The dill leaves whether dried or fresh are commonly used as herbs in European as well as central Asian cuisines. It is also used as a medicinal herb. It retains its flavor for a long time and thus, can also be frozen for future consumption.

In India Dill is used as a vegetable often cooked with potatoes. The feathery leaves of the dill plant are often just too beautiful to look at.

Dill plant also has beautiful flowers which are yellow. Not only is dills foliage of value to humans but also the dill seeds keep extreme importance. Types of dill are seen and categorized by the difference in their taste and physical appearance.


Types of Dills

This delicious and savory herb is found in the following types:

1) Bouquet

This is the most well-known type of dill available in the market. Its leaves are fragrant and tasty, but its seeds are equally edible and are used for pickles. It is often considered a decorative or ornamental type too due to its bright yellow blooms.


2) Long Island Mammoth

The long island variety of dill usually grows tall and can reach almost up to a height of 5 feet. This variety is considered best for pickles. It is usually grown for its leaves and seeds. These dill plants usually have deep and long taproots.


3) Fern Leaf

A fast-growing and not so tall variety is fern leaf dill. It is almost a dwarf version of the dill plants. This plant does not transplant very well and thus, should not be disturbed much.


4) Dukat

A favorite salad variety, the Dukat is another small plant. It is often appreciated for its bright green leaves and ability to grow in compact containers.


5) Super Dukat

This hybrid is specially grown to intensify the flavors of the Dukat variety. It is a late flowering plant and thus, gives immense herb before its maturity.


6) Delikat

If you are looking for a dill type with immense foliage to accentuate your cooking skills, then this is the right pick for you. The foliage of the Dukat is not only dense but widespread as well.


7) Vierling

It is one of the slower growing dill varieties. Its slow growth provides ample time for harvesting their leaves during the complete summer season.


8) Hercules

The Hercules dill types have coarse and rigid leaves which indicate that their leaves if need to be used for the culinary purpose, should be plucked young and tender to make their full use as a cooking herb.


Health Benefits of Dill

1) Dill is rich in Anti – Oxidants which in themselves have several health benefits for us like:


2) Anti – Bacterial qualities of dill can help you in innumerable ways like controlling diarrhea. Due to their antibacterial nature, these can also be easily used to alleviate bad breath.


3) Calcium content of this herb makes it even more important. As your body needs calcium for the maintenance of healthy bones and healthy teeth which are both very essential for your healthy survival. It is not much known, but calcium is also needed by your heart for its proper functioning and maintenance.


4) The iron content of dill helps in keeping you away from anemia and builds your hemoglobin making you feel energized and strong always. It helps in the circulation of oxygen in your body.

Iron deficiency is known to cause insomnia. Thus proper iron levels reduce insomnia and relieve you of the anxiety caused by it. Iron is an extremely important compound for your body as it plays many major functions or assists them in some direct or indirect ways.


5) Magnesium is known to keep you calm, relieve you of stress and anxiety and also helps in absorption of calcium along with its positive impact on heart health and headache and bone strength. Such a useful component is found in ample quantity in dill. Magnesium also helps in the prevention and treatment of certain psychiatric disorders.


6) Dill has also been consumed as an appetizer.


7) Dill seed extract is used to treat an ulcer, UTI, pain in the head and also at times acid reflux.


8) The dill essential oil is a great solution for earaches if you have them.


9) Apart from its various benefits, the dill seeds are known to have antispasmodic effects which help in the prevention and treatment of cramps and bloating. Hence, they are used variedly in herbal medicines.



Dill is not just a flavourful her and garnish for your delicacies but is a dash of health. Its medicinal uses also support the fact that this herb is very beneficial for your overall health and development.

It can calm and soothe your digestive system which is the most important system of your body as if food will not be digested properly, and then no other function can happen in coordination.

Thus, make sure you try and add dill to your diet as and when possible.  Not only all this but this plant is also food for the pretty little butterflies that you all love, don’t you?

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