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What Are The Different Types of Apple?

Who doesn’t love the glossy reddish maroon, juicy apples?

Furthermore, is there anyone who has not come across the saying “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”

Well surely, the answer is no one.

Apples are one of the most easily available fruits across the world. The types of apple available in various parts of the world might be different but are all loved alike.

Apples grow on deciduous trees. The apple tree is one of the most primitive trees to be cultivated. Astonishingly apple was once considered a forbidden fruit, due to a mythological narrative about the same.

Apple is consumed as is, only the seed of the fruit is discarded. It is not just important as a fruit but forms a base ingredient in various desserts.


Types of Apple

The various types of apples known are:

1) Adanac Apple

It is a yellow-green apple which is medium in size. It is often used in making good quality desserts.


2) Ambrosia

Ambrosia in Greek mythology refers to the food or drink of the gods, and this apple truly justifies the meaning due to its heavenly juicy and sweet taste.


3) Ananas Renette

This is a small yellowish apple which is very appealing to the eye. It has a pineapple-like flavor to it.


4) Apricot Apple

The apricot apple is unusual and is not so famous. This variety is famous for its apricot-like flavor.


5) Arkansas Black

It’s a tart apple which can be stored for long intervals of time.


6) Aromatic Russett Apple

It has a rich flavor with a tangy hint of lemon to it.


7) Aroma Apple

This apple is a native of Sweden and a fairly younger variety as compared to the others.


8) Aurora

Its delicate sweet flavor is to die for. The aurora apples are very crispy too.


9) Autumn Glory

The autumn glory apples are generally crunchy. They have unique cinnamon like sweetness to them.


10) Baldwin

This apple has a sweet taste to it with traces of spice. It is not as popular as it was during primitive times.


11) Belle De Boskoop

A native of the Netherlands, these apples need plenty of water to grow and cannot stand frost at all.


12) Black Oxford

This is a unique purple apple which is round and deep in structure. Its flowers are also black.


13) Black Twig Apple

These apples are big and often very firm. These have tannic juices and are just too tart to eat.


14) Belmont Apple

This apple is yellow in color and large in its size. They have tender flesh and mild flavor to them.


15) Braeburn

A native of New Zealand, it is a multipurpose apple for good for many purposes. It is crispy, juicy and has a rich, spicy flavor to it.


16) Bramley

These are large apples with a poignant acidic flavor to them.


17) Breeze

These highly aromatic apples have a dense flesh. They are crisp and sweet.


18) Cameo

A unique combination of the orange base with bright red stripes. It is usually firm and sweet to taste.


19) Cortland

This type of apple was found around a hundred years ago. It has yellow-green skin with blue and red accents on it. It is a tender apple with a tart flavor.


20) Cosmic Crisp

The cosmic crisp apples are extremely sweet and yet tangy to eat.


21) Cameo

The cameo variety of apples is crunchy in its flesh and has a sweet and yet tart like flavor to it.


22) Criterion Apple

These apples are large.  They have a tangy tart flavor to them and are resistant to browning.


23) Cox’s Orange Pippin

These apples are a perfect balance between sweet and sharp.  They mellow and become sweeter much later in the season.


24) Cripps Pink

This apple is a native of Australia and is a cross between the delicious golden apple and the lady Williams apple.


25) Discovery

This is a native English variety which is popular for growing in gardens.


26) Dabinett Apple

The Dabinett apples are a high-quality acidic apple majorly used for making apple cider vinegar.


27) Duke of Devonshire Apple

This variety of apple has a fruity flavor and is known to exist since the Victorian era.


28) Early Gold Apple

Its an early season apple perfect for snacking and culinary purposes.


29) Early Strawberry Apple

The skin of this apple is rich red, and it has a high aroma. The flavor of this type of apple is sprightly with a crispy flesh.


30) Empire

It is a crispy apple with lots of juice in it. It has a sweet-tart flavor with creamy white flesh.


31) Envy

These apples are uniquely sweet, crispy and naturally delicious.


32) Exeter Apple

These apples have a greenish-yellow peel with red stripes. They are crisp, sweet and juicy. They are always known for their sharp flavors.


