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Prostate Milking: How to Do Prostate Massage To Get Male Or-gasm?

Prostate Milking or massage is one of the ways to induce your male prostate gland either for medical uses or sexual pleasure. Prostate milking is a part of sexual response cycle, which helps to produce se-m-en.

As it is closer to the rectal wall, it can be induced by the anterior wall of the rec-tum, internally or through the perineum, externally. It is also referred to as prostate therapeutic massage.

This is a simple guide for how to do prostate milking in a right way to get male or-gasm.

It is a very simple process for which you need to apply light pressure on the prostate gland. You can reach the gland via the rec-tum. The prostate gland is just 2 knuckles deep and lies on the anterior side or front part of the body.

The history of prostate milking dates back to many ages. There are documents and even pictures available, found in Asia and the Far East. The cultures of these areas believed that it was one of the proactive solutions to heal the prostate. Though, it sounds like a new word to many, this is famous since ages.


Male G-Spot

According to Dr. Roy Levin, a researcher at the University of Sheriff studied about prostate or-gasms and said studying about or-gasm scientifically has always been challenging. The or-gasm obtained by inducing prostate have often been ignored.

Most of the data about prostate or-gasms aren’t one but just anecdotal sources, to understand the rules of prostate or-gasm. Levin has discovered the hypothesis of prostate or-gasm.

There are some benefits of prostate massage, but mostly it is beneficial for the brain to make male familiar with pleasure through unfamiliar sensations. This is one of the other ways to get or-gasm, apart from that of stimulation of Pe-nis.

Susan Milstein, Ph.D., a sex educator and professor of the Department of Health Enhancement, Exercise Science and Physical Education at the Rockville Campus of Montgomery College in Maryland informed Men’s Health that the male G-spot, prostate lies just two inches of the rec-tum in near to the belly.

The nerve ending of the prostate is as much as that of a cli-toris. Therefore, Levin may be trying to say that the stimulation would help in rewiring the brain. Milstein also added that it might be one of the other ways for the male to get pleasure.


How Many Ways to Do Prostate Milking To Get Male Or-gasm?

Now that you know about the male G-spot, the prostate you might as well want to know how to stimulate it to get your or-gasm. You can follow the three steps mentioned below to stimulate your prostate:

  • External Prostate Massage/Milking
  • Internal Prostate Massage/Milking
  • Male Kegel/ Prostate Exercise 


1) External Prostate Massage

You can either follow the direct and gentle massage for inducing the prostate. IN the direct process, you need to apply pressure directly to reach the or-gasm. It is the perineum. You can use the soft pads of the finger to stimulate the G-spot. Toys may also be available to do this.

The perineum is a region in the shape of a diamond that includes a-nus and the genitals. The boundary of the perineum varies from one person to the other. The male G-spot lies in this area.

How to Do External Prostate Milking

As it is the male G-spot, you will need to stimulate it to get the or-gasm. Therefore, here are some steps which will guide you how to massage your prostate externally

To massage the area, you can use natural castor or almond oil. Prostate exercises are also one of the essential options. Press your pubococcygeus muscles or the stop pee muscle. It will prove to be efficient. It can include some of the benefits of massaging the prostate internally.

First of all, you need to find out the male G-spot properly to move further with the process. The G-spot lies an inch below the rec-tum and near the sc-ro-tum. You can also get double pleasure if your prostate is stimulated during sex. The process can also be used to inhibit the eja-culation process, by pressing the tipping point hard.

Start the process, by massaging your prostate gently and then you can continue by increasing the pressure. Later, you can massage the prostate deeply, apart from doing the exercises.

One of the things that can help you to massage your prostate externally is the Prostate Cradle. The Prostate Cradle will itself do the prostate massage for you, and you need to sit calmly. This device is natural and can easily help you to get your prostate massage done. It will have many benefits too. The invention is entirely safe for use and is self-acclaimed.


2) Internal Prostate Massage

Even if the process is external or internal, prostate massage can have some benefits. There are two ways in which you can get or give a prostate massage.


Using the Fingers or Specially Designed Massager for Internal Prostate Massage

You can obtain the internal prostate massage in a completely non-sexual way. You can also try it to get an improved sexual or-gasm. Therefore, you can have benefits as well as sexual pleasure by this massage.

You can get an internal prostate massage by yourself or through any skilled person. However, a much better option would be getting it done with the help of your partner. The choice is completely yours, it can be sexual or non-sexual, as you prefer.

You can get more pleasure if your partner does it for you.

It is a good sexual technique and not only a medical treatment as it increases the arousal and also enhances the or-gasm. It makes the or-gasm more intense.

The process is used by doctors and urologists in a non-sexual way to take out the stagnant fluids and the enhanced blood flow. This process is done as one of the routine parts of Digital Rectal Examination (DRE).

