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What Are The Different Types of Mint?

Mint is a leafy green which is highly aromatic. It majorly finds its place in the kitchen as a culinary herb. Types of mints are available depending on the astringency in the taste of this fresh feeling herb.

Mint has loved for it voracious freshness and light hollow feeling that it leaves behind an aftertaste.

The leaves of the mint plant are used fresh and also dried. In both cases they deliver an equal punch and zest of flavor, making any delicacy fresh and aromatic. They are used all over the world in various cuisines and not just in any specific region.


Types of Mint

The various types of mint known are:

1) Apple Mint

If apple mint is cut during the end fall season, there will be just perfect by spring for their use. Their robust minty taste accompanied by apple fragrance is perfect for culinary uses.


2) Macho Mint

As the name goes macho, this plant is extra bold in taste, sturdiness, and size. It is perfect for the refreshing mint teas apart from the culinary use of this plant is also a perfect ornamental addition to your garden which will also add some nice aroma to it.


3) Sweet Mint

The mint that you most commonly buy with sweet leaves and the refreshing aftertaste is this mint. It has green ovular leaves and a pretty sturdy plant with not many distinctive features.


4) Pepper Mint

The peppermint plant usually has purple colored foliage which makes it an ornamental addition to your garden. It has a moderately minty taste to it.


5) Banana Mint

This mint plant has a typical aroma of banana. It’s beautiful lavender flowers attract amazing butterflies. Its aroma is so robust that it can spread and cover your whole garden area.


6) Corsican Mint

This tiny mint plant has the boldest flavor of all mint varieties. It has small leaves with pretty lilac flowers. Corsican mint is hardly ever used for cooking, but its aroma is to soothe and enjoy.


7) Moroccan Mint

Moroccan mint is a subtype of spearmint. It is majorly used for mint infused teas. Its freshness brings in a punch of health to the hot brew. Lastly, its lilac flowers are a pretty site to look at.


8) Habek Mint

It has unique long and narrow leaves. After flowering Habek Mint should be cut to ground level to maintain its structure otherwise, it may turn woody. The flowers on this plant are easily noticeable due to a prominent white hue.


9) Egyptian Mint

The Egyptian mint has a flavor which is a replica of apple mint. But, its plant is much more rigid with vertically upright stems and beautiful grey leaves which have a velvet-like texture to them.


10) Lemon Bergamot Mint

This mint has a citric kick to it along with its fresh aroma and sweet leaves. Its lilac flowers attract beautiful butterflies and thus, are an ornamental addition to your garden.


11) Peppermint

It is not easy to grow and germinate. Most of the peppermint production is used in the preparation of the peppermint oil. It has a wonderful aroma which spreads like wildfire.


12) Spearmint

Bright green hairy leaves are the way to recon spearmint from other mint varieties.


13) Double Mint

A mint plant with the robust and bold flavors of both the spearmint and the peppermint and thus, the name ‘Double’ mint.


14) Pineapple Mint

It is usually a hard plant which grows well in full sun heat though shaded regions. It is essential to keep the green stem in control as otherwise instead of pineapple mint you might end up getting apple mint.


15) Orange Bergamot Mint

The orange mint plant grows up to a height of 2 feet and has an orange like aroma with a nice and delicate minty taste. It is often preferred for its culinary uses and also for its aroma.


16) Chocolate Mint

This mint has hints of chocolatey flavor to it. It is an amazing addition to desserts or as an addition to your bread spreads. It will give a chocolatey surprise with a minty aftertaste.


17) Lavender Mint

The lavender mint has red stems and nice floral tones to them. It is used in infused teas and also appreciated for the herb like use in the kitchen. It is also a great addition to the garden.


18) Pennyroyal

An astringent and robust mint which spreads very fast. It is not a culinary herb and is just grown for its aromatic ground coverage.


19) Curly Spearmint

The beautiful frilly leaves are the main attraction of the curly spearmint plant. Even the stalk is pretty rigid and makes for a good garnish in summer drinks.


20) Kentucky Colonel Spearmint

This is a robust plant with probably the best spearmint which can be put to any culinary use. It produces white flowers and is highly fragrant too.


21) Mojito

Mojito mint is just perfect for those summery, refreshing mojitos you consume. It has a mild minty flavor with a slight sweetness to it. Its citric tanginess is what is more popular about this mint variety.


22) Berries and Cream

A mild minty flavor is what is the perfect way to recognize this type. It covers the ground quickly and is often suggested for single growth as it will even run over pots to provide ground cover.


23) Lemon Mint

A mint which already has a lemony zest to it is perfect for many cooking purposes as it is a combination best used in many summer refreshers and other garnishes.


24) Candy Pops Mint

Frizzy leaves with a ball like flowers which might be the reason for it to be named the candy pop mint. It has an extremely mild mintiness to it.


25) Fruit Sorbet Mint

A very mild mellow flavored mint which is perfect to be added to fruity desserts as it does not overpower their taste and flavors.


26) Iced hazelnut

One of the most pleasing mints with a cold coffee like yet minty aroma. Its leaves are slightly curled and dark green.


27) Sweet Pear Mint

A bold mint with perfect peary fragrance. The sweet pear mint is an excellent addition to desserts.


28) Ginger Mint

Sometimes the ginger flavor overpowers the minty taste of this plant which is ironically a mint variety.


29) Lime Mint

The large and glossy leaves with hues of red make this mint plant unique and attractive to look at.


30) Grapefruit Mint

The leaves of the grapefruit mint plant are attractive. They are curly and jagged. A robust minty taste with hints of grapefruit.


31) Julep Mint

Unlike other plants of the mint family, these are quite tall, perfect spearmint aroma with no bitter taste at all.


32) Marshmallow Mint

This mint is not perfect for mild winters too.


33) Wintergreen Mint

This mint is bright green with fuzzy leaves.


34) Basil Mint

The beauty of this plant is in the aroma that even is a part of its flowers. You can just dry them and add them to your house for a soothing aroma all day long.


Mint is a powerhouse of benefits from common cold prevention to a brimming dose of antioxidants. This green leafy herb has got it all covered for you.

Just add it to your daily meals and enjoy it’s amazing and fresh taste while it works on your overall health and beauty. Smell fresh, feel fresh and eat fresh with just a dash of mint in any part of your meal during the day.