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What Are The Different Types of Pears?

Pears are mildly sweet fruits, with high fibrous content. Pears are available in various colors & types, each of which has a distinct flavor, color & texture. These are one of the most delicious fall & winter fruits. Here, we have listed the various types of pears:

Pears can be Broadly Classified into Two Categories:

• The Asian Pear


The Asian pears are all Yellowish tan in color. These pears resemble an apple in their shape though with a texture which is entirely different when compared to an apple. Asian variety doesn’t change its color after being harvested. This type is best consumed raw.


• The European Pear


These Pears are smooth-skinned with gentle bumps and curves. Their shape is that of a typical pear that is kind of conical with a broad and heavy bottom. Some Pears of this type often color after harvesting.

Apart from the broad classification come up several other types of pear by their taste, color, and texture.


Some of These Well Known Types of Pears are:

• Forelle


The Forelle has a yellow-green freckled skin which turns red as the fruit ripens over time. They are generally big and are sweet to eat. Because of its soft flesh, this variety is often referred to as delicate pears.


• Bosc


Their skin is brown, and it has a sweet, Honey like sweetness and yet a little spice in its flavor. They have a firm texture and an elegant shape. Apart from its bold flavor, Bosc is also popular for its earthy musk.


• Starkrimson


These Pears from Missouri are Crimson Red in color. They have pleasant sweet and juicy taste and often have a mild floral aroma. This Pear is one of the best for baking, though, cooking almost finishes its aroma.


• Bartlett


The Bartlett Pears are the most commonly available pears. These pears are soft and have an amazingly sweet and juicy taste. They are available in two color Red and Green. The Red one has a slightly floral aroma to it. These are so juicy that if cooked they lose their shape.


• French Butter


French Butter Pears are pretty in green and turn to golden when ripe. They have a soft and creamy texture to them.


• Taylor’s Gold


As the name suggests, it has golden – brown skin. It has a flesh so juicy and smooth that the pear melts in our mouth. This type is majorly favorite in New Zealand.


• Anjous


The Anjous are usually the cutest pears available to us. These short and stout little fruits are available in two color red and green. Anjous Pears have juicy & firm flesh and are best consumed raw, even though its skin is a bit tart. 

• Comice


Their luscious texture and mild flavor make these pears an excellent choice for desserts. They have an earthy flavor to them. Their creamy texture and juiciness are a favorite among pear lovers. Their texture is less grainy than all the other types.


• Concorde


Concorde Pears are golden in color. They are tall and skinny. Its peel is usually dense and firm. As Concorde Pears are already soft, they’re considered the best for baking. They have a sweet & crispy taste.


• Tosca


These pears are green in color. They have the smoothest texture and are sweet and pleasant to taste. One can have them baked, in salads or even poached. 

• Seckel


This pear type has a velvety soft and smooth flesh. Seckel pears are slightly acidic and mildly sweet to taste.


Health Benefits

These juicy fruits are not just known for its variety & taste but also its health & nutritional benefits. Pears are a significant dose of daily nutrition for our body & offer various health benefits:

The fiber presence in pears helps cut down on cholesterol levels thus, promoting heart health.

Its fiber content also helps in fighting cancer and aids in preventing breast – cancer in women, especially after menopause.

It has high Antioxidant content in the form of copper and vitamin C that helps in building the immunity of our body.

Even though these fruits are sweet to taste yet, they help in the maintain the blood sugar levels.

Pears are constituent of certain medications used in treatments of gout, gallbladder disorders & even colitis.

Just one pear a day gives you 12% of our vitamin C needs for that day.

 This fruit has high fiber content which helps in digestion.

Nutritionists recommend Pears for weaning children as Pears have low acidic flavor & are hypoallergic.

Pears assist us in maintaining a wrinkle free skin due to their vitamin c content.

Fresh cream, Pear, and honey together help in preserving oil levels of the highly oily skin.

The Lactic Acid in pear helps in maintaining soft and supple lips.

Pears also help us maintain shiny, lustrous hair and also helps in keeping healthy and nourished locks.



Pears are best consumed fresh, even though they ripe only after being plucked. It’s long list of benefits & the pleasant juicy flavor makes it a favorite among fruit lovers. It can be consumed sliced or diced, with various desserts, cheese or even a glass of wine.

In every way what so ever pear always taste delectable and one can never stop munching on this yummy fruit. Its dripping juice is to die for, and most of all for all the beauty freaks out there pear is a fruit that can help you boost your beauty not only internally but also externally.

Pears add a substantial glow to our skin & also slow down aging. They’re also good for hair growth.