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What Are The Different Types Of Cherries?

Who doesn’t love the cherry on the cake?

Cherry the name itself brings a bright smile to everyone’s face with age no bar. We all are big fans of this small red, round and juicy fruit. Little do we know that this fruit is packed with health benefits in galore.

This fruit does not only look eye appealing but is as appealing to the health too. Due to its looks and taste, many proverbs have been framed around this fruit.

Before we get into the math of classifying and bifurcating the various types of cherries, let us understand the various uses and benefits this little red ball of sweetness gives us.


1) These pretty looking bunches are packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals and even folic acid.

2) There is a specific type of cherry that has high levels of phytochemicals especially melatonin which form an important ingredient of the sleep cycle.

3) It helps in control of post-exercise pain. These are said to possess anti-inflammatory properties.

4) These are known to be helpful in controlling blood sugar and seems to be helpful in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

5) Cherries help in maintaining the right pH level of our body.


Different Types of Cherries

Cherries seem to be so useful and their yum taste make them everyone’s favorite. Their easy availability is another reason that it is a common favorite among one and all.

Even while we look at a cherry, no two bunches seem exactly alike. There is always a difference either in color, size, shape or even just the overall appearance. Thus, with so many differences it can easily be assumed that cherries come in various types and it is quite possible that every time we go to a market, we buy a different variety.

The various Types known are:

1) Bing

This type has a deep red to mahogany appearance. It’s most prominent feature its heart shape.


2) Morello

This cherry too has a dark red look. It has tart like flavor, and It is also used for culinary purpose.


3) Chelan

These are so dark in appearance that they almost seem to be black. Their taste and texture are robust, and thus these tend to last long on shelves.


4) Balaton

The juiciest ones who are dark in color, almost Burgundy in color fall in this variety. They have an unusual tinge of sour with yummy sweetness to them.


5) Tulare

This variety is pretty tangy. It ripens earlier in comparison to other types of cherries.


6) Lapins

This is another dark red variety which tastes quite sweet. They have a size of around 1 inch.


7) Lambert

These are majorly used for culinary purposes as they maintain their texture throughout and their evenly distributed red color make them eye candy.


8) Rainier

It has a hint of red along with yellow on the peel as well as pulp. These cherries usually have a tart like a tang in their taste.


9) Royal Ann

These cherries are mostly canned and sold. This type has a very light color almost pale in appearance.


10) Montmorency

It is the best known sour variety available. These types of cherries are hardly ever consumed fresh but is a basic ingredient for pie fillings and sauces. These cherries are usually sold as canned cherries.


11) Attika

These types of cherries are generally a dark red variety of cherry. They are sweet to taste.


12) Cowiche

This particular variety was launched in 2017. It was a step from the Washington state university under their sweet cherry program for production.


13) Kiona

Just like Cowiche, Kiona was also launched under the same program in 2007.


14) Regina

These are red cherries with a sweet flavor which are often produced late. These are firm in texture and large in size.


15) Santina

This cherry has a lustrous peel, which is very appealing to the buyers. They grow early in the season and are often very sweet.


16) Selah

These cherries bloom earlier than most of its counterparts and are usually deep red. They are sweet to taste.


17) Titan

These are early season cherries. Its premium quality and royal taste make it a favorite amongst exporters.


18) Early Robin

Early Robin has a heart-shaped structure with a yellowish blush. It has a strong sweet flavor regarding its taste.


19) Stardust

These cherries have a clear flesh with a reddish tip and a pale-yellow appearance. They are usually firm in texture and very sweet to taste, unlike other light-colored varieties.


20) Benton

These cherries are usually very firm and sweet to taste. Their distinguishing feature is the aftertaste it leaves behind in the mouth.


21) Skeena

These are usually found in Canada and have a kidney-shaped appearance. These are sweet and crunchy to eat.


22) Sweetheart

These cherries are slightly aromatic unlike other varieties and have a sweet taste. As the name suggests they appear to resemble a heart. Their appearance is usually bright red, and just like Skeena, this is also majorly produced in Canada.


23) Van

These are medium-sized, round, sweet tasting cherries with a bright red luster.



Cherries are an eye appealing fruit and one fruit which no one can say no to. Its appearance forms a fundamental basis to identify its taste and flavor. You can eat this delicious fruit during its season to enjoy its mouth-watering flavor and enjoy the amazing health benefits that come combined with it.

Just like its color, Cherry will impart you with the right amount of iron to add to the redness of your blood and make you appear royal, young and always carry your natural blush along with you. Cherry should surely be a part of your fruit platter if you wish to enjoy its beauty in its true sense.