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10 Awesome Health Benefits of Drinking Pineapple Juice Every Day

Pineapples are very renowned tropical fruits. It is a very less known fact that pineapple is the second most favorite tropical fruit.

Pineapples are the most versatile fruit as they can be cooked, eaten raw, added to other fruits or used for making juices. Pineapple also has its uses for arts, as the preserved leaves of pineapple are used for making various kinds of arts.

Also, if you observe, pineapple these days are used as the topping of pizza. Fresh pineapple is rich in enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that are very much required for the overall development of health.

Pineapples are mostly come to know from Hawaii, but it can also be found in Costa Rica, Brazil, and regions of Philippines. And in these areas, fruits are harvested throughout the year.

Pineapples were actually found in main regions of Paraguay and Brazil. However, it was introduced in Spain and the rest of Europe by Christopher Columbus.

Apart from health benefits of pineapple, the health benefits of pineapple juice are equally beneficial. So, if you are a lover of pineapple then Kudos, your health will be glowing throughout the year.


Health Benefits of Pineapple Juice

The pineapple juice proves to be really beneficial for health. It helps in curing constipation, fertility issues, sinus, and others. Listed below are some of the health benefits of consuming pineapple juice:


Improves Digestion and Gut Health

Pineapples are easy to digest hence prevents the risk of bloating or gas. It is also rich in fiber that ensures proper digestion. Due to the presence of the enzyme, bromelain, digestion becomes very easy.

Pineapple also ensures easy neutralization of foods. Protein is broken down into simpler substances by Bromelain hence promoting digestion. Pancreas secretion is continuously regulated which further helps in improving digestion.

Pineapple reduces gut inflammation thus preventing diarrhea. It also aids in digestion after consumption of heavy meals like that of steak. Apart from the digestion benefits, Pineapple also helps in building up the muscles and reduces the pain of arthritis.


Ensures Healthy Bones

It is a strong belief that only calcium helps in improving the bones, but it should also be brought into knowledge that manganese has an equal contribution towards building up healthy bones.

A glass of pineapple juice provides about 73 percent of manganese for the body. It strengthens the bones that help in the coming old age.

The Vitamin C content of pineapple juice also helps in reducing gum related problems. The manganese content also helps in regulating the blood sugar level of the body, increases and improves the immunity system of the body and also helps to keep the skin radiant and healthy.


Oral Health

Another best benefit of pineapple is that it is rich in Vitamin C which aids in solving all the gum related problems and helps in maintaining the proper health of the teeth. It restricts bacteria that promote building plaque building. This reduction of bacteria aids in the reduction of periodontal diseases and gingivitis. The vitamin C content of pineapple juices promotes strong teeth. Also, it prevents the foul smell and bad breath. Dentists also recommend drinking pineapple juice for it is so healthy for gum and teeth. It reduces the risk of any other problems related to teeth or gum.



Pineapple juice is very much recommended for people suffering from hypertension. It helps in regulating the blood sugar level of the body.

The high potassium content helps in reducing the high blood pressure and also lowers the level of sodium in the body. Combating sodium with potassium is an ideal solution for dealing with hypertension.

One cup of pineapple juice contains about 1 milligram of sodium and 195 milligrams of potassium. Pineapple is considered among those fruits which have the lowest sodium content.

Pineapple juice is highly recommended to people suffering from hypertension. Taking pineapple juice regularly can help fight hypertension more prominently.


Maintains the Perfect Eye Health

Pineapple is rich in the same anti-oxidant content which is found in carrots that help in maintaining the vision. It promotes healthy vision and also prevents age-related macular degeneration. Pineapple is rich in beta-carotene and Vitamin A that helps to promote a healthy vision.

However, consuming pineapple juice regularly can help prevent the risk of vision loss at old age. Also, this presence of rich anti-oxidants in the juice ensures a proper eyesight and also helps in solving the problems related to eyesight.


Boosts Immunity System and Reduces Inflammation

Pineapple is rich in Vitamin C which is the best-known source of boosting up immunity system. The antioxidant content of pineapple juices helps in preventing free radical damage that speeds up aging, harms cells and even leads to various dangerous diseases.

