Most of the people must already be aware of the fact that sugarcane juice is very beneficial for health. It is a natural remedy to drive off various problems and to top it all it is delicious and flavourful too.

Sugarcane acts as an immunity booster because it is rich in antioxidants and also helps to get rid of various infections. It is also rich in various minerals which help in curing a common cold and cough.

Before going to its benefits in detail, let’s know a little more about Sugarcane.


What is Sugarcane?

Belonging to grass family Poaceae, sugarcane or ganna is one of those crops which is beneficial and found in abundance in India.

Sugarcane originated in Papua, New Guinea. It has the scientific name Saccharum officinarum. Being a grass crop, sugarcane is cultivated in almost all parts of the world.

Though it originated in Papua, it has become a major part of cultivation in Asia and America. You can eat sugarcane or drink a glass or sugarcane juice. Either way, sugarcane will be very beneficial for the health.

Most of the sugarcane cultivated in India is used to make Gur (jaggery), Khandsari (brown sugar) and the rest of sugar is processed with chemicals and sulfur.

Most of the countries use sugarcane to make alcohol. The fibrous mass of sugarcane is used for making fuel. About 70% of the worldwide used sugar is obtained from sugarcane.

India is the second largest producer of sugarcane, Brazil being the first. For its commercial use, sugarcane is grown in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Brazil, Latin America and other countries.

Sugarcane juice or “Ganne ka Ras” topped with lemon, mint, ginger and black salt is liked by most of the people.


Other Name of Sugarcane

Other than the scientific name, Saccharum officinarum some of the names of Sugarcane include ganna (Hindi), Karumbu (Tamil), Karibpu (Malayalam) and Cheruku (Telugu).


Health Benefits of Drinking Sugarcane Juice

The health benefits of sugarcane juice are as follows:

1) Diuretic in Nature

Sugarcane juice is diuretic in nature which makes it an important ingredient for driving away infections. Drinking sugarcane juice will help in treating urinary tract infections and kidney stones.

Apart from this, Sugarcane also helps in ensuring the proper functioning of kidney.


2) Slows Down Aging

As mentioned earlier, sugarcane is rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, and phenolic compounds. These substances are pretty much required for healthy skin.

Therefore, it means that sugarcane juice plays an important role in maintaining the natural glow of the skin. The rich antioxidant content of sugarcane makes it an ideal component to achieve radiance of skin. It also moisturizes and keeps the skin soft.


3) Instant Energy Booster

For people suffering from dehydration, sugarcane juice is the best source of instant energy. It will help you to gain energy instantly and will leave you refreshed and charged up within no time.

Sugarcane contains simple sugars as sucrose. Being a simple sugar, sucrose is usually absorbed by the body and is used to regain the lost sugar level in the body. It will help maintain the proper sugar level in the body.


4) Safe Pregnancy

Sugarcane juice has been found to be helpful for the health of pregnant ladies. It offers safe pregnancy along with easy and fast conception.

Sugarcane juice is rich in Vitamin B9 and has trace amounts of folic acid. These components help in protecting from neural birth defects like Spina bifida.

Sugarcane juice also helps in reducing ovulating problems which in turn helps to increase the chances of conception.


5) Treatment of Various Diseases

Sugarcane juice is known for its curing behavior. It helps a lot in getting rid of dysuria (a sensation of burning in the genitals while urinating), prostatitis and kidney stones.

If the juice is consumed in moderate amounts with lime and water, it will help in curing STD (sexually transmitted disease) too.

Apart from these, Sugarcane juice can also treat high acidity, cystitis, gonorrhea, and nephritis. It also helps in dealing with enlarged prostates.


6) Cures Jaundice

Jaundice leads to yellow pigmentation of skin and membrane due to excess presence of bilirubin in body fluids. This excess bilirubin is a result of the poor functioning of the liver.

Sugarcane juice is said to be an important ingredient that helps in strengthening liver thereby preventing the chances of jaundice.

It helps the body to recover the lost amount of protein and nutrients which is highly required for the proper functioning of the body.


7) Presence of Nutrients

Sugarcane juice is believed to be rich in all the vital minerals and vitamins that are required for the healthy functioning of the body.

It is rich in components like iron, calcium, magnesium and other natural electrolytes which helps in the prevention of dehydration. Sugarcane juice acts as a natural remedy for the treatment of various diseases.


8) Prevents Tooth Decay and Bad Breath

Many people face embarrassment due to bad breath. Often tooth decay leads to bad breath. But you can get rid of this if you consume sugarcane juice on a regular basis.

Sugarcane juice is rich in minerals like calcium and phosphorous which helps in strengthening the enamel of the teeth.

This continuous flow of nutrients to your body helps in preventing decay of the teeth and strengthening it. Bad breath is another sign of nutrient deficiency in the body.


9) Relieves Constipation

Ayurveda believes that sugarcane juice has a high laxative property which ensures improved regular bowel movement. This, in turn, helps to get rid of constipation.

Sugarcane juice has certain alkaline properties which makes it an essential ingredient for treating acidity and getting rid of stomach burns.


10) Aids Weight Loss

It aids in reducing bad cholesterol level in the body. Sugarcane juice contains certain natural sugar which helps in reducing the weight of the people.

Also, it contains certain soluble fibers which have been the best ingredient in the weight management strategy.


11) Helps Development of Bones and Teeth

Sugarcane juice is not only tasty but also beneficial. It will help the individual get to get rid of teeth and bone related problems. Sugarcane is a rich source of calcium which helps in building up the skeletal strength of bones and teeth.

