How Many Cups of Water Should You Drink Per Day?

People are often baffled by the question of “how many cups of water should I drink per day.” Our body is made up of 60% of water, and we are into losing and gaining water for the body to maintain the equilibrium. The opinion regarding how much water one must drink per day varies. It is […]

How Many Steps Should You Take Per Day?

Since the invention of various applications like Fitbit and others, we have been able to find the ideal number of steps that should be taken per day. All your fitness goal trackers will set 10,000 steps as the ideal number of steps to be taken per day in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Most […]

How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Need Per Day?

Sleep is one of the fundamental needs of life. Less sleep may often lead to mood swings, feeling of irritation and restlessness. We often fall in to meet our busy schedule and become a victim of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation can severely affect mood, energy, and loss of energy. It is very necessary to know […]