White tea is an unfermented tea which originated in China and is found in India, Eastern Nepal, Taiwan, and Thailand.

White tea has some varieties, but Silver Needle and White Peony are the most common ones. The aroma and taste of the tea vary depending on their types.

There are many benefits linked to these teas. As it looks somewhat similar to green tea, it is often referred to as ‘light green tea.’

It is essential to know how many cups of white tea you should drink per day to gain the optimum health benefits and avoid side effects.

How Much White Tea Can You Drink Per Day?

White tea is very beneficial for health. There are different recommendations regarding the number of cups of white tea that you should drink per day. The amount of consumption, however, varies depending on your needs.


Experts suggest you can drink 3 cups of white tea per day.


The ideal amount of white tea is said to be up to three cups. Dr. Axe recommends that drinking one or two cups of white tea per day have a significant impact on the health.

On the other hand, Stylecraze recommends that during the evening, coffee should be replaced with white tea to gain most of the health benefits.

It also suggests that you can drink two to four cups of this tea on a daily basis and acquire all the benefits. White tea benefits your hair and skin health very much, and you can choose to drink two to four cups of white tea.

There is more suggestion regarding white tea consumption.

Livestrong suggests that you should drink three cups of white tea to get the optimum health benefits. You can divide your three cups all throughout the day. It indicates that white tea is more beneficial to sip after every meal.

It further recommends that you should refrain from drinking white tea, before sleeping because it will lead to sleep troubles. Like other types of tea, white tea also contains caffeine and hence will keep you up all night and cause problems in sleeping.

Apart from all the benefits, white tea has a significant impact on making one look younger and counter the adverse effects of all the harmful substances.

It is also recommended by some sources to drink three cups of white tea on a daily basis to reduce weight. This tea is associated with its advantage to lose weight.

Therefore, if you follow a proper diet and an exercise regime you will lose weight at a much faster rate.


Research Studies About White Tea

Harvard Medical School conducted studies which have stated that white tea contains essential catechins. These catechins play an essential role in losing weight. Drinking white tea regularly can also reduce the risk of being obese as the tea catechins contain an antiangiogenic property which inhibits obesity.

As per a study of Pace University published in 2004, compared to green tea, white tea has more anti-viral and anti-bacterial characteristics.

Another study published by BioMed Central Ltd, performed by German Scientists reported that white tea could burn off the fat cells thus promoting weight loss.


Health Benefits of Drinking White Tea

White tea is loaded with antioxidants. A regular cup of white tea can provide too many advantages, so you drink it to have a healthy lifestyle. Some of the benefits of drinking white tea on a regular basis are mentioned below:

1) Like many other types of tea, white tea also promotes weight loss. One German study reported that white tea is capable of burning down the fat cells and also inhibits the new fats cells from forming. This, in turn, helps to reduce weight. It can be said that white tea promotes weight loss due to the presence of catechins in it.

2) White tea is loaded with some compounds and also contains polyphenols and tannins. These are in turn considered to be healthy in enhancing the oral health. It stops the formation of plaque by removing all the bacteria. The fluoride in this tea also helps to removes cavities and prevents new ones from forming.

3) Some studies were conducted to show the impact of drinking white tea. The results that it improves the reproductive health and also enhances the fertility rate, especially in case of men.

4) Another study of Kingston University in England showed that drinking white tea helps a lot in inhibiting the risk of developing diseases like cancer, diabetes, and arthritis because of the anti-inflammatory quality.

5) White tea contains essential polyphenols and catechins more than green tea. It has an anti-aging property which helps you look young.

6) An Indian study found that the catechins present in white tea are anti-thyroid. Hence it is considered to be effective in treating hyperthyroidism.

7) White tea contains EGCG. One of the Korean studies has shown the EGCG of white tea is beneficial in improving the hair growth.


Side Effects of Drinking White Tea

No denial, white tea is very beneficial, but it is to be noted that there are some side effects too, some of which are mentioned below:

1) Though white tea contains caffeine in very low amount, but still if the consumption exceeds, it can cause problems such as insomnia, dizziness, and nervousness. It can also affect the nervous system.

2) Too much of white tea can also lead to gastrointestinal issues.

3) White tea can stop the absorption of non-haem iron in the body by 70% due to the presence of flavonoids which bind the non-haem iron.


Final Thoughts

White tea can be a part of healthy diet, and it has numerous health benefits. Nevertheless, it still can have some negative impacts and to avoid these, you should know how many cups of white tea you can drink per day.

White tea can help you to have a healthy lifestyle. It is often recommended to add this tea to your diet and enjoy the benefits that it offers. This may also improve your regular physical activity.

This is yet another must add to the list of tea lovers. Sit back with your cup and sip it.


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