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How Many Brazil Nuts Should I Eat Per Day & Its Side Effects

It’s really important to know the daily recommended intake of any nuts, veggies or fruit to avoid side effect and stay on it’s healthy side. I’ll introduce to daily recommended consumption of brazil nuts by giving the answer to question “How Many Brazil Nuts Should You Eat Per Day?” and also going to cover the side effects of eating too many Brazil nuts.


Introduction of Brazil Nuts

The Brazil nuts itself tell that they come from Brazil, These nuts are come from a tree that is grown in numerous parts of the Amazon, not just Brazil. They are bigger in size than other nuts.

Brazil nuts have their title from their host tree known as the Brazil tree. It is  a tough-shelled nut, which raises in the interior part of a spherical fruit, which looks like a coconut.

It is often recognized as cream and Para nuts. These nuts are a source of non-animal based protein. Brazil nuts are famous for their decent amount of selenium content.


How Many Brazil Nuts Should You Eat Per Day


You can eat 2 Brazil Nuts a Day.

According to the American Journal of Clinical NutritionConsumption of 2 Brazil nuts daily is as effective for increasing selenium status.


According to The Nutritionchic, the Selenium expert Professor Christine Thomson suggests, People should be cautious to control themselves to no more than a few Brazil nuts on a daily basis, or else selenium could mostly like build up to toxic levels in body tissues.

Additionally, as the nuts can include the reasonably large amount of the elements barium and thorium, people should stay away from consuming too many as it continues to unknown what intake of these elements might be dangerous.

So when you go along with the health specialists & professionals who recommend consuming a small handful of unsalted nuts on a daily basis, then be sure that it’s a variety of nuts and not all Brazil nuts.

Calculation of Daily Selenium Intake


Following is the calculation You can understand why experts say to eat no more than 2 brazil nuts per day.

1 brazil nut provides 95.9 mcg selenium, which is greater than recommended daily allowance of selenium per day.

Brazil nuts contain very high amounts of selenium (68–91 mcg per nut) and could cause selenium toxicity if consumed regularly, The Office of Dietary Supplements suggests.

Acceptable Upper Intake Levels of selenium for adults is 400mcg (Adults and children 14 and up) and 1 brazil nuts can have 95.9 mcg selenium. If we want to find ideal intake of brazil nuts than we should divide them to find the total number of brazil nuts we can eat.

To find the number,

How many brazil nuts a day=Upper intake level of selenium/Selenium content in 1   brazil nut=400mcg/95.9 mcg=4.17

The above calculation tells if we eat 4 brazil nuts we can stay by the acceptable upper intake level of selenium But question is not how many we can eat, it’s how many we should eat.

To finding the ideal number of brazil nuts, we should take the recommended dietary allowances for Selenium, which is 55 mcg for the adult (Adults and children 14 and up).

That clearly, says if you eat 1 brazil nut, you will have enough selenium that you need for a day.


What If You Consume Too Many Brazil Nuts

Previously I have mentioned, Health experts recommends to eat a small handful of unsalted nuts daily, but this rule doesn’t apply to Brazil nuts.

There are just 30g of nuts a day, in healthy handful logo and 30g of Brazil nuts equal to 10 Brazil nuts.

If you read above calculation then you’ll understand more than 4-5 brazil nuts (for adults) can lead to selenium toxicity.

Additionally, If we follow healthy handful logo of nutritional experts, which is equal to 10 brazil nuts will also lead to selenium toxicity.

Too Many Brazil nuts Can Cause Selenium Toxicity

A large quantity of selenium in your blood comprehended to be a concentration of above 100 micrograms per deciliter, triggers “selenosis”, The Office of Dietary Supplements suggests.

Selenosis is known as selenium toxicity, which indicates If you consume excessive amount of selenium then you can suffer from the selenosis, The symptoms of selenosis are following,

  • Garlic breath
  • Brittle hair or nails
  • Loss of hair or nails
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Metallic taste in the mouth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Skin rashes
  • Irritability
  • Nervous system problems


I introduced you to “How Many Brazil Nuts Should You Eat Per Day“, and Side effects of eating too many brazil nuts can lead to selenosis.

Let me know if you want to tell any experience with Brazil nuts or selenosis through comments.