Almonds are loaded with crucial nutrients that undoubtedly, gives them the title of superfood. Previously, I have shared health benefits of eating almonds but it was not in detail. So, I decided to make a well-depth post around health benefits of eating almonds everyday, because they are really beneficial and they deserve the tag of SuperFood.

Let’s start with the introduction of almonds before going to benefits.

Introduction of Almonds

benefits of eating almonds daily

According to Almonds.comYou can eat one ounce which is 23 almonds on a daily basis, It is an uncomplicated strategy to add several important nutritional requirement into yourdiet program.

If you compare almonds to other foods, then you will find that almonds are fairly low in calories, and loaded with crucial vitamins and nutrients which include calcium, vitamin E, and antioxidants. It is among the list of best foods for preventing diseases.

almonds are remarkably versatile, you can consume them raw, roast them, or slice them up and even use them in your salad, yogurt, or oatmeal.

1) Rich in Good Fats

We have learned that fats from food are bad and we should stay away from it, but there is also a type of fat that don’t really increase weight but it reduces.

Yes, I’m talking about good fats.

Almonds possess fat, but don’t worry it is good fat, good fats supports to decrease weight, and they don’t help in gaining weight. Good fat also known as Monounsaturated fats.

Monounsaturated fats continue to be knowing because of beneficial effects in assisting with cholesterol. In a nutshell, Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) also known as bad cholesterol, which contributes to form plaque in the arteries. on the other hand High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL), which is good cholesterol, supports to eliminate LDL.

If you look close, you will find that In 1 cup of almonds there is 45 g of fat, in which 28 g of that is very healthy or monounsaturated fat, followed by 11 g polyunsaturated, and just 3.4 g saturated fat.

According to an article on Forbes, which mentioned a study that identified almonds decrease both LDL and total cholesterol. Moreover, it reduces belly fat along with that.

If we go into detail then the 2nd benefits of almonds will be about Weight Loss.

Let me drag more about Benefits of eating almonds to lose weight.

2) Helps in Weight Loss

benefits of eating almonds daily 31

This crunchy snack not simply puts a stop to disease and also assists to make you live younger, nevertheless, almonds can help you lose weight as well.

A research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition highlighted that consuming almonds do benefits to metabolism and It reduces hunger, which implies that almonds can be an ideal snack choice.

Moreover, WebMD describes that acquiring from a research study in 2003 revealed that participants of an “almond diet” noticed an 18% lowering in weight and 14% reduction in waist size.

It tends to make great sense that almonds support in weight loss because it includes high protein, good fats, and fiber.

Recently, I have posted about Flat tummy water recipe, you can read it to drop some more sizes.


3) Loaded with Antioxidants


Almonds have numerous antioxidants such as flavonoids, It is often determined in fruits, veggies, and teas (green tea, oolong tea, rooibos tea and so on). I previously mentioned about flavonoids in one of my article about health benefits of green tea “they scavenge free radicals that damage our bodies and make us old”.

The outcome is that almonds can support decrease damage to the cells in your bodies. It does not only assist combat diseases, nevertheless helps to keep you stay younger that means it will support looking and feeling young.

almonds can benefit significantly with regards to lowering risk for numerous diseases. This is usually because of to their substantial quantity of antioxidants and crucial nutrients.

Almonds have antioxidants called catechins, which is usually seen in citrus fruits. these are phytochemicals that are wealthy in health benefits, such as the capability to secure free radicals, which includes environmental toxins including cigarette smoke.

When antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals come together can become a super food that fights either diseases or may possibly have a part in giving us benefits to staying younger means you will get almonds advantage by looking and feeling younger.

4) An Ideal Energy Snacks

benefits of eating almonds daily 12

Genuinely, Almonds are an ideal tiny energy snack. It gets ideal snack title because of good fats, high protein, and fiber that almonds have and It supports to reduce the digestion and make more controlled energy, which helps to keep us awake and alert even though It also reduces our hunger all at once.

almonds are loaded with crucial nutrients. Consequently, it helps sound right that almonds are a decent source of energy production.

If you don’t believe that then look at this:-

Around 20 almonds, It has considerably more protein than a single egg, and It is crammed with B vitamins, manganese, copper, and magnesium. Magnesium is the component of hundreds of processes in the bodies which also includes the production of energy.


5) Decrease the Risk of Colon Cancer

benefits of eating almonds daily 4

Davis from the Department of Nutrition at the University of California publicized a research study highlighted that whole almonds can support reduce the risk of colon cancer.

What scientists analyzed was aberrant crypt foci, believed to be the initially identifiable lesions leading to colon cancer.

The research study observed that in comparison to wheat bran and cellulose (insoluble fiber) diets, almond oil and almond meal drastically decreased the occurrence of aberrant crypt foci. This indicates that benefits of eating almond may truly the lower risk of colon cancer.


6) Rich in B Vitamins

Almonds have a decent amount of vitamin B and it includes thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine and folate.

Let’s see how much amount of vitamin B are present in per cup of almonds.

We have seen how much B vitamins are in a cup of almonds which shows that almonds are rich in most of the B vitamins.

Let’s look around the benefits of B vitamins.



7) Heart & Blood Health

benefits of eating almonds daily heart health

Almonds may assist decrease blood clots that lead to heart attacks because they are rich in healthy fats. The blood thinning results likewise set fewer of strain on the arteries.

One important point around nuts is their rich fat content. However, I have already mentioned that the fats in almonds are healthy fats :).

However for those who already include high levels of cholesterol (hyperlipidemic), it is often considered that you shouldn’t be consuming foods with high fat, actually if those fats are regarded as good.

On the other hand, a research study published in the American Heart Association’s Journal, Circulation, highlighted otherwise.

Results from a randomized study of 27 hyperlipidemic people revealed that almonds included to the diet largely decreased the risk of the coronary heart problem, which is possible because of the good fats, high fiber, and high protein.


8) Fight Against Gallstones

Gallstones are more frequent in women, people with old age, and also people with overweight. In addition to that, birth control, hormone therapy, and pregnancy are the few factors that can raise the possibilities of gallstones in women.

This is scary since gallstones don’t induce any symptoms in 80% of patients.
Gallstones develops & build due to the high cholesterol. It leads to ache in the upper abdomen, nausea, a yellowing of the skin, and weird clay colored stools. They are hard creations in the gallbladder, that is an organ in our body which stores bile made in the liver.

The question arrives, how almonds can help with gallstones?

The seeds and nuts, which also includes almonds are connected with lowers the occurrence of gallstones, which is simply because of their cholesterol controlling beneficial effects and the good effects from antioxidants that are found in almonds.


9) Good Source of Vitamin E

benefits of eating almonds daily vitamin e


Look at these benefits of vitamin E

Almonds are good sources of vitamin E, that is one of the famous benefits of almonds. Almonds are loaded with vitamin E, which is sometimes also described as alpha-tocopherol, or AT (containing 36.6 mg per cup).
The majority of Americans merely receive around half the daily recommended amount of vitamin E, nevertheless, In a cup of almonds, you can get 125% of the daily recommended
the amount of vitamin E


I wish I can make it more depth but here I stopped.

Are you eating almonds everyday to get all the healthy benefits?

Let me know through comments what you think about almonds. 

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  1. I try to eat more fruits. vegetables and nuts, and of course, almonds are included. It is best in the long run to eat healthy.

  2. Have been eating almonds as a snack for the last 3 days and since then my constipation issue is dying. I am passing stool easily and more times in a day. Grateful to the Creator for almonds.

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