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What Are The Different Types Of Coffee?

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It can be consumed either hot or cold. The brown coffee beans do not grow as they are seen. These look like beautiful berries during the process of their growth.

Coffee plants have dark green waxy leaves which have berries on them. These berries then blossom into beautiful white flowers. The first coffee plant was discovered in Ethiopia. It is still responsible for half of the world’s total coffee production.


What Actually is Coffee?

Coffee is a bean which is extracted from a coffee plant, then roasted and finally grounded into a powder form that reaches us. This powdered coffee is what we use to prepare our favorite dose of caffeine for the day.

Coffee in itself has no nutritive value if we consider its macronutrient content. It has significant levels of certain Micronutrients like Niacin, Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese, and Riboflavin.

Various Types of Coffee

But, each cup of coffee is not the same. Who knows whether your cup is as strong as mine or light, is it a mocha or a frappe delight?

Not only this the grounded coffee can come from two different varieties of seeds which are majorly popular.

(A) The various types of coffee on the basis of classification of beans known to us are:

  • Arabica
  • Robusta


Some blends are also available, but they are rarely found and thus are not mentioned.



1)  Arabica


This is often the finest type of coffee.  These generally grow at high altitudes and often improve their quality as the altitude increases. As these plants are cultivated in high altitude regions thus, it’s not easily produced and hence inexpensive.

The beans of Arabica coffee are generally elongated and usually flat. These seeds are highly fragrant. They have a low caffeine content and twice the sugar content as compared to the other variety.




2) Robusta


A bolder version of coffee with higher caffeine content. Thus, it tastes slightly more bitter in comparison to Arabica. They can easily be cultivated on level fields and even gentle slopes which make it a more viable cultivating option. Their seeds are generally more circular and plump.

As it does not have as much sugar as Arabica thus, its overall taste is bitter. But, this variety is more commonly available and is thus not as expensive too.


Apart from the type of coffee on the basis of its bean, coffee can also be distinguished by its cooking technique and flavor.

(B) The various coffee types available for us from its cooking technique are:


1) Espresso

This coffee is usually thicker than the other varieties as it has a very unusual preparation. It is prepared by forcing water which is almost boiling through ground coffee beans. It acts as a base for preparing many other coffee beverages.

The distinct taste of espresso makes it a special shot which is not suited to everyone’s taste. It usually has a creamy layer on top of the thick coffee which is formed due to the pressure that is applied to the boiling water.


2) Cappuccino

This brilliant brew is prepared when hot milk and steamed milk foam are added to Espresso Traditionally this coffee is generally poured and served in porcelain cups as they retain heat.

The best part being its look, where the foam rises higher than the cup. Cappuccino’s origin is Italian. It usually needs a preparation time of around ten to fifteen minutes.


3) Indian Filter Coffee

This filter coffee originated from the south of India and is often called Mysore filter coffee. Indian filter coffee is prepared using dark roasted coffee and milk with some sweetness added to it in the form of sugar.


4) Café Latte or Café Au Lait

This is one of the popular options of coffee available to us. It consists of an espresso shot with steamed milk. Just to add to the taste of the Latte the ratio of espresso and milk is kept between 1:3 to 1:5.  It is said to have a French origin.


5) Café Mocha

Just add one-third espresso to two-thirds of steamed milk and finally some chocolate portion and get ready to lose yourself in the best coffee experience ever.

Café Mocha can contain either milk or dark chocolate.  This coffee is usually served with crème on top, and at times a hint of cinnamon is added to add to the aromatic nature of the drink.


6) Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee beans are used to make this aromatic blend of coffee with hot but not boiling water. The mixture then is boiled for long until it gives a slightly burnt taste which does not settle in everyone’s mouth at once.


7) Ristretto

This blend is similar to that of Espresso but bolder in its flavor. As it has less water which comes in direct contact with the coffee, making it thicker. Its flavor is more robust and bitter.


8) Macchiato

A stronger, fragrant and bolder cappuccino, If I may call it so. Macchiato coffee has a unique blend of espresso and milk foam.

It is made by directly pouring milk foam over espresso followed by a little cocoa on top. It can be had two ways, i.e., if a bolder version is needed double espresso shots can be used and a small amount of hot water while for a lighter version one espresso shot with less water can be consumed.


9) Liqueur

Liqueur as the name says it all, and this fresh brew is made with around 25ml of liquor and coffee. While serving the coffee and cream are kept separate just to make the appearance attractive and visually appealing.


10) Doppio

To prepare this hot brew we need a double espresso which then extracted through the portafilter using the double coffee filter.


11) Café Americano

Just add hot water to espresso and viola your Americano is ready. But, its strength depends on an individual’s taste and preference. If you wish for a stronger blend just double up the espresso and there you go.