Tips to massage your prostate internally with the help of fingers:

  • Ensure your rec-tum being empty and remember to have had a recent bowel movement.
  • Take a hot bath to cleanse and calm the pelvic muscles.
  • Cut and trim the fingernails.
  • You can buy latex gloves of good quality from the nearby stores.
  • Lay down straight on the back. You can also lie down in a side position. Ensure to keep a towel under you.
  • Lubricate the a-nal area and the fingertips using things like castor oil.
  • Press the soft pads of the middle finger on the a-nus and let it relax. Start rotating your finger in a circular motion.

Start on at a slow rate, but as with time increase the pressure. Make sure to let your a-nal muscles relax, so you can push further till your finger enters. This will help you to find out the position. After finding out the correct angle, the finger will itself slide if it is lubricated enough.

Take a deep breath, and calm yourself down and in the meantime, let your body adjust. Though it sounds easy, don’t ignore it as it has many benefits.

If you suffer from any prostate disorder, it is essential to be gentle with the pressure. Excess pressure may harm your soft internal structures of the prostate membrane.

Therefore, make sure to be easy and gentle and not harsh. Be gentle while giving the massage. This will enhance the blood flow and help to get rid of the still fluids.

It may happen that sometimes after the massage, some fluid may ooze out. Let the flow happen. It is not something to be worried about. Men who have a healthy prostate will excrete more prostatic fluid, which is healthy. This flowing of the fluid from the prostate after massaging is known as prostate milking.

Remove the finger after some time like five to fifteen minutes. Most of it is dependent on how much you do it and your practice. The more you do it, the more time it will take.

How To Do Internal Prostate Milking (Sexually)

You can keep in mind the suggestion mentioned above to enjoy the sexual pleasure of internal prostate massage. This will help you to get maximum pleasure. It is an extreme pleasure which you will experience because of the massage.

Although, the process is very intimate. Therefore, one needs extreme trust and the spirit to calm down and relax.

The muscles in the a-nal area will lose their tightness and grip with the help of this process. Even the areas you weren’t aware of bringing in stress and tension would also relax and calm. Some of them may include the deep gluteal muscles.

You may often realize that the muscles of these areas are tight. Although, when you start doing the process and enter the butt cheeks, it may appear to be painful because of the tightness. After the process, the muscles will loosen. It would be such an experience that sometimes you may get one male or-gasm too. Therefore, a prostate or-gasm is a far more improved and relaxed one.

3) Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are also termed as pelvic floor exercises. You can do this every day twice or thrice for five minutes. This exercise will increase your ability to hold back urine and control the sensation of urination.

Kegel exercises are also beneficial for having a good erection and an intense and strong or-gasm. There are many exercises under Kegel exercises. However, all of them would not help in prostate milking. Some of the Kegel exercises are proven to help in prostate milking.  

Why You Should Try Prostate Milking

Prostate milking can help a lot in improving your sex life. The usual method of getting an or-gasm has become the old one, so people tend to try on the new things. Including prostate milking can help you have or-gasm in your alone time. Prostate milking can help you to relax on a both, spiritual and physical level.

A proper massage will help to relax the soul, and the or-gasm would provide an emotional feeling of well-being. A sense of calmness always follows Or-gasm. 

On the physical level, or-gasm can be relaxing as well. Or-gasms obtained from massaging the prostate are strong and intense. It does have many scientific benefits. It helps to enhance the energy as well as lowers the risk of depression. Therefore, prostate milking can help you to “take the edge off” and make your life a bit more satisfying.


Will You Get an Erection While Doing Prostate Massage?

The answer is yet not clear. You may or may not get an erection because of prostate massage since all men are different. However, getting or not getting a boner does not determine that you are abnormal. It is abnormal. Getting pleasure because of prostate massage is not at all related to erection. If you correctly massage the prostate, you will get a prostate or-gasm.

Men who have erectile dysfunction will also get a prostate or-gasm if you massage your prostate the right way.


What is Prostate Or-gasm

Before moving on to, whether or not you would have an or-gasm, let us focus on what a prostate or-gasm is.

Prostate or-gasms are very much same as that of the normal or-gasms you have during sexual intercourse or with the help of masturbation. However, the feeling and satisfaction obtained with the prostate or-gasm are far more intense and strong. It is the final stage where the prostate aims at achieving the satisfaction.

Will You Have a Prostate Or-gasm?

The key to getting a prostate or-gasm is to do it the right way. If you follow the correct procedure and techniques, you will achieve the prostate or-gasm. But keep in mind, that it isn’t that easy to achieve the prostate or-gasm.

You need to be very skillful, for which you will need to practice for months until you master the art. This will eventually help you to achieve the art of prostate nirvana or satisfaction.

To get a prostate or-gasm, keep on practicing it. Some guys may achieve the mantra to get prostate or-gasm in a few time, while the others may need to work harder.

Since it may take a lot of time, you would need to be very patient with the prostate massaging. You, just wouldn’t get the or-gasm in a go.

The normal or-gasms are very much different from those of the prostate or-gasms. Nevertheless, if you want to feel the sensations all over your body, then you may certainly choose prostate or-gasms.