Hence, sugarcane helps a lot in contributing towards the child’s health. If you add a tasty sugarcane juice to the diet of your child, it will help in the improvement of teeth and bone.


12) Helps in Diabetes

Sugarcane is believed to have a low glycaemic index (GI) which is why most of the doctors recommend it to diabetic patients. Sugarcane is rich in natural sugar. Therefore, an addition of artificial sugar isn’t required which leaves no space for diabetes.

Drinking sugarcane juice will not increase or decrease the level of sugar in the blood thereby ensuring that it won’t lead to diabetic problems drastically. It does involve the distribution of sugar levels in case of diabetic people.


13) Prevention of Cancer

This might seem a little surprising, but sugarcane juice can also prove beneficial for treating cancer. It can prove to be a treatment for fatal disease cancer especially prostate and breast cancer.

Sugarcane is rich in flavonoid which stops the multiplication of cancerous cells in mammary glands thereby reducing the risk of breast cancer.


14) Febrile Disorder Cure

The febrile disorder is an extremely common disorder which is observed in case of growing kids. Sugarcane juice proves to be helpful in combatting this effect.

In case of febrile disorder, the individual will suffer from fevers with high temperature and also lead to protein reduction in the body. This is a risk for the proper health. Sugarcane juice, thus, helps in recovering the loss of proteins in the body.


15) Essential Digestive Tonic

If the person suffers from digestive disorders, it is suggested to include sugarcane juice in the diet. Sugarcane juice ensures a healthy and stress-free life.

Sugarcane juice offers potassium to the body which helps in balancing the pH level of the stomach. This, in turn, helps in facilitating the secretion of various digestive juices that help in ensuring proper digestion, which helps in maintaining your health.


16) Cures Sore Throat

Often people suffer from sudden itching and irritation in the throat. During these conditions, it is recommended to drink a glass of sugarcane juice with lime and black salt.

Sugarcane juice is rich in Vitamin C which makes it an important ingredient for the treatment of a sore throat. It is also rich in antioxidants and flavonoids which helps in driving off all the viral and bacterial infections.


17) Prevention of DNA Damage

DNA is the essential component of body cells. Since it is rich in antioxidant, it protects the body from DNA damage. Often radiation leads to damage to DNA and oxidative degradation of cellular lipids and fats.

Hence, if sugarcane juice is often consumed on a regular basis, it will help the body to get rid of DNA damage. Also, sugarcane juice helps in fighting and destroying the free radicals and preventing premature aging.


18) Heals Wounds

Apart from boosting the immunity system of the body, sugarcane juice also aids in the faster recovery of wounds. Since it is rich in sucrose content, it will allow the injuries to be cured in a short period.

Apart from consuming sugarcane juice, you can also apply some sugarcane juice over the wounds to ensure faster and better results in healing the wounds.


19) Reduces Toxic Substances from the Body

Our body often gets filled with toxic substances, and it is very necessary to get rid of them, or you will land in major trouble.

However, consumption of sugarcane juice regularly helps in clearing the body off harmful toxic substances and other bad components that may destroy the immune system of the body.

Sugarcane juice also helps in boosting up the metabolism of the body. This eventually leads to the detoxification of body which in turn helps weight loss.


20) Essential for Nail Health

Not only is sugarcane juice essential for skin, bone, teeth and hair health, it is also an important element for treating nail health. Most of the girls disguise their discolored and brittle nails with various nail art and paint.

Sugarcane juice helps in getting rid of all problems related to nail health. Lack of nutrients often leads to brittle nails in the body.

Since sugarcane juice contains a lot of nutrients, it helps in nourishing the health of nails. It also helps the nails to become healthy and lustrous.

21) Strengthens Body Organs

If sugarcane is consumed on a regular basis, it will make the organs strong so that they can function properly. It also helps the organs to coordinate with each other.

Sugarcane juice is full of essential natural sugars which strengthens the various organs of the body. It strengthens organs like the sensory organ, reproductive organ, and brain.

Apart from these, drinking a glass of juice twice a day will show the results of increased muscle power.

Drinking sugarcane juice will fulfill the lack of required glucose in the body. It will, in turn, increase the muscle power of the body. Hence, sugarcane juice must regularly be consumed to get the required results.

There may as well be even more benefits of this juice which might have been skipped or which are unknown to us, you can always share them with us in the comments section below and add to our knowledge.

Side-Effects of Sugarcane Juice

Though there are so many benefits of sugarcane juice, remember that the excess of anything can be harmful.

A glass of roadside sugarcane juice can sometimes be unhygienic. These unhygienic juices may lead to diarrhoea and Chagas disease. Sugarcane juice is one of the major sources for the breeding of various microorganism.

Therefore, consuming sugarcane juice that has remained outside the fridge for more than 15 minutes can cause severe effects on stomach and intestine. The stall that uses too much of oil on the crushing machines of sugarcane juice can be harmful to the body as it leads to the decay of juice.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, more than the side effects of sugarcane juice, there are a lot of benefits. If you wish to cherish the benefits of the sugarcane juice, make sure to add the juice as an essential part of your diet.

The loss of fluids caused due to common cold and cough can be regained by the consumption of sugarcane juice.

Make sure you do not consume more than two glasses of sugarcane juice on a daily basis as it may have adverse effects on your health. The sugarcane juice intake always depends upon the health requirements of the individuals.

Well, enjoy the benefits of it after all, nothing in the world is all good and perfect.


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