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What Are The Different Types Of Salmon?

People often consume fish as food. For certain groups, fish is also a staple food. Among the various edible fish varieties are Salmons. It is often considered as an oily fish which has high protein content along with omega 3, vitamin D and fatty acids.

Along with a good nutrient supply, salmon have known to be beneficial to our body in many ways which will be mentioned after we get to know about the different types of Salmon available to us and their details.

Even before we know about the types, it is essential for you to know that all the salmon that we consume are not always caught from freshwater but could be from a farm. Pisciculture or farming of fishes is a common activity, especially in coastal areas.


Various Types Of Salmon

The different types of salmon that are generally known to us are:

1) King Salmon


King salmon have been recognized worldwide for their taste. They are often called Chinook salmon too. These have high-fat content and rich flesh. The color of its flesh is usually between white to a shade of deep red.

These are generally the most expensive ones due to their texture which is smooth and melting. The king salmon are usually the largest ones who can weigh up to 126 pounds and can grow almost 1.5-meter long. These salmons are very rare to find.


2) Salmo Salar


The Atlantic salmon is referred to as the Salmo salar.  This variety is majorly farmed so be very careful while buying it and chose the wild one and not the farmed one. These are usually found in the east coast of North America and the great lakes and some areas of Europe too.


3) Sockeye


These Salmons are usually canned and are known for their fine quality. The fall in the second place regarding oil content which is right after the Chinook Salmon. These salmons also have dark red flesh.  They are often regarded as the best salmons for eating, but these are difficult to catch. Its oil content makes the flavor come through.


4) Amago


These salmons have dark vertical stripes on their bodies and are typically an Asian variety of Salmon. Mostly active during the day this species is found in cold water regions.


5) Steelhead


These salmons are often called rainbow trout that travel in the sea. They have their characteristic metallic blue backs and silversides. Unlike other salmons, they spawn more than once during their lifetime.


6) Chum


These salmons are often called Dog salmons as the males often develop canines during the spawning period. These salmons have coarse, firm and a pale looking flesh. Their eggs keep a lot of value for those Japanese people who love caviar. In size, these are the second largest salmons.


7) Cutthroat


These fishes are also often referred to as red throat Salmons as they have a red or orange streak on the inner line of the jaw. Their backs are generally greenish blue tending towards silver and sides are silver.


8) Silver


These fishes are also called Coho. They have delicate texture to them and bright red flesh. This variety is most widely available during autumn. Their flavor is very similar to that of the king salmon.


9) Huchen


This is Slovenia’s favorite Fish because of its size. They can sometimes weigh up to 50 kilograms and grow up to 150 centimeters long.


10) Masu


This breed is also called the Cherry hybrid of Salmon. It is often consumed broiled or baked.


11) Eosalmo


These salmon species have already become extinct.


12) Salmon Pink


Pink Salmons is the most common species of Pacific Salmon. Their content of fat is low, and the flesh color is light pink. Their flesh has a delectable flavor to it. These salmons are generally very small in size. These fishes are also called humpies as their male counterparts have a large hump behind their head which develops during their spawning period.


13) Obtusirostis


These salmons are also called Adriatic Trout. It has a flashy small mouth with large scales on its body. Usually, these salmons are green with red and black dots.


14) Black Sea Salmon


It is a small salmon as compared to other types of salmon fishes and tastes similar to the different varieties.


Health Benefits of Eating Salmon 

Salmon not only comes in so many varieties but is equally beneficial to our body. Some of its well-known benefits are:


1) One serving of Salmon can provide us with them as much vitamin D as we can soak up in a whole day.

2) The Salmon has a high content of Omega 3 which makes it a natural anti-inflammatory.

3) Omega 3 is also known to improve memory and increase the efficiency of our brain.

4) The Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and selenium together help in our nervous system from aging and even works as an antidepressant.

5) Regular consumption of salmon makes our bones strong.

6) Use of wild salmon helps our skin by adding glow and making it smooth and supple due to the exceptionally high omega three levels.

7) Studies have revealed that if consumption of omega three rich fish is done even once a week, then it has benefitted many cancer patients.

8) Salmon is a great source of protein which further is very essential for our body.

9) Vitamin -b which protects our heart and brain health is abundantly present in salmons.

10) It has high potassium content which helps in getting rid of excess fluid retained in our body and also monitors our blood pressure.

11) Its selenium content helps protect us against thyroid and reduces the risk of cancer.

These are just a few benefits from a many and countless list.



This knowledge about Salmons must have convinced you to include it in your diet. But, make sure the salmon you are consuming is not farmed but wild. Since farmed salmons can sometimes be dangerous for our health. These fishes are the powerhouse of our daily dose of nutrition but need to be consumed with caution.

To include this delectable fish in your diet, you can search for the various delicacies which can be prepared to consume this fish and let your body bask in the nutritious pool that this fish is.