A goldish brown translucent viscous liquid which tastes delectably rich and sweet, well you must have guessed it “honey” is what I have been describing.

Honey is the nectar of various flowers that the bees suck out and pass on the same to each other till each finally reaches the comb where it deposits and is finally pulled from.

As can be gauged a bee visits various flowers in a day and sucks nectar from each, thus the honey of different nectars can have a different color, taste or texture to it.

The Most Commonly Known Types Of Honey are:

• Comb Honey


The honey just taken from the hives and is as stored by the bee’s themselves. It has immense health benefits, but one has to be very careful while using this honey as the combed form can lead to gastrointestinal blockage.


• Liquid Honey

Liquid honey is made by processing the combs through a honey extractor. This is the most easily available form of honey.

• Chunk Honey

This is combed honey which is stored with liquid honey poured over it.


• Granulated Honey

This honey is a powdered extract of honey received by removing water from the honey. It has a lot of use as an ingredient in various products, especially in the cosmetic and medicine industry.

• Creamed Honey

When liquid honey and granulated honey are mixed in the ratio of 1:9 respectively then the smoothly textured viscose liquid received is called creamed honey.


• Clover Honey

This honey is mostly produced in Canada and New Zealand. It is light in color and is usually in the tones of amber to white as the nectar for clover honey comes from white Blossoms. This honey combines mild sweetness to a florally delightful taste.


• Goldenrod Honey

A super goldish yellow honey with a floral scent and a uniquely distinct flavor which is not easy to forget. It is great to relieve any swelling, edema and helps in a detoxifying body.


• Aster Honey

Aster honey has a distinct smooth consistency and sweet smell. It is usually light in its color.

• Leatherwood Honey

This honey is famous for its unique taste and smooth flavor. It not only sweetens but adds a special flavor to all the desserts it is added to.


• Sourwood Honey

The sourwood honey is received from the trees in the Appalachian Mountains trails of U.S.A.


• Neem


It is a treasure if you find original neem honey. It holds a high value in Ayurveda and is also often appreciated as maharishi honey.


• Amorpha Honey

This honey is reddish. It is a great way to give yourself a boost of energy and relieve yourself from the exhaustion. It is full of vitamins, minerals, and proteins.


• Rata

The only honey with a unique salty taste. It is very light in color.


• Rewarewa

A perfect amber colored honey. It has a delectable malty flavor. This honey does not crystallize quickly.


• Tawari

Honey with the subtle butterscotch flavor. Majorly found in the Tawari flowers in New Zealand.


• Manuka Honey

This honey is received from Manuka tree of New Zealand and is majorly known for its healing purposes. It has antibacterial properties. The benefits that this honey offer makes us ignore its medicine like taste. This honey has a wonderful buttery smooth texture with the flavor of a mix of anise and sweet.

• Rosemary Honey

A light yellow colored honey with the punch of the same flavors as the herb rosemary. It has strong sweet flavor. It is known to be helpful with cardiovascular diseases.

• Buckwheat Honey

The Buckwheat honey is intensely dark in its color as it is received from the molasses. It has a robust flavor which is not everyone’s cup of tea. This honey has rich Antioxidant content as compared to the light colored types of honey.

• Acacia Honey

A very light colored honey with a sweet but not overwhelmingly sweet taste to it. This honey acts as an anti-inflammatory and is also known to help in the functioning of our intestinal tract.

• Alfalfa

This honey is great for regular use and is usually white or light amber.

• Blueberry


The blueberry honey is extracted from blueberry flowers. It has an amazing flavor and is almost amber.


• Basswood

Honey is known for its biting taste and a unique watery white color.

• Orange Blossom

One of the most highly prized table honey varieties is the orange blossom. It can be of the orange blossom alone or could be a mix of nectars from all tangy flowers in the vicinity of the orange blossom.

• Sage

Sage flower itself has various types. Thus, the varieties of this honey are majorly dependent on the choice of the sage flower that the bee liked. This honey tastes extremely sweet and is nearly white.


• Dandelion Honey

Dandelion honey is whipped on its own with a unique yellow color to it. It improves the functions of our liver and also is useful in curing digestive issues.

Fireweed Honey

The firewood usually grows in the open woods, the honey from these pinkish flowers is often known for its immense benefits like strengthening the immune system, Respiratory system and in general development of our body.


• Avocado Honey

The name Avocado itself brings in our mouth a buttery smooth taste and rich aroma. This honey has it all clad in a dark goldish color.

• Forest Honey

This honey is also called pine honey. It is super tasty and dark in its color. It has amazingly strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


Tupelo Honey

Honey with a distinctively mild taste and is a premium quality honey with light amber color and a greenish cast over it. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and is known to soothe various illnesses.

• Blackberry

Blackberry honey has a sweet fruity flavor to it and is extracted from the blackberry flowers.

• Coffee


The rich, deep and dark taste of coffee in honey. It is as rich in its color as its flavor.

• Heather

Robustly bitter and pungent honey, liked by many and is majorly used to add smoky flavors.

• Macadamia Nut Honey

The macadamia nut in itself has a nutty flavor which it passes on in the honey too. Honey with a floral aroma and a nutty–sweet taste.

• Palmetto

If you are looking for balanced flavors, then palmetto honey is your pick. Palmetto has a balanced sweetness and is often sold as mild honey.


• Eucalyptus Honey

Very popular honey used to cure a cough and cold. The taste of this honey is unique to itself as it features a blend of herbal flavors along with a hint of menthol as well.

36) Mountain Honey

It is known to have healing properties so much so that even if the honey is diluted to the ratio of 150:1 still it possesses the same properties which are extremely beneficial for our body.


• Chestnut Honey

Chestnut honey has the same color as that of the nut itself. It has strong antibiotic qualities. This honey is amazing for any ailment or disease you name. It can be used for detoxification as well.


• Euodia Honey

This honey is also famous by the name the bee tree honey. It is similar in taste to acacia honey but is known to be extremely helpful for people suffering from high blood pressure.


• Lavender Honey

Lavender honey has an intense flavor to it. It is great for people of all ages and also for pregnant women.


 • Jerusalem Thorn Honey

One of the best quality honey with a bright yellow color. It crystallizes very quickly and has a delicate flavor to it. The benefits that this honey offers to our health are innumerable.


• Almond Honey


Most of this honey comes from California and is not much appreciated due to its bitter aftertaste.


Hawthorn Honey

A brown colored and strong-smelling honey. It has tremendous benefits for heart patients. It has a naturally calming effect on our body and is very beneficial for us humans.


• Rapeseed Honey

A very light yellow colored honey known for its effect on the liver. It has a great deal of flower pollen still in it.


• Linden

Linden honey is known for a delicate taste and a fresh wood like aroma. It is the perfect companion to your cup of tea.


• Tualang Honey

Just like neem Honey this is highly appreciated in medicine and is found in Malaysian Rainforests.


• Sunflower Honey

As bright as the flowers themselves this honey is one of the most famous types. Its taste is appreciated across the globe. It provides a boost of energy along with a cure for the throat infection, sinus and also reduces inflammation.



Honey is not just a sugary viscous syrup but the god’s way to help us humans enjoy the many delectable floral juices.

Honey not only is as exotic in its taste but is also a wonderful benign for our body. It has preventions and cures for almost all kinds of illnesses. Its uses are not just limited to the taste addition and medical fields but also to our skin and hair. Honey truly is gods own syrup.

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