Cauliflower are beautiful and white though not always, with green stalk and stems. They are an integral part of our meals. The best type of cauliflower to be picked for consumption are the firm ones with milky or creamy white florets. Also make sure that these curds are stain free and have no black or brown spots.

The best part of consumption of this healthy veggie is the fact that it keeps you calm and relieves you of stress and hypertension. This simple little foliage ball is also known to be a prevention which is obviously better than cure for several serious nervous disorders like the Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

This vegetable takes a maximum time of four months to grow into a mature ready to harvest plant. It is believed to be a native of Turkey and the florets of cauliflower are called curds.

Types of Cauliflower

The various types of cauliflower known are:


1) Janvel

Janvel is an organic variety of cauliflower which yields its produce during late summer and fall season.


2) Snow Crown

The snow crown cauliflowers are a hybrid variety with seeds that have a lot of vigour.


3) Purple Cauliflower

These beautiful and purple curded cauliflowers are attractive but, they lose their colour on being cooked.


4) Veronica

It is Romanesco cauliflower with spiraled curds. The major attraction is the bright lime green colour of this cauliflower.


5) Bishop

It is also a hybrid made to produce during summers. It is believed to be the improvised version of the fremont cauliflower.


6) Vitaverde

It is a large cauliflower and is suitable for both warm and cool climatic conditions.


7) Skywalker

The skywalker cauliflower has heads which self wrap themselves in green foliage. It is another famous organic cauliflower.


8) Cheddar

This is an early to mature cauliflower which has a colour similar to the cheddar cheese and is thus, called so.


9) Graffiti

These cauliflowers are astoundingly beautiful due to their beautiful purple hue of the curds.


10) Denali

These are heavy and big cauliflowers. They are best for being harvested during fall.


11) Amazing

These cauliflowers have creamy white curds. These are great for all kind of adverse climatic conditions.


12) Punto Verde AKA 26-701

This is another Romanesco type of cauliflower. It is one of the most reliable crops to grow.


13) Mardi

This is an early maturing variety of crop. It is another organic variety of cauliflower.


14) Flamestar

It can tolerate really high heat and have creamy white curds.


Since all these varieties of cauliflower fall under three basic categories depending on the colour of the curds of these cauliflowers thus, all types of cauliflowers can be classified in these categories:

White: These are the most commonly available cauliflower. The ones that you get at your local supermarkets with curds which are white in colour.

Orange: This vegetable is also available in shades of orangish, pale yellowish creamy coloured curds.

Green: The green curded cauliflower has spiral curd arrangements. These generally fall under Romanesco variety of cauliflowers.

Purple: The anthocyanins in cauliflower are the colouring agents in purple cauliflower which lose the colour on cooking.


Health Benefits of Cauliflower

Cauliflower consumption is not just a way of enjoying the taste of these vegetables but, cauliflowers are nutritious too. The various benefits of consuming Cauliflower are:

1) Cauliflowers help in preventing and controlling inflammation. These veggies are rich in anti – oxidants and anti oxidants themselves are like a power house of cure and joy for our health and body.

2) These veggies are known to possess chemo – preventive properties. The cauliflowers are thus, known to prevent stomach, lung, colon, breast and liver cancers.

3) Sulforaphane is a content in cauliflower which helps in protecting your body from ultra violet radiations which further protect our body from skin cancer and cellular damage.

4) Vitamin k present in the cauliflower help in maintaining healthy bones with good bone density.

5) Cauliflower is reach in choline which is essentially beneficial for the development of brain and when this compound combines with phosphorus it also then helps in mending the cell membranes.

6) Cauliflowers are extremely low in calories, sugars and carbs thus, it promotes weight loss and also makes you feel full for longer there by cutting down on your snacking options.

7) Cauliflowers rich anti – oxidant content helps in curbing free radicals and promotes health by preventing you from various cancers.

8) The antioxidant also add glow to your skin and make your ageing process slow.

9) It is rich in calcium which helps in building bones and also boosting immunity of your body.

10) It’s folate content helps in maintaining a healthy pregnancy by keeping the placenta thick and healthy by providing it with adequate folic acid.

11) Cauliflowers also promote healthy hair due to its silicon and sulfur content.


Right before you get to the conclusion just be sure that no excessive consumption of this vegetable is made as being rich in fibre it may make you feel to heavy for long time periods and can cause gas.  Purines in this vegetable generally break down to create uric acid which can be really harmful for your body as it can affect organs like kidney and gout.

The final warning will be the fact that this vegetable can sometimes cause severe allergic reaction in people and thus, only a small quantity should be tried once before finally eating a heart felt quantity.



A healthy balanced diet should comprise of all essential nutrients. These cute vegetables are the easiest source of most of the daily needed nutrients. We all wish to look good and the best in us can only be displayed when we are healthy.

Like Jason Statham had once stated that “Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. If you have a healthy lifestyle, your diet and nutrition are set, and you’re working out, you’re going to feel good.”

This simple vegetable which can be consumed in so many delectable ways serves your purpose of both feeling and looking good by providing ample nutrition to your body internally and also making sure that your skin, hair and other features are added with the beautiful glow of health and perfection. All these qualities indeed make cauliflower gods favourite vegetable to add to your diet.

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