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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Curd

The curd is a dairy product obtained from coagulating milk in a process known as curdling. This process takes place by either adding rennet or acidic substances.

These substances are edible such as lemon juice or vinegar and let it settle. The acid that is increased causes the proteins in the milk to tangle forming masses or better still curd.

Sour milk cheeses or curds can be produced by letting milk to sour. Cheese curds are the first steps in making cheese.

The curds obtained are usually pressed and drained into varying amounts for different styles of cheese. Different secondary agents are then introduced before the desired aging finishes the cheese.


Uses of Curd

Curd products tend to vary by region. This includes cottage cheese, curd cheese, farmer cheese, queso blanco, and paneer. Curd can also be referred to as a non-dairy substance of similar appearance.

In England we have junket. This is curd produced from the use of rennet with true curds and whey. This occurs from the natural separation of milk due to its environment.

In some French-speaking countries such as Canada, you are likely to find cheese curds. This kind is the one drained of the way and served without having to go into further processing or aging. Areas such as Quebec and Eastern Ontario cheese curds are served with French fries and gravy.

The curd is also found in some Germanic-descent regions. Such regions are like Waterloo County where they bread and fry curd. On some occasions, people consume it straight.

Kes is another name for curd in Turkey. In this country, the curd is used as an aphrodisiac, and for breakfast, people serve it with fried bread. The province of Bolu and Zonguldak in Turkey eat curd with macaroni.

Chongos Zamorano is a dessert from Mexico. It is prepared from milk curdled with sugar and cinnamon.

Giza is a delicacy made by boiling whey for close to 15 minutes before adding vinegar or lemon. The mixture is then drained three to four times by use of a piece of cloth or napkin and later salted to taste. This is then served immediately or refrigerated for a few days before serving it.


Health Benefits of Eating Curd

In a country like India eating sweet curd before an important event such as an exam is important. This is because it is considered as a lucky charm. The curd is a stable food that is not only delicious but healthy with many health benefits.


1) Strengthen teeth and bones

The curd is rich in phosphorous and calcium hence making your teeth and bones stronger. For stronger healthier bones and teeth make curd a daily meal.

It also helps in preventing and maintaining arthritis. Problems such as arthritis and osteoporosis are controlled by daily consumption of curd.


2) Improves immunity

Curd plays a significant role in strengthening ones immunity. It is amongst the best probiotic foods that contain live microorganism. These organisms are beneficial for our body.

Probiotic found in foods boots the count of infection-fighting white blood cells.

Curd prevents most infections and improves immunity. Women suffering from frequent yeast infection can consume curd to get rid of it.


3) Improves Digestion

Curd digests with much ease and helps your body absorb food well. The probiotic that is found in curd helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Yogurt is easy to digest and can be of great benefit to people who are lactose intolerant. This is the case because the lactose is broken down during the fermentation process. It is advisable to consume curd after eating a spicy meal.


4) Good for your heart

This is one of the main health benefits of curd. By consuming curd daily, you will maintain a healthy heart.

It reduces cholesterol levels in the body hence lowers the risk of hypertension. Curd helps in keeping cholesterol levels under control.


5) Good for weight loss

An imbalance in a hormone called cortisol, and a faulty lifestyle may be troublesome. This is because it makes people end up having fat accumulated around their waistline.

Calcium found in curd triggers less production of cortisol. Thus helps in losing weight.


6) Good Energy Food

The curd is rich in vitamins and minerals hence standing out as a better option for an energy booster. Yogurt can be your go-to food if you are in need of an energy boost.

It works as an antioxidant and helps recovery your energy after workout sessions. Curd can be a good pre-workout food.


7) Control Blood Sugar Level

Curd contains a digestible protein and live yoghurt culture. This helps control the blood sugar level.

Research has shown that Greek yoghurt or natural yoghurt helps prevent heart diseases. Curd also controls blood sugar in people with diabetes.


8) Vaginal health

A healthy va-gina comprises a good bacterial culture of curd intake. Curd balances the pH of the va-gina and improves its health.


9) Increase in appetite

For a healthy life, it is best if you keep off supplements that boost one’s appetite. To improve your appetite, you can consume curd with salt or sugar.


10) Stress reliever

Stress can damage a person’s health both in a physical way and mentally. Consuming curd can help in reducing stress and anxiety. Eating dahi(curd) can help to reduce as it tends to make you calm down and give you a cool feeling.



The curd is a healthy meal that different people take globally with different cultures. It can also be considered as a daily meal especially with the many benefits it has.

Curd has an advantage over milk because of one major reason. People that suffer from lactose intolerance can consume it without the after worry.