33) Fallawater Apple

The Fallawater apples are usually big. They turn green from light green on ripening. They have a mildly sweet flavor.


34) Florina Apple

The purple-red peel makes this apple attractive. It has a yellow flesh which is firm in its texture.


35) Franklin Apple

This variety of apple is usually well colored. It is tender and crisp in its flesh. It is a superior version of the delicious apple.


36) Fuji

The Fuji apples are a native of Japan and are enjoyed worldwide for their extensive sweetness.


37) Gala

It is an ideal snacking apple which crispy, juicy and sweet to eat. Best to eat raw or for juicing it out.


38) Gold Rush

A hybrid of golden delicious with a mildly tangy flavor is the new gold rush apple.


39) Ginger Gold

This apple is often one of the best early season apples and is a native of Virginia.


40) Golden Delicious

It has a mildly sweet and buttery taste. It is yellow with a tinge of pinkish blush on it.


41) Gold Renette

This is one of the oldest known types of apple. It is dry and has a pleasant flavor to it.


42) Granny Smith

These apples have unique green skin and an extremely tart flavor. Its perfect for those who enjoy extreme tartness.


43) Gravenstein

It has a bold aroma to it with an ivory flesh. It has blue-tinged skin.


44) Honeycrisp

This is a super crispy apple with honey sweet taste. It is juicy, and its peel has red stripes over the yellow base.


45) Hampshire Apple

The Hampshire apples are uniformly round with a thin skin and creamy flesh. They are mildly sweet and highly aromatic.


46) Hayne’s seedling Apple

These apples range from shades of green to yellow. They can be stored for long due to their excellent quality.


47) Indo Apple

These sweet apples are a native of Japan.


48) James Grieve

This apple is extensively juicy and is majorly used for cooking purpose only.


49) Jonagold

This apple has almost yellow flesh. As a fruit, it is crispy, Juicy and has a unique honey-tart flavor to it.


50) Jazz

It is a medium-sized apple with a perfect balance in its taste. It has a delicious aroma and is juicy too.


51) Juicy

These dense fleshed apples are extremely juicy and sweet with a hint of tart to them.


52) Kanzi

These apples are available from January to September and are deeply sweet and tart in flavor.


53) Kiku

These exotic apples are super sweet, juicy and attractive.


54) Koru

These apples are extremely delectable. They are extensively juicy, crisp and naturally delicious due to their sweetness.


55) Lady Alice

The lady Alice apples are sweetly tart in flavor with a subtle crunchiness to them.


56) Liberty

It was bred to fight a disease called the apple scab.


57) Lobo

The Lobo apples are a native of Canada. They are usually sweet and aromatic.


58) Macoun

A dark red apple with a tinge of purple. It is a tender apple which is usually sweet and mildly tart to taste.


59) McIntosh

This deep red apple with a rare greenish blush and white flesh has a juicy, tangy and tart flavor.


60) Mutsu

It is a large apple and can easily feed two people. It has a tangy taste to it.


61) Northern Spy

This apple has a unique tart, but honeyed taste to it and is generally a late seasoned apple.


62) Opal

The Opal apples are juicy, crisp and sweet. They are available from November to March.


63) Pacific Rose

This is a fairly sweet variety of apple with crispiness in its flesh.


64) Paula Red

This apple has a red blush with a back of the yellowish golden base. They are uniquely sweet and tart.


65) Pinata

This tropical apple is slightly tart and majorly sweet in its flavor.


66) Pink Lady

This apple may seem tart in its first bite but, leaves a great sweet aftertaste. It has crispy flesh and firm texture.


67) Red Delicious

This apple varies in its color from striped red to solid midnight red unlike other apples it is elongated in its shape. This apple is also crispy and juicy to taste.


68) Rome

The Rome variety of apples is mildly tart and extremely soft. Its softness makes it unsuitable from being a snack.


69) Ruby Frost

These apples have a higher vitamin C content and delayed browning. It has a unique zippy taste.


