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15 Great Health Benefits of Eating Chyawanprash (Side Effects, How to Use & Ingredients)

If you are looking for an ingredient that will nourish you then, chyawanprash is the best option. Chyawanprash not only nourishes the body but also helps in developing the mind.

It strengthens the immunity system of the body and protects the body against any kind of infection. It is formulated of 41 ayurvedic herbs. For someone who is a strong believer of traditional methods, then consumption of ayurvedic Chyawanprash is the most ideal thing to stay healthy.

Before proceeding to the health benefits of Chyawanprash, it is very essential for one to know what chyawanprash is and what ingredients it contains.


Chyawanprash And Its Ingredients

Chyawanprash is basically the cooked mixture of honey, ghee, jam and other traditional ingredients. Various herbs and spices are also used for its preparation.

Usage of all these ingredients is considered healthy and also, these ingredients altogether add a tinge of taste to it. This taste is very much liked by all, be it children or old people.

So, basically it is a traditional herb supplement which can be consumed by both, men and women of all age groups. It has sweet, sour and sometimes a tinge of spicy taste. If chyawanprash is looked closely, it appears as if it is a fruit jam and has brownish-black colour.

Chyawanprash is the combination of two different words. “Chyawan” and “Prash”. In Sanskrit, “prash” denotes preparation of special food, and “chyawan” was the name of the sage who formulated this to restore his youth and vitality.

Chyawanprash consists of 41 ingredients. Various ingredients are used in Chyawanprash for its preparation. Chyawanprash is made of plants and ingredients that are said to have some medicinal properties.

All these ingredients boosts up immunity systems and has the energizing properties. Many top brands in India, are producing quality Chyawanprash that are proving to be helpful to people.

Some of the main ingredients of chyawanprash are amla, ashwagandha, neem, tulsi, saffron, white sandalwood, cardamom, Arjun, brahmi, pippali, honey extracted from sunflower and ghee. Depending upon the brands, the number and amount of ingredients, texture, colour and taste varies.


Health Benefits Of Eating Chyawanprash

Chyawanprash has a lot of health benefits because of the ayurvedic contents. Some of the health benefits of Consuming chyawanprash are mentioned below:


1) Prevention of Seasonal Infections

Chyawanprash is said to build up the immunity system of the body. When there are changes in the weather, a drastic change in the health may occur. With the change of weather, lots of bacteria, germs and other harmful micro-organisms enter the air.

These may bring illness to people. People with weak immunity system fall prey to these bacteria and infections may occur. These cause continuous fevers.

However, taking Chyawanprash on a regular basis helps in fight diseases caused by these fungi and bacterias. The amla and gooseberry content contains 30 times more Vitamin C than oranges, which is why Chyawanprash helps in improving the immunity system.


2) Improves digestive system

Chyawanprash is said to kindle agni (digestive fire) which aids in maintaining the proper health of the digestive system of human beings. Chyawanprash in highly recommended to people who have weak digestive system.

Regular consumption of chyawanprash may help enhancing it. Chyawanprash aids in proper digestion movement and also helps in streamline movement of bowel.

Cinnamon and amla are the main ingredients of chyawanprash. This combination of main ingredients of chyawanprash has carminative properties that help in prevention of flatulence.

Most of the human beings suffer from the problem of constipation. Chyawanprash plays an important role in curing constipation since it always aids in keeping the digestive system healthy and clean.


3) Healthy respiratory system:

One of the main issues that chyawanprash aids in is the respiratory issues. Many people suffer from issues related to lungs. Lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and asthma are some of the most common respiratory issues.

However, chyawanprash aids in maintaining a healthy respiratory system. All the ingredients that are formulated in Chyawanprash according to ancient methods, help in curing people who suffer from long term and chronic respiratory problems.

Consuming chyawanprash in a regular basis helps in maintaining the health of the lung to an extent. Because of the formulation, it makes to be an ideal and healthy herbal element for treatment of lungs diseases.


4) Maintains the Radiance of Skin

It also acts as an anti-aging herbal tonic that helps in preventing wrinkles and greying of the hair. This has some ingredients that help prevent the anti-aging structures. The antioxidants and herbs slows down the rate of aging cells, provides proper nutrition to the skin and helps in maintaining the youthfulness.

Amla being rich in Vitamin C aids in maintaining the radiance of the skin and also helps in keeping the skin healthy. The saffron content also helps in improving the complexion of skin up to an extent.


5) Purifies Blood

People who consume a lot of junk foods, seem to have huge amounts of toxins in the blood. Toxins are harmful substances that prevents the proper functioning of the body.

The increased amount of toxic substances in the blood increases the amount of complications in the body. These toxic substances also hampers with the natural process of purification of blood.

Chyawanprash is made up of natural herbs which helps in maintaining the natural process of purification of blood. It also helps in eliminating the toxic substances from the body.

This elimination of toxic substances from the body can help in maintain a proper body function and ensure proper health to people.


6) Enhanced Sexual Prowess

A very rare fact is that consuming chyawanprash can help maintain the normal cycle of menstruation. Irregular menstruation is a problem faced by many women.

However, consuming chyawanprash can help in curing this and also other problems related to menstruation. Another benefit of chyawanprash is that it enhances the sexual prowess.

Chyawanprash helps in boosting up the sexual adroitness. It also helps in reducing the sexual problems. If not totally cured, it can assist in coping up with the sexual problems better.


7) Stress Management

Another benefit of chyawanprash consumption is that it helps in better stress management. Chyawanprash is made of various ingredients that aid have a calming effect on the nerves of the body.

