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25 Amazing Health Benefits & Uses of Lemon in Your Daily Life

Do you know how beneficial it would be for your health if you start your every morning with a glass of lemon water?

It is a well-known fruit among the world. This nutritive fruit is rich in vitamin C and other essential minerals which are crucial for your body. It can refresh your mind and body within a short time with its several alimentary properties.

Lemon can boost our immune system and give us a good amount of energy. It can also play an important role to take care of our skin health. I’m going to share “25 health benefits & uses of lemon.

Health Benefits & Uses of Lemon

1) Cold and Fever

Lemon contains a high amount of vitamin C which helps to prevent cold and fever. The flavonoids properties in lemon fight against infection. Vitamin C helps to produce antibodies and white blood cells which work against germ in the body. Lemon is also called as a blood purifier.

2) Reduce high blood pressure

Lemon contains pectin which can work efficiently to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood. This results in reducing the blood pressure. So, the people who get high blood pressure are suggested drink lemon water daily. It also helps to reduce your stress and depression.

3) Dental care

Lemon is very helpful for dental health. If you feel pain in the areas of teeth, drink some lemon juice to reduce pain. It also removes bad smell. Add some lemon juice to your toothpaste; it will help you to make whiter teeth. If you face gum bleeding problem, just message some lemon on gum to stop bleeding.

4) Weight loss

To the people who want to lose weight, lemon could be a good option for them. Lemon has pectin fiber property which helps to reduce body weight. Lemon makes the flow of sugar slow down to the blood. So, a lemonade diet would be an effective way to lose some weight.

5) Prevent asthma

Lemon can play an important role to prevent asthma. Lemon contains a high amount of vitamin C which helps to fight with the breathing problem. It keeps your lungs healthy. The anti-oxidant properties of lemon fight with the oxidants that are harmful to your lungs. Lemon is a helpful fruit for the people who involve in hard physical work.

6) Prevent kidney stone

Diosmin is an anti-oxidant in lemon which helps to prevent kidney stone. This element decreases the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the kidney. Besides it also increases the volume of urine and serum calcium. These activities decrease the pressure on kidneys and reduce the chance of developing stone on the kidney.

7) Heart health

Lemon is also good for heart health. It contains a great amount of potassium which makes heart healthy to perform properly. Potassium helps the muscle of heart as well as the full body for proper blood circulation. Lemon also has some essential minerals which help functioning blood pumping.

8) Prevent cancer

Lemon has the flavonoids property which can fight with cancer. It helps to reduce the risk of developing cancer in breast, colon, lungs and prostate. The flavonoids work efficiently to keep you away from cancer on these organs. Taking one or two glasses of lemon water daily along with fruits and vegetables can work better.

9) Acne treatment

Acne is a common facial problem of us. We can cure it by using lemon. Lemon has anti-bacterial properties which reduce acne as well as blackheads. Mix lemon with water and apply it on the acne affected areas with cotton. Then wait ten minutes to work properly. After ten minutes, wash your face with cold water.

10) Osteoporosis

Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium. Vitamin C helps to absorb calcium so that your bone would be stronger. It can protect you from osteoporosis. Potassium plays a very effective role in developing bone health. This also prevents reducing the amount of calcium through urine.

11) Eye health

When we become older, we may face various eye problems like decreasing vision power of our eyes. As lemon is rich in vitamin C, it helps to reduce this problem. It makes your vision clearer. So you should drink lemon water regularly if you want to make your sight clear.

12) Reduce anxiety

The most exciting part of lemon is, it can reduce your anxiety. You can get the result immediately after taking it. Lemon has several effective properties that can boost our system quickly. As a result, it helps in working our body properly and relieves our mind from anxiety.

13) Indigestion

We have mentioned many times that lemon contains a great amount of vitamin C. It is very helpful to cure digestion problems. It helps to remove the toxin from our body and makes an effective immune system by purifying the blood. For proper digestion, a doctor suggested drinking one glass lemon juice with warm water daily.

14) Constipation

Constipation is an embarrassing problem that we are familiar with it. Lemon contains the necessary properties to recover this problem. The higher amount of vitamin C in lemon helps to ensure proper digestion. So if you take lemon juice when you face constipation problem, it will be recovered quickly.

15) Prevent infection

You can get wounded by any small accidents, and your skin can be scarred by it. Vitamin C comes in help to protect your wounded area. Lemon can heal the affected area so that that area can not be damaged by infection. Vitamin C will work on it.

16) Prevent overeating

There are many people who can not resist themselves from overeating if they get a chance. But lemon has a solution on this. When you take your meal, you just take one glass of warm lemon water along with your meal. It will make you feeling fuller and prevent you from overeating.

17) Diabetes

Lemon peel is also beneficial for your health. Just put the peel on the lemon water glass to get another benefit of lemon. Its peel has the compounds that reduce the level of glucose on the body especially on eyes, kidney, and nerves. This three body part is important for diabetes patients to care.

18) Dandruff

Out of many useful uses of lemon, it is interesting that lemon can help you to get rid of from dandruff. You can use lemon as a substitute of commercial shampoo. Put lemon on the scalp and wait for ten minutes. After ten minutes, wash your hair with cold water. Regular practice of it can keep you away from dandruff.

19) Lice Treatment

Have you ever experienced the lice problem? If you have not yet, I hope you won’t. But who are suffering from it, they can use lemon for treatment.

Mix lemon juice with garlic and put them on the scalp. After half an hour wash your head. There will be no lice at that time and it will protect for a week to grow lice again.

20) Avoid unhealthy drinks

People used to drink unhealthy soft drinks and juices which contain a high amount of sugar that increases body weight. Lemon water can be a healthy option to replace these unhealthy soft drinks and juices.

21) Internal bleeding

Lemon can stop the internal bleeding with its antiseptic properties. Nose bleeding is one of them. Just put a small amount of lemon on cotton and put it inside of the nose to stop bleeding from it.

22) Oily skin

Oily skin is a common problem among the teenagers. But you can control it using lemon as a treatment. Mix up lemon water with grape juice and white part of the egg in a cup and then massage it on your face. Do it at least twice in a week to get the best result.

23) Dry Skin

Many people suffer from the moisturizing problem, especially in winter. Their skin looks dry most of the time. To get rid of it, apply a mixture of lemon water, honey and olive oil on your skin. It will help your skin to get moisturized and look fair.

24) Prevent hair loss

Lemon can be used as a curing element of hair loss problem. The mixture of lemon and coconut oil would help to prevent hair loss. The mixture of egg and lemon can keep your hair root strongly. Apply these on your scalp for ten minutes. The mixture of lemon and vinegar would also be a good option to prevent hair loss.

25) Protect bugs

The lemon flavor can keep bug away from your place. Mix twenty drops of lemon water with one cup of water and spray it on the room. Keep a piece of cotton ball mixed with lemon oil in your bedroom. If you go outside for hangout or camping, massage lemon oil on your body. These things keep bugs away from you.


Above you see the different “ uses and health benefit of lemon”. Now you understand how important role lemon can play regarding our health. Start your day with a glass of lemon water and feel the freshness of it.

Lemon is easy to afford and available in almost every place of your country. It is also easy to prepare for consuming. Besides drinking, make the best use of lemon as mentioned above.