The additional benefit being the contents rich in anti-inflammatory agents. These work against sprains, strains, tendinitis and other muscular injuries. Also, these components work towards preventing gout inflammation and arthritis-related inflammation.

The presence of bromelain is said to reduce inflammation and swelling. Hence, drinking a cup of pineapple juice regularly can help in reducing the signs and symptoms of arthritis.


Proper Heart Health

Pineapple juice is very much healthy for the heart. It ensures better blood circulation level and allows the proper blood flow to the circulatory system. The bromelain content of pineapple juice makes the blood thinner. It reduces the risk of heart diseases, stroke and other diseases related to the heart.

The pineapple juice is rich in anti-oxidant content which helps in fighting off the free radicals.

Vitamin C also helps in preventing atherosclerosis. Vitamin C is useful for heart health as it acts as an anti-coagulant. The essential part is it helps in maintaining the blood pressure level and also manages the cholesterol level of the body.


Protection against cataracts

As mentioned earlier, pineapple juice helps in maintaining proper health. Also, pineapple juice helps in fighting against cataracts.

Having cataracts in the eye is a condition where the lens becomes foggy and also interferes with vision. Not only does it prevent age-related macular degeneration, but it also protects against cataracts.


Weight loss

Pineapple juice acts as the ideal ingredient for weight loss. Pineapple juice is full of nutritional contents and also does not contain any artificial sugar and unhealthy fats.

Also, one does not need to consume a lot of food throughout the day because pineapple and pineapple juice consumption provides a feeling of fullness.

Pineapple is low in calorie and has high water content. It thus prevents energy all day long. Just like other fruits, pineapple plays a significant role in promoting weight loss.


Boost fertility

If closely observed, pineapple promotes in boosting up fertility both in men and women because of its vitamin, mineral and other nutrient contents.

However, it is also believed that there are alternative ways too in which pineapple juice affects sexuality of men and women, but there is no such perfect claim about this.

Pineapple also proves beneficial for pregnant women as they help a lot them in morning sickness. Due to the high vitamin content, nausea and vomiting caused due to morning sickness are reduced. Also, the high vitamin content provides nutrition to the baby.


Healthy pineapple juices recipes

If you are very much satisfied by the reasons for which you should drink pineapple juice, then there are some healthy recipes that you must try. Mentioned below are some of the popular and healthy combinations for drinking pineapple juice:

  • Pineapple juice and pear juice.
  • Pineapple juice and juiced broccoli.
  • Pineapple juice and juiced cabbage.
  • Pineapple juice and juiced strawberry.
  • Pineapple juice and grapefruit juice.
  • Pineapple juice, apple juice, and juiced kale.
  • Pineapple juice, orange juice, and juiced raspberries.

These are just some of the combinations that you can try. Apart from these, there are several other combinations that you can try. It is so because pineapple is a sweet fruit and its sweetness well blends with all the other fruits. As it blends with most of the flavors, you can also use them to create your personal favorite blend too.


Final Thoughts

Pineapple juice is very beneficial as already observed from the article. However, it is also necessary to know that regular consumption of fresh pineapple juice can help in curing the intestinal worms.

The fresh pineapple juice acts as a natural diuretic, which helps in removing all the toxic substances from the body. It also helps in curing the irregular bowel movements.

Pineapple juice is full of vitamin and other nutritional elements. It contains Vitamin C and B complex (pyridoxine, folate, thiamine, and riboflavin).

Also, it contains potassium, calcium, phosphorous and manganese. The lower sodium content makes it an ideal substance for hypertension.

The vitamin C content helps in preventing cold and cough. Also, the B6 content regulates the metabolic activities of the body. It regulates the blood sugar level.

The vitamin A content offers healthy eyesight and radiant skin. It also maintains the healthy mucous membrane.

Apart from these, potassium content prevents soreness and also helps in curing muscle cramps. Hence, pineapple juice is not only tasty but also healthy.