What Are The Different Types of Echinoderms?

Echinoderms are a particularly different class of living beings. These are usually found in the deep oceans. If we go by the facts on Wikipedia, then this category of living beings further has around 7000 species listed in this category. Thus, knowing and understanding various types of echinoderms is a confusing task. The various types […]

What Are The Different Types of Fish Eggs?

Finally, you have an option to enjoy the benefits of fish protein and Omega 3 fatty acids in a delicacy that can be tasty and is consumable, unlike the cod liver oil. The fish eggs or caviar on hear seem to be one of the expensive dishes listed on the menu of a fine dining […]

What Are The Different Types of JellyFish?

These fishes are one of the oldest known multicellular animals on our planet. These astonishing little beings do not have lungs, heart or brain as their skin is so thin that they can breathe right through it. These wobbly little fishes are made of maximum water content. So much so that if they get washed […]

What Are The Different Types of Seaweed?

Marine algae are popularly known as Seaweed. These are almost like plants, but they are life and attach themselves to rocks or other hard options in the coastal area. There are types of seaweeds available as they belong to different algae families. These are also classified on the same basis which you will learn in […]

What Are The Different Types of Tuna?

Tuna is a saltwater fish and is easily caught. Tuna is sold more often canned than fresh but, those who know will share the fact that fresh tuna is more nutritious and rich in Omega 3 than the canned version. Just like other fishes, types of tuna are also available in the market. Tuna the […]

What Are The Different Types of Seafood?


Seafood does not refer to food for sea. Ironically it means the food that we get from the sea and other water bodies. Seafood includes all aquatic life that humans can consume as food. Humans tend to consume everything which is edible, and from the end of all seafood lovers, I can assure it is […]

What Are The Different Types Of Salmon?


People often consume fish as food. For certain groups, fish is also a staple food. Among the various edible fish varieties are Salmons. It is often considered as an oily fish which has high protein content along with omega 3, vitamin D and fatty acids. Along with a good nutrient supply, salmon have known to […]