9 Great Health Benefits of Eating Hazelnuts: How Many To Eat a Day?


I was looking for an answer of a question that is “How Many Hazelnuts a Day Should You Eat To Get Significant Health Benefits?” and think what? I was unable to get any good answer for my question. As a result, I decided to do some research myself to bring an answer and tell the about the daily consumption of hazelnuts to get its significant health benefits.

Before going to question, let me give an introduction of Hazelnuts.

Meet the Hazelnuts: Loaded with Various Health Benefits



Hazelnut is the nut of the hazel and therefore includes any of the nuts deriving from species of the genus Corylus, especially the nuts of the species Corylus avellana. It is also known as cobnut or filbert nut according to species, Wikipedia Suggests.

Hazelnuts are also famous as filberts. Hazelnuts are a sweet in taste that can be delighted in baked recipes, as snacks, and at suppers.

  • Hazelnuts have vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and good fats.
  • They include a nutty and rich flavor to baked desserts.
  • They are able to enhance the nutritional shape of a salad.
  • Scientific name of hazelnut is Corylus avellana

Hazelnuts are a good to be added in your daily diet plan as they give numerous health benefits, the Hazelnut Council suggests.


Hazelnuts are sweet, and staggeringly nutritious palatable bits from the “birch” or Betulaceae group of trees.

Filbert  is similar in kind and identified with the regular hazel however just contrasting in having its nut completely secured by its tubular involucre. In Britain, both of these nuts are when all is said in done appreciated as “cobnuts.”

hazel fruit

Hazels show up in groups. Every nut is held inside the short verdant involucre or “case” encasing around seventy-five percent of the bit.

Every yellow-cocoa shading part is generally circular to oval fit as a fiddle, around 1.5-2 cm long and 1.2 – 2 cm wide, highlighting a light scar at its base.

They, for the most part, drop out of this leafy involucre or capsule once ripe around 7-8 months after fertilization.

Hazelnut oil, extricated from the bits, has been utilized as a part of as base or transporter oil in drug, and in fragrance based treatment.

How Many Hazelnuts a Day Should You Eat?

hazelnuts many nuts

20 Hazelnuts a day should you eat a day

Healthy handful logo of “Nuts for life”  has been developed to help remind people of the benefits of standard nut intake.

According to Nuts for Life, a healthy handful of a nut is 30 grams.

There are about 20 nuts in a handful of hazelnuts, Therefore, 20 Hazelnuts a day should you eat a day to get your daily nutrients demand and receive significant health benefits.(2345, 6,78)

science reveals consuming a handful of nuts five or more times a week can decrease your risk of heart disease by 30-50%. (23456)

It also lower your risk of type 2 diabetes close to 25% and supports in controlling your weight.(2345, 8)

A short while ago, on a daily basis 30g handful has been identified to enhance longevity.

But regardless of the benefits, simply 2% of Australians consume a handful of nuts per day.

scientific evidence suggests that eating 1.5 ounces (42 grams) per day of most nuts (as part of an overall healthy diet) may be able to reduce risk of heart disease, WHFoods Suggest.

Research indicates, About 67g or two handfuls of nuts are required every single day for those seeking to decrease cholesterol.


Get Significant Health Benefits (Eat Hazelnuts a Day)


The nuts are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals and loaded with different health promoting phytochemicals. Once and for all, they help protect from diseases and cancers.

 1) Maintains Skin And Guard Against Dryness

Hazelnut oil has a nutty fragrance and has brilliant astringent qualities. It maintains skin a great deal of guarded against dryness.

2) Hazelnuts have Phytochemicals

hazelnuts 3

Hazelnuts have phytochemicals such as quercetin, proanthocyanidins, and kaempferol.

These proanthocyanidins come in a group known as the flavonoids.

Flavonoids can probably help in brain health, enhance circulation and decrease symptoms related with allergies.

According to the Hazelnut Council, Eating a handful of hazelnuts for a snack can offer you amazing health benefits that also include phytochemicals to the body.

3) Hazelnuts Can Be Used In Preparation of Gluten-Free Food Recipes

The Nuts, Like in almonds, are free from gluten, and as a result, safe substitute food sources that can be used in the preparation of gluten-free food recipes for gluten-sensitive (wheat allergic, and celiac disease sufferers).

4) High in Good Healthy Fats

hazelnuts muffins

Hazelnuts have healthy fats that can ensure heart health. Hazelnuts are high in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats and low in unhealthy saturated fats.

Hazelnuts are rich in oleic acid. Oleic acid can assist to lower levels of LDL (bad cholesterol), and can increase levels of HDL(good cholesterol) in your body.

This quality of hazelnuts makes it a good added flavor to baked muffins and salads.

5) Rich Source of Vitamins and Minerals

Hazelnuts are rich in vitamin E on top of that B vitamins such as folate.

Vitamin E plays a vital role in keeping up the healthy skin, nails, and hair.

Moreover, Hazelnuts are rich in calcium, potassium,  and magnesium.

Minerals offer numerous health benefits such as controlling a healthy blood pressure.

As opposed to unhealthy snacks including chips and refined products, hazelnuts can offer your body with a supply of a decent amount of nutrients for good health, Smart Heart Living suggests.

The B vitamins are essential in energy metabolism and proper cell.


6) Rich in Folate

hazelnuts bug

  • Hazels are outstandingly rich in folate, which is an extraordinary component for the nuts. 100 g fresh nuts carry 113 µg, which is around 28% recommended a daily intake of folate.
  • Folate is a vital B-complex vitamin that assists in combating with megaloblastic anemia, and bare this in mind, neural tube defects in the newborn.


7) Hazelnuts are Magnificent Source of Vitamin E

  • Hazelnuts are a magnificent source of vitamin E. It has vitamin E around 15 g for every 100 g which means 100% of RDA.
  • Vitamin E is a strong lipid soluble antioxidant agent which is needed for controlling the integrity of cell membrane of mucusa and skin by guarding it against dangerous oxygen-free radicals.

8) Loaded With Numerous B-complex Groups of Vitamins

hazelnuts 4


Hazelnuts are loaded with numerous other crucial B-complex groups of vitamins including riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid, and pyridoxine.

9) Hazelnuts are Rich sources of Minerals

They are rich sources of minerals which include potassium, manganese,   magnesium, zinc, calcium, copper, iron, and selenium.

  • Iron helps deal with microcytic-weakness.
  • Magnesium and phosphorus are crucial components of bone metabolism.
  • Copper and manganese are important co-factors for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase.


I hope you like it, I made this article only for answering the question that I was finding before, that is “How Many Hazelnuts a Day Should You Eat To Get Significant Health Benefits?“.

If you want to add something to this piece of article or have any suggestion, you can tell me through comments. let me know what you think and how hazelnuts is providing you it’s benefits, feel free to share your experience with me.

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