Brinjal or aubergine and eggplant are all the same. These beautiful and glossy purple veggies are often also called the king of vegetable due to the green nook that is almost like a crown on top of this purple colored vegetable.

Well, it is still not clear whether the eggplant can be addressed as a fruit or a vegetable. Internally the purplish eggplant is quite meaty and fleshy. The flesh is white. There are many types of eggplants available. These are majorly classified by their skin color and shape of this fruit.

The eggplant usually tastes delicious and can have seeds at times. The flesh of this plant turns bitter in almost no time, and thus, it is always recommended to use them as soon as possible.

The best way to check before you buy an eggplant is by pressing it. If it springs back to normal, then the fruit is fresh or else if it remains dented do not buy it.


Types of Eggplant

The various types of eggplants are:

1) Sicilian Eggplant

These are also called zebra eggplants as they are striped in appearance. They have a wide base and a narrow top.


2) Italian Eggplant

These eggplants are large but, still not as large as some other types. Their taste usually is sweet and tender.


3) White Eggplant

These delicately flavored eggplants are less pungent than all other varieties and have a beautiful thin white peel to them.


3) Indian Eggplant

These are squatty and adorable in appearance. These eggplants have a tender flesh.


4) Japanese Eggplant

These types of eggplants are long and thin. Their amazingly glossy appearance makes them very attractive. They are rich and creamy in taste especially after being cooked. Their texture can be described as a mouth melting one. They are usually very dark in color, so dark that they almost look black.


5) Chinese Round Mauve Eggplant

These eggplants are usually medium in size. It is not as dark in color as other types and has a soft peel which is easy to be peeled out.


6) Graffiti Eggplant

These eggplants come in all sizes. They have beautiful stripes and markings on their purple peel of a white shade. Their outer peel is generally thin, and the seeds are small too.


7) Fairy Tale Eggplant

This is a small eggplant which is usually really pretty to look at. Their flesh and skin are both very tender, and they look all the cuter due to their size which is no bigger than your palm.


8) Santana Eggplant

This dark eggplant in the shape of a teardrop. It is a native of Italy and is mostly preferred for the preparation of baba ghanoush. These eggplants usually do not split that easily.


9) Little Green Eggplant

These pale green peeled eggplants are round in shape. They have a mellow flavor which enhances to extra creamy on being cooked.


10) Thai Eggplant

These eggplants are almost the size of a golf ball. These eggplants are usually green in color with yellow or white stripes on them.


11) Globe Eggplant

This variety of eggplants produces big fruits which are meaty and fleshy. These are one of the plumpest types of eggplants available to you.


12) Rosa Bianca Eggplant

These eggplants are large in size and oval in shape. Their peel is thin and is beautifully colored. They have a creamy and sweet taste to their flesh. The bitterness is not there at all.


13) Ping Tung Long

These eggplants are purple and are longitudinal in shape. They have a tender and sweet flesh.


14) African Garden Eggs

These are small eggplants with a bitter taste. These are not purple but are yellow.


15) Tango Eggplant

Tango eggplants come in both shapes whether long or round. They have a firm and thick skin. These eggplants are yellow and are creamier in flavor than the dark-colored types.


Since the eggplants are available in so many shapes and size thus, they are also classified in various categories as per the structure of the fruit. Their features can be easily understood by the term used to depict each category.

Some of them with their famous subtypes are:

1) Standard Eggplant

They are the most commonly available types that are when you pick an eggplant from the local vendor it most probably is a standard eggplant. It’s examples are:


2) Slender Eggplant

The examples of this type are:


3) White Eggplant

There are numerous such varieties. The commonly used ones are:


4) Striped Eggplant

The various types of striped eggplant varieties are:


 5) Green Eggplant

The subtypes of green eggplant are:


6) Italian Eggplant

Various sub types included are:


7) Chinese Eggplant

It includes:


8) Indian Eggplant

The various varieties of this category are:


Health Benefits of Eggplants

1) Eggplants are a great source of dietary fiber. These fibers aid in digestion and help in maintaining good bowel movement. It aids in the prevention of constipation and also regulates diarrhea.

2) Eggplants like many other vegetables are rich in antioxidants and thus, help in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. These antioxidants also help in the prevention of cancer. Antioxidants, in general, are beneficial for our skin too. They help in maintaining a healthy glow on your face.

3) Eggplants have a high content of phenolic compounds which aid in improving bone density and maintenance of bone health.

4) Since eggplants are a great source of folic acid which is essential in the diet of pregnant women. Folic acids help in maintaining a healthy placenta.

5) The high polyphenol and fiber content might even help in the control and regulation of blood sugar levels.



The eggplants can sure be called the king of the veggies not only because of their physical appearance but, also due to their many health benefits.

The various types of eggplants which are available makes it easy for you to add them to any delicacy and consume them in any form.

The aubergine thus should be included in your diet as and when possible. Pick your favorite from the list and start preparing a new dish with this fleshy and yummy fruit.

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