The sensations and feeling of prostate or-gasm aren’t only limited to your genitals, but may even extend up to your abdominal area. If you continue the process, you are likely to achieve more or-gasms, signifying that multiple or-gasms may be possible.


Can you Get Multiple Prostate Or-gasms?

Well, multiple or-gasms isn’t something that should be limited to only women, men too can achieve multiple or-gasms. Although, you need to be skillful to achieve your multiple or-gasm, and have to master the art properly.


Why you can achieve multiple or-gasms with prostate massage

Normal or-gasms or the traditional or-gasms lead to refractory period. Many guys need to have time to get another or-gasm, it may range from a few minutes to that of hours. The recovery period varies.

Although in prostate massage, you have no such refractory period. However, you can get multiple or-gasms in case of prostate massage. You don’t need to cool down or calm. The period between the consecutive or-gasms in case of prostate massage may be very short.

You may not always achieve multiple or-gasms. Sometimes there isn’t any explanation of as to why you may receive multiple or-gasms or even not. This would just drop your mood, and you may not be able to receive multiple or-gasms.


Age Does Not Matter in Prostate Milking

Whether you are 18 or 80, it does not matter. You can still experience or-gasms with the help of prostate massage. Elderly men often find it tough to hold or even get strong erections. An erection isn’t essential in case of prostate massage. You can get a prostate or-gasm, even without an erection. Just rub the right part and experience the or-gasm.


Solo or Partner? Well, Both can be satisfying

Prostate milking, is fun either way, with or without a partner. However, it is far better with that of a partner. This prostate massage is one of those sexual activities which you and your partner can try and improve the bond between you two. It is a key for both of you to attain sexual satisfaction. However, a trusted partner can help you to get even a stronger erection compared to that of your own-self.


Points to Keep in mind for Doing Prostate Milking to Stay Clean & Safe

You need to be very hygienic while prostate massage. In this sexual activity, proper hygiene is a must, while you need to guard your safety too. As it is one of the sensitive areas of the body, you need to be very gentle while massaging the area. Also, ensure to maintain proper hygiene.

Although it does not harm much, being harsh on it can cause certain injuries. Extreme of it can tear down your rec-tum even. Hence, be gentle while massaging or you may need to pay a heavy price.


Some of the Important Steps You Should follow for Prostate Massage are as Follows:-

1) Ensure to use things, which are solely designed for the purpose and not something else. You can use your finger, but make sure to trim your nails. Sharp ones can harm you. Avoid using things which may endanger you.

2) If you use sex toys, make sure to keep it clean. Use it as the companies have recommended. Then, it will last for a long time and also be safe to use.

3) Make sure to use a lot of lube. You may also spend a little more money and buy a high-quality lube to ensure the cleanliness.

4) Don’t do it regularly till you become familiar with it. Give it a break for some time. Once you become used to it and how much your body can handle, you can do it more often.


Benefits of Prostate Milking

As mentioned earlier, the definition of prostate milking has already been specified. Though you may not know, there are some health benefits of prostate milking. Nevertheless, it is beneficial for men of all ages.

1) Enhances Prostate Health

Prostate milking helps a lot in improving your overall prostate health. It will help to decrease the prostate disorders as well as the pain. It is a natural way in which prostate issues can be cured, compared to that of medicines, vitamins, and supplements.

It is essential to note that there aren’t any significant side-effects of prostate milking. This is only possible if you are aware of the process and correctly practice the method. You may suffer from certain prostate injuries if you do not do the process correctly.


2) Lowers the Risk of Prostate Cancer

Prostate massage can significantly protect you against the risk of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is a severe disease. However, massaging your prostate can reduce the risk of prostate enlargement, thereby reducing the chances of prostate cancer.


3) Offers Pleasure

One of the most important benefits of prostate massage is that it provides immense pleasure. The sensations and the feeling offered by prostate milking satisfies many men. Thus, this indicates that you may achieve or-gasm. This is also referred to as prostate or-gasms.


4) Reduces the Risk of Prostate Disorders

The seminal fluid can help to cleanse the prostate if you massage it regularly. It will hence reduce the pain. Therefore, this reduces the risk of developing any prostate disorder.



You should avoid massaging the prostate if you are suffering from any infection or conditions like prostatitis in the prostate gland. It may even affect the other parts of your body if you practice the prostate massage.

You should also carry out the process very cautiously if you have been diagnosed with conditions such as prostate cancer. If you practice the prostate massage in such a condition, the cancerous cells may move out into other parts of your body too. This may endanger the other parts of the body.


Final Thoughts

Prostate milking appears to be gross to some, and you can get a lot satisfied with it. Earlier, you were unknown it, now that you are familiar with the term, you may want to try it. And if you have been practicing it and not getting the desired result, you may be helped.

Now that you know, How to Do Prostate milking in a Right Way to get Male Or-gasm, you may soon master the art.

You can also take help from professional experts to try the procedure. If your body is accustomed to it, enjoy it as you wish.