1.5 meters wide. It has flowers of pinkish color which are very similar in their aroma to a watermelon.


Balloon Cactus

This is a globe-shaped cactus with rows of spikes running parallel to each other.


• Mexican Fence Post Cactus

These cacti have beautiful red blooms and can grow as tall as 16 feet in height. These plants grow as a fence in Mexico, and thus, this name has been assigned to them


Blue Barrel Cactus

A unique silver-blue cactus with yellow spikes which can grow almost 60 centimeters tall.



This cactus has beautiful golden spikes which get a glow in sunlight and orangish-red flowers which are very attractive to see.


6) Organ Pipe Cactus

The name comes from their striking resemblance to the primitive organ pipes. They are often also compared to sausage links and can grow up to a height of 30 feet.


Blue Fame Cactus

These are usually around 12 feet wide with blue-green color and purple fruits. These cacti are also crested and columnar in shape and size.


Candelabra Cactus


These cacti are wide and not so tall in shape and range up to a height of 10 feet. These cacti have white flowers which are white. These flowers have a unique quality, i.e., they open during the day and close during the night.


Teddy Bear Cholla Cactus

These cacti are shrubby and more like a bush with golden spikes which almost glow in the sunlight.


Christmas Tree Cactus

With a height of 24 inches, this cactus looks exactly like a Christmas tree and thus, is called the same.


Old Man Cactus

These cacti produce yellow and pink flowers in spring nights only. This species can be recognized by their tall and branched growth covered in long woolly hair which is often washed to keep them white.


Claret Cup Cactus

These cacti can grow up to 3 feet high and also around 6 feet wide. They often have borne juicy, sweet fruits which taste like strawberry but are orange as they ripen.


Mammillaria Polyhedra

These plants start out as individuals with a height of around 12 inches and are 5 inches wide. They soon form clusters.


Golden Ball Cactus

These cacti are also called the yellow tower and the lemon ball cacti. They grow in clusters and are fire resistant. They also grow up to three feet high.


Prickly Pear Cactus


This cactus is usually recognized by its fruits which are red or yellow. They are generally 6 feet wide and 15 feet tall.


Golder Barrel Cactus

These cacti are most popular ones in the desert landscape and are often around four feet tall. These are golden in color.


Orchid Cactus

These cacti are appreciated for their beautiful and big blooms with stunning colors like pinks, reds, white, yellow and orange.


Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus

These cacti grow around 70 centimeters in height. These types of cacti have attractive blooms with bright colors. These cacti have small free branching clusters.


• Peanut Cactus

These cacti grow only about 1 foot tall and have a red vase like blooms.


Rat-Tail Cactus

Rat-tail cacti produce red tubular flowers and can grow up to 3 – 5 feet long. It is used as a hanging plant.


• Silver Touch Cactus

Rose or burgundy blooms are usually seen protruding horizontally from this cactus. They usually form clusters.




Saguaro is a giant cactus which reaches a height of about 50 feet, but it needs time to grow completely. These cacti are usually very aromatic.


Totems Pole Cactus

These cacti neither have spines nor ribs and have nods on abstract sculptural positions. These are bold pieces and are not everyone’s cup of tea.


• Star Cactus

These cacti are identified from its twisted ribs. It has a height of around 100 centimeters.


Turk’s Cap

Turk’s cap is an expensive and demanding cactus. It has bright pink flowers which need some water sprinkled on them in every few days.


• Copper King Lady Finger Cactus

This cactus has a distinguishing contrast of colors. It is dark green itself with beautiful and striking coppery red spines in clusters all around it.


Crown Cactus

This is a slow growing variety and ends up forming a beautiful mound which almost resembles a crown.


Fairy Castle Cactus

These cacti have dark green stems with white spikes. It is another slow growing variety.


Feather Cactus


Its unique feathery spines cover it completely and make it look like a ball of feathers.


Owls Eye Cactus

One of the ornamental cactus varieties with white spines clustered at its top with yellow flowers.


• Powderpuff Cactus

The silky hair around its structure is the reason behind its name. It bears beautiful blooms ranging from pink to yellow during spring.


RedCap Cactus

Grow beautiful and sparkly rubies in your garden which do not demand as much attention either.


Rosy Pincushion Cactus

Its beautiful pink flowers are the reason behind its name. This cactus grows around 5 inches in height.


Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus

Their magenta rings are a delightful sight during summers. These cactus do not need much sunlight or water to grow.


• Easter Cactus

These cacti majorly bloom around Easters. If properly set up this species will care for itself and develop well.


Dwarf Chin Cactus


Looking for container garden cactus?

This is the right pick. These cute cacti have an elegant look and produce white blooms too.


Bunny-Ears Cactus

A decorative cactus whose spines almost form polka dot like uniform structures.


Dragon Fruit

The extremely attractive and delicious fruit might not look like a cactus but is a variation on the same.


• Banana Cactus

Banana cactus is usually yellow with spikes spread all around it. Its shape and color bring in its common name.


Cactus Zebra

This is the best option in the whole list for a cactus that needs to be planted indoors as it rarely needs sunlight. It has zebra crosses all over its thick green stems.


• Disco Cactus

This cactus has a slightly flattened spherical shape, and the white flowers appear at night on the sides of the spheres.


• Moonlight Cactus

These plants are clambering and have stems with aerial roots.



Isn’t it truly a wonder of the nature that a spooky green thick-stemmed plant that too with thorns comes in such a huge variety and that too with such vivid colors.

It is equally astonishing to notice that some varieties bear wonderful fruits and also flowers. All this truly make us believe that beauty does follow everywhere in its special way.

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