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What Are The Different Types Of Grapefruits?

Fruits are an essential part of our life, and their consumption helps us gain crucial vitamins and nutrients. One such fruit is Grapefruit, which is a subtropical citrus fruit.

As the description suggests, it is a citrus fruit thus it has a sour taste and sometimes can be semi-sweet.

This fruit was first cultivated in Barbados, and it is a hybrid of Orange (the reason for citrus taste and looks) and Pomelo (the reason for its interior color). It is called as Grapefruit as it grows just like Grapes, i.e., it has a cluster like an appearance while growing.

It is available in wide varieties and is known to be one of the most useful and beneficial fruits available to humanity and thus is also referred to as the ‘Fruit of Paradise.’


There are several varieties to choose from like the ones in which skin colors range from green to gold and the ones in which flesh may vary from yellow to crimson, with a full spectrum of flavors inside.

A wide variety of grapefruits is available in the market each of which has its taste and uses.

Different Types of Grapefruits – 

White Grapefruit


A favorite among traditional growers, this type of grapefruit is the most traditional one available today. Its meat is Pale Yellow and Juice is colorless. It is further use as a hybrid partner with other fruits to form other varieties namely:


It has a bright Green to Lemon Yellow skin and the name means ‘White Gold’ in Spanish. It has a thick rind and sweet taste with almost no bitterness at all. These type of grapefruits are seedless.


It has pale yellow flesh and a very traditional taste. It has a lot of seeds too.

(iii) WHEENY

This variety is a heavy feeder and needs to be cultivated during spring. It produces large fruit with straw-colored flesh.


It is just as its name suggests very sweet, rather its said to lack bitterness.


It has a similar flavor to that of a pummelo but has very few seeds to add to it.

Pink Grapefruit


A Grapefruit with a significant Pink Blush. The pinkish color comes from Lycopene which is known to be a Cancer-fighting nutrient.

The presence of Beta-Carotene makes this variety even healthier as it forms Vitamin A when consumed. This one has juicy flesh while the fruit itself in pulpy and tender too.

Pink grapefruit is of further used as a hybrid partner with other fruits to form other varieties namely:


This type bears a medium-large fruit which matures fairly early.



One of the most productive varieties, some of which can produce up to 250 seedless fruits in a year.


The flesh color of these fruits fades as the season progresses though they taste very similar to Marsh.


This type of grapefruits is good in taste and quality. It is also accepted as the gift as well.


This variety is generally suitable for tropical conditions.


This is the first variety of Grapefruit to be patented for its color and taste.


Red Grapefruit


 The red Grapefruit starting with Ruby red has become the symbolic fruit of Texas. It became so popular amongst the population of Texas that they completely stopped producing White Grapefruits and only started to produce the Red ones.

Due to greater balance between sugar level and acidity the Red and the Pink Grapefruits have a sweeter flavor than the other varieties. Just like Pink Grapefruit the color again is due to the presence of Lycopene which helps fight Cancer.

Various types include Rio Red, Flame and Star Ruby.


This variety can stand harshly cold temperatures and is a faster-growing version. It is an improved form of the Red Grapefruit.

(ii) FLAME

This variety is mild red on the outside and intense red on the inside and thus the name ‘flame.’


This variety is the most difficult to grow and thus is rarely found. It is the darkest of the red variety.


  Pummelo is also called the Chinese Grapefruit as it is used in ceremonies during the Chinese New Year celebrations. It is considered to be the ancestor behind the pink, white and ruby grapefruit.

Unlike other Grapefruits these are huge and are often compared to balls. When ripe these are seen as pale Green or Yellow. It has a mild sweet taste and is very aromatic.


Some of Grapefruit’s Health Benefits &Uses are mentioned below:-


1) Grapefruit seed extract works as medicine for the treatment of candidiasis, earaches, throat infections and diarrhea.


2) Used as a fragrance component in soaps and oils.


3) Grapefruit is also good for weight loss.


4) It is useful for patients suffering from arthritis.


5)  Cholesterol can be prevented with the consumption of Grapefruit.


6) Grapefruit contains detoxifying and cleansing agents which help in the overall maintenance of Liver.


7) Consumption of Grapefruits on a regular basis prevents gum bleeding.


8) Grapefruit contains Antioxidants along with Vitamin A and C, and thus a face mask made of same is beneficial for the skin.


9) Lycopene which is majorly known to fight Cancer is found in Red and Pink Grapefruits and is known to be beneficial in the treatment of this deadly disease.


10 ) Grapefruit contains Citric Acid which is known to cure many Respiratory diseases, and its high Vitamin C content also improves the renal system of our body and helps our kidneys function better.


11) Grapefruit is known to enhance blood circulation in the scalp thereby improving hair growth and hair quality.


12) Grapefruit seed extract is known to be beneficial to the overall immune health of our body.


13) Grapefruit juice is a great way to add flavor to juices, cookies, cakes, and pieces of bread.


14) Apart from these, it is a great source of Vitamin A and C, fiber, potassium, pectin, and other nutrients. Some components might have antioxidant effects that might help protect cells from damage or even help in the prevention of Cancer.



With such a wide type to choose from it gets difficult to decide which one to eat. Grapefruit is truly a fruit from paradise as can be seen from the vast benefits it has on our overall health and body. So instead of just feeling the bittersweet pulpy tastes let’s just go and grab one Grapefruit for ourselves.