Cashews are favorite of many people around the world. You just can’t restrict yourself from getting your hands on these buttery, sweet and salty nuts.

Cashews are loaded with vitamins and minerals. It is obtained from cashew trees, which are found in the subtropical climate.

Though they are filled with crucial nutrients, the excess amount of cashew can be dangerous. You should always be aware of how many cashews should you eat per day to gain most of the benefits.


How Many Cashews Should You Eat Per Day?

Cashews are very delicious which makes you crave for it. Apart from the taste, it has numerous benefits. You will always wish to have more and more of these cashews, but you should remember to limit its consumption to moderations.


Experts suggest you can eat 15 cashews per day.


15 cashew nuts per day are considered to be the moderate amount. As per the healthy handful logo designed by NutsForLife, you should prefer eating only 30 grams of nuts per day. The logo had been developed by them to keep people reminded about the benefits of eating nuts regularly.

Eating about 30 grams of nuts per day will help to meet the daily requirement of essential nutrients, thereby proving to be beneficial for us. It will also aid in keeping you healthy. 30 grams of cashew is equal to 15 cashew nuts.

Cashews in moderate amounts are helpful, StyleCraze also recommends to eat 15 cashew nuts on a daily basis to get most of its benefits.

The weight management expert, Dr. Gargi Sharma recommends eating only 4 to 5 cashew nuts on a daily basis. She also suggests the different ways in which you can enjoy your cashew and also include in your diet. She indicates to adding cashews in a salad or using them in chicken curry as a stir-fry.

You should limit eating too many cashews to avoid the risk of any health issues. Not only may this but restricting your cashew consumption will also help in managing your weight and keeping your body shape.

Eating cashews daily can have many benefits. To enjoy most of its benefits, you should always consider to include it in your diet.


Research Studies related to Cashews Consumption

Undoubtedly, eating cashew nuts daily can help in weight loss and also keeps a body in shape. Various studies have shown that eating cashew nuts in moderation can help to achieve the weight loss goal.

Though cashew nuts are highly nutritious nuts, it can’t be considered to be food that would lead to weight loss miraculously. You can prefer to add them to your low-calorie diet and see the more benefits. Adding them to your diet would help you to continue with your diet for a more extended period, and help you to gain your body goal at a faster rate.


How Monounsaturated Fats Help in Losing Weight

Cashews are reputed to be high in fats like most of the other types of nuts, but the fat about 8 to 13 in one ounce of cashew, is the healthy monounsaturated fat.

According to a study published in 2003, in British Journal of Nutrition, a diet rich in unsaturated fat, instead of saturated fat helps to reduce more weight and assist in fat loss.

Although the amount of calories and fat consumption remains the same in both the diets of saturated and unsaturated fat, the latter would help more in reducing weight and burning up your unrequired fat.

According to another study published in February 2009 in Diabetics care, a diet rich in monounsaturated fats is as beneficial as a diet rich in carbohydrates and low in fats. Both of them would help in losing the weight.

A study of American Journal of Nutrition of 2004, a diet which has a moderate amount of fats is considered to be more beneficial than a diet low in fat. The previous one would help more in weight loss as it would enhance the cholesterol as well as the triglyceride level during the process of weight loss.


Calories in Cashew

One ounce of cashew equal to 16 to 18 cashew nuts contains about 163 calories. To reduce your weight by 1 pound, you should diminish 500 calories from your diet on a per day basis.

However, you may find it hard to reach your aim of losing one pound per week if you continue to a lot of cashews at one time. You can also choose to avoid overeating of calories with cashew by adding foods that are low in calories but the vital source of fiber such as apple.

This will keep you filled up for a more extended period, and your calorie intake would be low too.


Health Benefits of Eating Cashews

Cashews have numerous health benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

1) Cashew can keep the eyes healthy by enhancing the vision, as it is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. These powerful antioxidants prevent eyes from damaging and also lower the risk of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts too.

2) There is certain evidence which has shown the effect of eating cashews in reducing the risk of gallstones. It is full of essential bioactive compounds such as unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, minerals that help to prevent gallstones.

3) Cashews are capable of reducing the high blood pressure and bad cholesterol level, thereby helping to improve the heart health.

Cashews contain arginine, which is essential for the inner lining of arteries. It also has oleic acid, which protects the heart from damage. It has vitamin E in trace amounts which prevent the plaque from forming in the arteries.

4) Cashews have antioxidants that are known to promote the digestive health. These antioxidants prevent the inner lining of the stomach from any damage. Though cashews are low in fiber, they may also help with constipation.

5) Cashews are also beneficial for treating headaches. The magnesium in the cashews is advantageous for calming the blood vessels, thereby reducing the risk of headaches as well as a migraine. Although, more research needs to be done in this case.


Side Effects of Eating Cashew

Cashews are rich in fats and calories, too much of it can often lead to weight gain. Some of the other side effects of eating cashews include:

1) Eating cashew can trigger off the allergy.

2) Cashews are known to affect the blood sugar level, so during surgery, it may once again affect them, thereby leading to damage.

3) During breastfeeding and pregnancy, you should always limit the cashew intake to a few only.

4) It may also be harmful to diabetic patients, so diabetic patients must take the suggestions of a doctor once before starting to eat cashews.


Final Thoughts

Cashews are full of essential nutrients that are beneficial for our health. They have often been associated with lowering the risk of headaches, migraines and promoting vision.

They also help to improve heart health. Because of so many benefits, you have some reasons to include this in your and enjoy the benefits.

You should always keep in mind to eat cashew in moderations to avoid the risk of any further damage. And for this, you should know, how many cashews should you eat per day.

Knowing the amount of your cashew consumption can help you in many ways. So, remember to add it to your diet and enjoy the health benefits.

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