Watermelon is a big ball of nutrients especially essential for us in summers. Watermelons along with muskmelons, cantaloupes, and honeydew belong to the same scientific family. Each bite of this fruit is full of health benefits.

Various Types of Watermelon

The various types of watermelon known to us are:

1) Little Baby Flower


These watermelons hardly ever exceed 4 pounds in weight and often have pink flesh color.


2) Admiration

These are extra – large with a rind that is exceptionally attractive.


3) Yellow Doll

This is a miniature watermelon with no seeds. It is soft and is thus, an excellent addition to our delicious mocktails.


4) Starlight

This fruit is packed with juice and has an amaranth color to its rind.


5) Charismatic

These melons have a firm, crisp and flavored flesh and are very attractive to look at due to their shape and rind color.


6) Crimson Sweet

These watermelons are well known for their bright red flesh which has a sugary taste.


7) Diana

Diana has a golden yellow rind, and its shape is a uniform oblong. It has a tender and juicy red flesh.


8) Sugar Baby

This watermelon has a dark green rind and deep red, super juicy flesh. It is usually round in shape. One of its types is:


9) Sunshine

These icebox size watermelons have a crisp and juicy flesh with a bright green rind which has dark green stripes.


10) Extazy

These watermelons are mini and are majorly grown in California and Arizona.


11) Sweet Favorite


Its rind has light green patches on a blue-green background which covers a juicy, ruby-colored fruit.


12) Troubadour

These grow on a strong vine. Its flesh has a deep red color and is crimson sweet in taste.


13) Exclamation

This has a very firm and medium red flesh with small pips, though, the fruit itself is huge.


14) Golden Midget

This watermelon turns yellow when ripe, and because of its rind’s color, it has been assigned the name.


15) Crunchy red

This is a fairly new triploid variety with deep red sugary sweet flesh.


16) Jubilee

This watermelon is super sweet and thus, is a favorite among all fruit lovers.


17) Fascination

Its rind is usually very appealing due to its glossy and rich texture which covers an attractive red firm flesh.


18) Distinction

These are firm red internally and are best consumed diced and fresh.


19) Stars ‘n’ Stripes

This is an elongated watermelon which is favorite due to its firm, sweet and deeply colored flesh.


20) Traveler

This is a seedless watermelon usually sweet and crimson. Its flesh is usually substantial.


21) Mickylee


This watermelon has a speckled rind which covers a dense red flesh.


22) Panther

This type has thin and dark green rind with firm and bright red flesh. These watermelons are generally seedless.


23) Secretariat

It has a smooth, medium green exterior and a nice oval, round shape accompanied by a crisp, firm flesh which is deep red.


24) Pixie

This is mini watermelon, usually seedless and is sweet and succulent.


25) Bijou

The flesh of this variety is firm red and crispy. It is a seedless variety and is new as compared to others.


26) Cream of Saskatchewan

This variety of watermelon has really small round fruits. It can grow well in cool climates too.


27) Harvest moon

It is very similar in looks to the star and moon variety but is seedless, unlike the prior one.


28) Sangria

This type of watermelon has dark red flesh with superior quality and taste.


29) Cut above

These watermelons are round to oval in shape and have a traditional triploid outer cover. The flesh is bright red and crisp. This variety has a delicious sweet flavor.


30) Starbrite

This fruit has a crimson sweet taste engulfed in a bright pink color.


31) Orangeglo


This watermelon has a light green rind with dark green chips. It has sweet pulp with orangish color to it.


32) Sweet Polly

Sweet Polly is a medium watermelon with a dark red flesh with small seeds. Its rind is very attractive.


33) Captivation

It has a uniform flesh and shapes with seedless interiors. These watermelons are usually medium in size.


34) Estrella

These watermelons mature early and have a uniform shape and size with a sweet flavor.


35) Sweet delight

These large fruits have a red flesh with excellent uniformity.


36) Hybrid Royal Peacock F1

It has durable flesh, rind and tasty flesh.


37) Tri X 313

This is the extremely dependable type and has a perfect watermelon flavor to it.


38) Hybrid Marita F1

These watermelons are round with medium to dark green rind and deep red flesh.


39) Hybrid Early Mara F1

It has deep red flesh. The rind is deep with stripes.


40) Hybrid Florida Sweet F1

It has quality flesh in medium size.


41) Hybrid Samanta F1


The rind is attractive dark and stripped with an exceptionally tasty flesh. Usually, these are small in size.


42) Carolina Cross

This is the current Guinness record holder for the productions of world record watermelon weighing


43) The Moon and Stars

The rind of this watermelon is purplish black with yellow circles which make it look like the night sky thus, the name Moon and stars. It has pink or red flesh.


44) Melitopolski

Seen in Moscow especially during summers. These watermelons ripe earlier in comparison to other types.


45) Densuke Watermelon

It is only grown on an island in Japan, which produce only 10,000 watermelons in a year. Thus, these watermelons are expensive.


46) Eve

This watermelon has a thin crust. Eve tastes extremely sweet and crispy. It is nearly a perfect sphere in shape.


47) Golden Crown

The golden crown watermelon has a thin rind which is sturdy. Its flesh is red and sweet with really small seeds.


48) Pilimore

Pilimore is a mini watermelon with round and flattened shape. Every plant of this genre gives a wonderful production.


49) Mielhart

This watermelon has a round, flattened shape. The Mielhart watermelon has a deep red pulp which is crispy and very tasty.


50) Minipol

This watermelon is usually mini in size. Minipol has light green skin and has a very tasty pulp.


51) New Dragon


Finely textured fruit with red flesh. This fruit is usually heavy and is also oblong.


52) Green Mountain

This watermelon is highly sweet to taste and has a light green rind with dark stripes.


53) China Baby

These watermelons are big and have an oblong shape.


54) Empire No.2

This type of watermelon has a thick and durable rind. Its flesh is bright red.


Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon

These are the various types available but how can we let go off all the benefits that are packed in this delicious juicy fruit.

Some of its health benefits are as follows:

1) Its high water content keeps us hydrated in the scorching sun of summers.

2) This fruit is a great choice for those on the diet as it has the least amount of calories in it.

3) Watermelon has a high nutrient content which helps boost our healthy growth.

4) The lycopene present in watermelon prevents the spread of cancer.

5) Lycopene and vitamin C are both antioxidants which help in preventing several chronic diseases.

6) Watermelon helps us maintain a healthy and supple soft skin.

7) Its high vitamin C content helps in keeping asthma away from you.



It juicy and crunchy taste make our mouth water every time we see one big green ball in the fruits alley in any fruit store or with any fruit vendor. Do not miss its amazing benefits and make it a point to consume as much of this fruit as you can every summer.

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