70) Quebec Apple

It is a perfect hybrid of the delicious and a northern spy apple. It has the features of them both combined in one.


71) Queen Cox Apple

These apples are easier to grow and have an excellent flavor to them.


72) Quinte Apple

These apples have firm flesh and medium size. These apples have a beautiful flushed red skin.


73) Raritan Apple

These apples are red and are often appreciated for their quality.


74) Red Astrachan Apple

These crimson colored apples are perfect for ciders, culinary uses and even for snacking. They are juicy and crisp with a firm flesh which has a good flavor.


75) Red Prince Apple

These apples are deep red and were discovered as a chance seedling in the early 1940’s.


76) Sandow Apple

This apple has a cream colored flesh. It is harder than other apples and is usually enough to make you feel fuller. It is highly aromatic with a distinctly crisp and juicy.


77) Smitten

This apple has a juicy, crunchy and sweet flavor and is hybrid of many other commonly available varieties.


78) Snapdragon

This can be considered a better version of the crisp honey apple with the same taste and better disease resistance regarding production.


79) Sonya

These apples are sweet and crunchy.


80) Sugar Bee

As the name suggests, these apples are extremely sweet, crisp and juicy. It releases a fresh aroma when it is bitten into.


81) Sweetango

This type of apple has citrus hints but is usually sweet and crispy.


82) Sweetie

This type of apple has a crisp flesh with a blushing sweet flavor. It is usually available during September and October.


83) Summered

There are various summer varieties of apple. They usually have a rich flavor and aroma along with a subtle sweetness to them. Some examples are:

  • Summer Mac
  • Summer Pearmain
  • Summer Rambo
  • Summer Rose
  • Summer Treat
  • Summer Champion


84) Taylor Apple

These greenish-yellow apples with a red flush are perfectly sweet and at times mildly bittersweet to taste.


85) Tallow Pippin Apple

These apples are rather big and have smooth waxy skin. They have a coarse flesh and are extensively juicy.


86) Viking Apple

These dark purple apples are bright and appealing to the eyes. These apples are highly aromatic and taste juicy and flavourful especially after being stored for some time.


87) Virginia Gold Apple

These gold apples are bright yellow with a pinkish blush. They have a juicy and crispy flesh.


88) Yellow Transparent

It is a summer apple with a very sweet flavor. Its skin is pale and transparent yellow.


89) Yarlington Mill Apple

These apples have a varied range of taste from sweet to bittersweet and are high-quality apples used to prepare cider vinegar.


90) Yates Apple

These apples are small in size and have yellowish-white flesh. The peel is pale yellow with stripes of red on it.


91) Yellow Ingestrie Apple

These apples are old and attractive. They have a strong native apple taste to them.


92) Zuccalmaglio’s Reinette Apple

These apples have a flushed brown-red skin and have a fine, rich and vivid taste to them.


93) Zestar Apple

These apples have a fine floral touch to their aroma and have a crisp flavor. They are sweet and tart to eat.


Health Benefits of Apple

The Benefits of eating apple are innumerable. Thus, to ease your understanding let us summarise and understand the fact that apples do not have any sodium, fat or cholesterol and are highly rich in Antioxidants, high dietary fiber, Vitamins and water content. Due to such a nutritional value, Apple is often called the nutritional Powerhouse.

They prevent us from chronic diseases, maintains our cardiovascular health, boosts our immunity, controls diabetes, aids in digestion, treats anemia, prevents us from strokes, maintains oral hygiene, and treats asthma.

Consumption of apple also helps in boosting brain health and if all that is not enough then apples also aid weight loss, make your skin look young and toned, delays the process of aging and add shine and glow to your skin.

Well, these are not all but just a few benefits that this wonder fruit provides us with. You must be glad that though addressed as a forbidden fruit, this power pack of health is not forbidden.



Let us conclude with the words of Henry David Thoreau who once said: “Sure, Apple is the noblest of fruits.” After learning about the many types and uncountable benefits of apple you sure must agree with the thoughts of Mr. Henry.

In the end let’s leave you with the same though we began before we dwelled into the type of apples and that was “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” So, go grab yours now.