The herbs from which chyawanprash are formulated according to ancient times, and calms the nervous system. Consumption of chyawanprash can help in dealing with stress a lot better than usual.


8) Helps in Better Functioning of Brain

Chyawanprash being made of several herbs boosts up the memory function. It is pretty much natural to forget things because of the hectic schedule.

Chyawanprash consumption helps in maintaining the proper functioning of brain and also boosts up memory. It also helps in maintaining concentration and focus.

Chyawanprash is made of various herbs that helps in better focus and concentration. This is highly recommended for kids as it helps in improving the concentration level. Kids can better focus on their studies if they consume this healthy mixture on a regular basis.


9) Offers Energy

In today’s busy world, a strong schedule is required that needs to be followed properly. Continuous work can drive out all the energy from the body and people usually will feel the lack of energy in the body. It becomes difficult to work even if it is the daily chores because of the lack of energy.

However, chyawanprash comes to rescue when one loses energy. It provides enough energy to work throughout the day because of the formulation of herbs that it contains.


10) Aids in Weight Loss

It really becomes difficult for obese people to lose their weight because of the slow rate of metabolism. However, consuming chyawanprash induces the rate of metabolism in the body which in turn helps to lose weight.

Therefore, chyawanprash plays an ideal role in maintaining the proper body shape thereby reducing the risk of obesity.


11) Healthy Heart

One of the main benefits of chyawanprash is that it helps a lot in maintaining the heart health. It acts as an herbal tonic that promotes the proper functioning of a healthy heart.

It helps in regulating the blood properly thereby aiding in maintaining a proper heart health. It reduces the risk of any heart diseases like cardiac arrest, stroke and arrhythmias.


12) Lowers the Level of Cholesterol

Chyawanprash is an ideal ingredient that helps in regulating the cholesterol level in the body.

Consumption of chyawanprash eliminates the bad level cholesterol from the body thereby promoting the good level cholesterol. It eliminates the high level of cholesterol from the body and maintains the proper blood pressure.

Because of so many herbs in chyawanprash, it acts as an ideal medicine for the treatment of various diseases.


13) Helps Improve Hair Health

Well, because of the high content of formulated herbs, it helps in maintaining the hair health and nail also. Due to the presence of anti-oxidants in the chyawanprash, the rate of graying of hair is slowed down.

It also reduces the growing brittle nails. It is also used by bodybuilders for building up their muscles properly.


14) Fight Against Cough and Cold

Chaywanprash is rich in Vitamin C because of its high amla and gooseberry content. The Vitamin C content helps in prevention of entry of germs and bacteria into the body that lead to cough and cold.


15) Solves Urinary Problems

One of the most common problems that every person faces is urinary infection. A number of women suffer from this problem of urinary tract infection.

This problem has an ideal solution- Chyawanprash.

Consuming chyawanprash can help in the cure of these urinary infections and other problems related to it.


Chyawanprash must not be consumed in the following conditions:

  • Diabetes Mellitus Type 1.
  • Diabetes Mellitus Type 2.
  • Diabetes Insipidus.
  • Gestational Diabetes.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Night falls.
  • Constipation.
  • Gastric problems.


Side effects of Chyawanprash

Despite so many advantages of diabetes, there are certain health risks too. Some of the side effects of Chyawanprash are as follows:

  • Many people believe that consuming Chyawanprash may increase the risk of becoming fat since it contains ghee. Well, ghee isn’t the main ingredient of this tonic, so the chances of becoming fat is very less. Also, the amount of butter used is almost negligible since it is used for mixing the ingredients.
  • Sometimes, people complain that they face a burning sensation in their stomach due to consuming this herbal tonic. If it is so, it is recommended that one must mix it with hot milk before consuming it.
  • People also undergo loose motion due to regular consumption of Chyawanprash.
  • Due to the high sugar content, diabetes patient should better refrain from it.
  • Daily consumption of chyawanprash, for the whole year can have a reverse impact especially during summer.



Chyawanprash is mostly made up of herbs that are found mostly in the Himalayan region and other parts of India. Some of the main ingredients of chyawanprash are as follows:

  • Bilwa
  • Agnimantha
  • Shyonaka
  • Patala
  • BAla
  • Mashaparni
  • Mudgaparni
  • Prishnaparni
  • Shalaparni
  • Pippali
  • Taamalaki
  • Agaru
  • Jeevaka
  • Shati
  • Punarnava
  • Ela
  • Utpala
  • Kakoli
  • Amla
  • Gambhari
  • Gokshura
  • Brihati
  • Kantakari
  • Shrungi
  • Draksha
  • Jeevanti
  • Pushkara
  • Hareetaki
  • Ruddhi
  • Vrishabhaka
  • Musta
  • Meda
  • Chandana
  • Vidari
  • Vrushamula
  • Kakanasika


As per the instructions, the dosage should never exceed 20gm per day. According to the different age groups, the dosage of chyawanprash are as follows:

  • 0-1 year: 1 gram.
  • 1-5 year: 2.5 gram (half teaspoon)
  • 6-12 year: 5 gram (one teaspoon)
  • Above 12 years: 5 to 20 gram per day ( 1 to 4 teaspoon)
  • Pregnant women: 5 gram in morning and 5 gram in evening.


Final Thoughts

Chyawanprash promotes many health benefits and is also safe to use for all age groups. It is suggested to get a recommended by a doctor on how much to consume if anyone has any underlying medical condition. A paediatrician must also be consulted before giving it to the children on a regular basis.

A healthy lifestyle must also be introduced in order to ensure that Chyawanprash can have faster results. A proper workout routine and a healthy balanced diet must be maintained regularly to ensure that chyawanprash acts in a more effective way and faster.