These incredibly delicious walnuts have a crunchy taste which makes it difficult to resist these so-good nuts.

Walnuts are an excellent source of antioxidants, loaded with essential fibers and unsaturated fatty acids. So, you can as well call these to be the ‘small powerhouse’ of energy.

As it is rich in so many necessary nutrients, it is considered to be very beneficial. You should know how many walnuts you should eat per day, to avoid the danger of any health risks. Be careful, if you are sensitive to walnuts.


How Many Walnuts Should You Eat Per Day?

Walnuts are very beneficial, but to gain more benefits, it should be eaten in moderations.

It is rich in ‘good’ fats and is filled with essential nutrients like magnesium, phosphorous, iron, protein, vitamin B and C and potassium. These walnuts make up for delicious and healthy snacks.


Experts suggest you can eat 7 walnuts per day.


The moderate amount of eating walnuts on a daily basis is regarded to be seven.

Dr. Vinson recommends eating the small portion of walnuts. He suggests eating 7 walnuts on a daily basis. To get the more benefits.

Nutsforlife has designed a healthy handful logo, to remind the people about the benefits of eating nuts regularly. Handful nuts or 30grams of nuts is considered to be efficient in providing the daily requirement of nutrients.

A healthy handful logo is 30grams of nuts, which is equal to 9 walnuts. So, you can eat 9 walnuts per day if you follow a healthy handful logo.

Nevertheless, Livestrong has recommended that you should eat ‘one-quarter’ cup of walnuts. This much serving of walnuts amounts to 12 to 14 halves of walnuts which amounts to 6 to7 walnuts as a whole. This is equal to one handful of walnuts per day.

One-quarter cup of walnuts is also significantly considered because it offers one-quarter of the daily recommended value of copper. It also provides for one-half of the daily recommended consumption of manganese.

People usually roast the walnuts to eat them. The effectiveness of the walnuts is lost once you’ve roasted it.

Researchers have suggested that you should eat raw walnuts rather than the roasted ones to gain more benefits. Walnut as a whole is very beneficial. So, it is recommended that you should eat walnuts in its whole forms.

Often you may have been asked to remove the skin of the walnuts before starting to eat them, but it is better to eat these walnuts in the whole form. About 90% of the antioxidants of walnuts are found in its skin.

The walnut skin is removed to get rid of the bitter taste. But if you remove this skin, you know what you are missing out on after removing these beneficial skin.



Research Studies About Consumption of Walnuts

The professor of chemistry at the University of Scranton, Dr. Joe Vinson had performed a study on the types of raw and roasted nuts. In his research, he mentioned walnuts to be superior to the other forms of nuts regarding benefits, compared to other nuts like pistachio, Brazil nuts, cashews and others.

His study had also shown that walnuts are mostly rich in antioxidants polyphenols. If you eat walnuts daily, you are to get 8 percent of your required antioxidant amount from your nut intake only. Since nuts contain fats, many still refrain from eating walnuts, but you should know that the fats in nuts are ‘good’ and healthy.

Dr. Vinson mentions that the fat in nuts is polyunsaturated and monounsaturated, which make them healthy and good. These fats promote the healthy functioning of the body. It is rich in good and healthy fats, which don’t lead to clogged arteries which increase the risk of chronic disease and weight gain. Instead, these help in improving the body functions.

Despite so many benefits, it should be kept in mind that you should eat walnuts in moderate and small amounts.

Therefore, a handful of nuts are considered to be efficient in providing all the required nutrients and bio-active antioxidants. These will then, prevent any external diseases from attacking the body.

As per a study published by Dr. Vinson online in Food and Function, compared to other nuts walnuts have high antioxidant polyphenols and antioxidant potency (the process of stopping oxidization of LDL and bad cholesterol).

It also contains 15 times more Vitamin E, which is one of the most potent known antioxidants, compared to other nuts. These antioxidants also help in destroying the free radicals which can cause damage to the cells ultimately leading to severe diseases.

The study further adds to eat one-quarter cups of walnuts, as it provides one quarter of daily copper intake and half of the daily recommended intake of manganese.


Health Benefits of Eating Walnuts

Walnuts are rich in antioxidant polyphenols. Some of the benefits of the walnuts are mentioned below:

1) Walnuts can be useful in reducing prostate cancer and breast cancer. Eating one whole walnut can help in reducing the risk of prostate cancer by 30 to 40 percent. One of the studies performed on mice stated that two handfuls of walnuts could reduce the growth of a tumor by 50 percent.

2) Walnut has all the essential nutrients for improved brain health such as vitamin E, folate, antioxidants, melatonin and omega-3 fats. Therefore, research has stated that eating walnuts regularly can enhance the ability of inferential reasoning.

3) Walnuts are also useful in controlling weight. It forms an essential part of the diet, thereby efficient in weight control.

4) Walnuts contain dietary fibers, which can reverse the effect of Type 2 diabetes. It has been found that in the first three months, overweight adults who have Type 2 diabetes were efficiently cured as they ate one-quarter cups of walnuts on a per day basis.

5) Walnuts are also essential for the improved reproductive health in men. Regular consumption of walnuts helps to improve male fertility by enhancing sperm quality, mobility, vitality and also morphology.


Side Effects of Eating Walnuts

No doubt, walnuts are very beneficial, but an excess of it can prove to be harmful. Some of the side effects of eating Walnuts are as follows:

1) Walnuts may trigger off the reactions of allergy. Hence, you should avoid it if you are sensitive to it.

2) Walnut sensitivity may also trigger off the reactions of asthma.

3) Walnut may sometimes interfere with your digestive system and lead to diarrhea.

4) Walnuts are one type of allergens. Walnuts have certain antibodies which promote the histamine production by stimulating white blood cells. These histamines, in turn, can stimulate the feeling of nausea, stomach pain and also diarrhea.


Final Thoughts

Despite so many benefits, walnuts are also effective in treating ulcers. It has been found that walnuts are very beneficial for skin and hair. Apart from the nut itself, the oil extracted from it also very beneficial.

However, there are certain disadvantages too, only if you’re sensitive to it. Therefore, you should be very careful with your consumption amount.

Make sure you know, how many walnuts you should eat per day, and be on the safe side.

These nuts are not only delicious but also extremely beneficial. So make sure, munch into a few walnuts per day and extract all its benefits.


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