People always say that your skin is your largest organ, and so it makes sense that the foods that you eat and the natural supplements and products that you use can have a positive or negative impact on your skin.

It turns out that you don’t have to shell out for fancy and expensive moisturizers for your face. In fact, you can use the same foods that you can enjoy eating.

Here are 5 foods that you can use as face moisturizers.

1.) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is basically an incredibly high-fat oil made from coconuts. It is a form of saturated fat. In fact, of all of the calories in coconut oil, 84 percent are saturated fat calories. While some experts believe that it is too caloric to consume on a regular basis, others say that it is perfectly healthy, so that is still up for debate.

There is something that is not up for debate, and that is the fact that coconut oil is great for your skin. This is because coconut oil is a healthy fat and also because it is known to reduce inflammation.

According to Prevention, you can use coconut oil to define your cheekbones. If you put coconut oil over your foundation, you will emphasize your cheekbones. This is particularly helpful if you are wondering how to lose face fat.

You can also use coconut oil to wash your face in the mornings and at night. The idea is that you use the “oil cleansing” method: you put coconut oil on your face, let it stay for a bit, and then wash it off with a towel.

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2.) Avocados

Eating healthy fats is a great way to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing, and avocados are a great source of fat.

Why would you want to use avocado on your skin – and on your face in particular?  

According to AvocadoCentral, the type of fat in avocados – monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat – is amazing for your skin. And according to other experts, avocados have “carotenoids” (antioxidants) which make sure that your face looks smooth, youthful and amazing.

Avocados also have Vitamin C (20 percent of your daily recommended value in 1 cup), which is very important for your skin. If you don’t include Vitamin C in your diet, your skin won’t have “collagen” and “elastin.” This is literally the formation of your skin.

How can you use avocado on your skin?

If you smash some pieces of avocado and place them on your face, you can wash them off after a period of time. Your skin will look and feel super smooth and silky.

According to the Huffington Post, avocados can also ward off wrinkled skin.

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3.) Grass Fed Beef Tallow

Yes, you love eating steak and burgers, but your skin can also reap the benefits of beef. Grass fed beef tallow, in particular, is a healthy fat that can actually be used on your face.

This ingredient has a lot of things going for it — vitamins K, D, A and E in particular.

Here is how these vitamins help with skin health:


Vitamin K


Vitamin D


Vitamin A


Vitamin E


According to the Weston A. Price Foundation, “Since, as explained above, tallow is very compatible with our cell biology, it is readily absorbed by the skin. Therefore, applying tallow balm does not result in a greasy look or feel. It is taken up by the skin as nourishment and softens the skin quickly.”


You can find natural and holistic beauty products that include beef tallow as an ingredient, such as face creams, and they can be a great part of your evening routine.

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4.) Yogurt

If you have heard of a homemade face mask that includes yogurt, then you already know that this food can be great for your skin.

Yes, yogurt makes a great breakfast food or afternoon snack, but it can also be used on your face.


Because yogurt has “lactic acid” which make your face look smooth and even stop you from getting pimples and spots.

According to Organic Authority, you can make your own face mask with yogurt, honey and essential oils.

Another reason that yogurt is great for your skin? The fact that yogurt has good bacteria known as probiotics.

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5.) Oatmeal

If you typically enjoy oatmeal in the morning, you might want to think about another use for it: on your face.

Yes, the popular breakfast food can have positive benefits for your skin, like the only foods on this list. Oatmeal can help reduce pimples and keep your skin as smooth as possible.

How can you use oatmeal on your face?

The general idea is that you put some oats into a blender so they resemble a flour. You then combine the ground oats with milk and put it on your face. Rub your face for a few minutes and then wash it off.

Easy, right?



These five foods may be delicious and it turns out that they can also be used on your face. If you want soft skin (which of course you do), you can create some at-home remedies and face washes using avocado, yogurt, oatmeal and coconut oil, and purchase some face creams that use beef tallow. Your skin will thank you.

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