12) Flat White

The creamy milk from the bottom of the container is poured over an amazing espresso. It is majorly popular across Australia and New Zealand.


13) Long Black

Do just the reverse of what you will do to prepare an Americano, i.e., to take a cup of hot water and pour an espresso shot over it.


14) Irish Coffee

It’s not just a coffee but a cocktail. This distinct coffee was made by Joe Sheridan – Foynes, Country Limerick’s head chef when a group of Americans visited them on a harsh winter evening in 1940. He though just the coffee wouldn’t do much warmth for their bodies, and so he added a little Irish Whiskey to warm the passengers. Thus, resulting in this famous Irish coffee. This coffee is generally made with boiling coffee and milk with sugar, a thick layer of cream and some whiskey.


15) Vienna

Add some yummy whipped cream to 2 shots of espresso and enjoy the delectable Vienna. No milk or sugar is used to prepare this drink. It is a beautiful combination of strong and smooth flavors.


16) Affogato

Just pick your favorite dessert and now before you dwell on its taste and a shot of espresso over it to get your affogato ready. It makes the whole coffee experience sugary and sweet with just a hint of coffee flavor to it. This is best for those who enjoy their desserts but can’t let go of their coffee either.   


17) Frappuccino

Think of coffee, and we think of Starbucks. The Starbucks special Frappuccino is coffee mixed with whole milk, sugar, Ice and the flavor that we wish to add. The final resultant brew is topped with whipped cream and served.


18) Café Cubano

The name itself speaks of its origin country being Cuba. This coffee is a sweetened espresso. The Cuban coffee is stronger and bolder in taste than the usual espresso.


19) Cortado

It is a favorite among the people of Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. To reduce the acidity of an espresso, warm milk is added to it. It is usually consumed during afternoons after meals.


20) Iced Coffee

The best way to prepare Iced coffee without diluting it is by freezing a diluted espresso. Now to have the iced coffee that we all love just add some cool milk over these ice cubes and enjoy the flavor till the last sip while it’s still cold and yet not diluted.


The coffee flavors and names are often altered in every coffee outlet to suit their preference, and the customer needs but these are a basic guideline as of which are the coffee flavors generally made and a stencil on how to prepare the same. A little alteration to suit our tastes makes them not just delectable but our favorite too.

World’s Most Expensive Coffee


The world’s most expensive coffee is the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee as this region produces just a limited amount of seeds every year which is then grounded to form this scintillating coffee with a bold taste and powerful caffeine kick. Followed by the aforementioned Turkish coffee.


Coffee: Not Always Good

But, before we get into the benefits of coffee let me also you warn you of the health hazards caused by its excessive consumption. Due to its high caffeine content, it is often the reason behind high blood pressure, increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, indigestion and even gout attacks.

It is also one of the major causes of insomnia due to its high caffeine content. Caffeine is nothing but a natural stimulant which stimulates the central nervous system along with the brain thus, creating alertness in our mind, body, and soul. Apart from the banes of coffee, it has certain good effects too.


Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

1) It can help you to control your weight. As coffee contains potassium and magnesium which help our body to use insulin for energy thus, showing a dip in the craving for sweet snacks.

2) If consumed in moderate quantity, coffee can help you stay alert and fit.

3) It reduces the occurrence of type II diabetes.

4) It helps fight depression as it stimulates the central nervous system and increases the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, Dopamine, and noradrenaline which help in uplifting our mood.

5) It sometimes improves our energy levels and makes us active.

6) Coffee helps in fighting depression and thus helps in reduction of suicidal tendencies.

7) Coffee has a decent amount of antioxidants.


Well, nothing in the world comes easy similarly with littles boons and certain banes come one cup of hot freshly brewed coffee with its signature bitter yet delectable flavor and the coffee aroma.



Well if we get to a layman’s point of view, the varieties and seeds are all just names what matters is the distinguished aroma we get to smell everytime we cross a coffee shop, The taste of the best coffee that soothes our mind and gives us the energy to function actively.

Whether latte or mocha all we want is our cup made with utmost love and perfect ratio to satiate our taste buds and soothe our souls.

So, let’s all sit back and enjoy the tasty coffee, but as I warned you earlier coffee is good if consumed in limit and its high dosage can cause various health issues and illnesses.

But, even after the harmful effects, the world loves its coffee, and the proof for this are the various coffee chains which have recently gained popularity in the world like Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Café coffee day and Dunkin donuts just to name the globally famous ones.

The high success rate of these chains all around the globe highlights the fact that people love this hot brew irrespective of its bitterness and effects on our daily life. But, as a global citizen, we have to care for each other’s wellbeing and keep us warned about the harmful effects of this caffeinated drink.

Therefore, Let’s make sure coffee is consumed just for its taste and aroma and not as an addiction to the soul. After all, any addiction is harmful.