Custard Apple is one of the most loved fruits in the tropical regions. Custard apple has a very typical bloom. It is composed of thick knobby segments.

The fruit got its name as Custard apple because it tastes and smells like Custard. It is pale green or blue-green with deep pink blush in color. It belongs to Annonaceae family. It has a sweet fragrance and has creamy white through light yellow color.

It is 13 to 16 centimeter long, and the seeds are arranged in a single layer forming a cone shape. There may be 20-40 seeds present per fruit, but most of the varieties of this fruit are found to be fruitless.


Different Names of Custard Apple

This fruit is native to tropical America and sweet Indies. It was brought to Asia by Spanish traders.

This fruit is known by different names in different regions. It is also known as sweetsop or sweet-apple.

The scientific name of this fruit is Annona squamosal.

Custard apple is known as Ata fol in Bangladesh, as zumzum in Burma, aata in Bengali, Sitaphal in Hindi, sharifa in Punjabi, mpoza in Malawi, buah nona in Malaysia and Lim Kim in Singapore.


Health Benefits of Custard Apple

Not only is Custard Apple tasty but also very beneficial for health since it is full of Vitamin C anti-oxidants. Some of the health benefits of Custard apple are as follows:


1) Helps in Gaining Weight

Custard apple is one of the fruits that helps you to gain some weight.

A mixture of honey and custard apple helps boost up the metabolism which stimulates the appetite level. It is laden with calories which helps in putting up with the necessary weight.


2) Offers Healthy Skin & Hair

The high Vitamin A content of custard apple makes it one of the ideal fruits that helps in maintaining proper health of eyes, skin, and hair. It acts as moisturizing and anti-aging substance.

The hard outer covering of custard apple promotes healthy teeth and gum problems. Also, the soft, creamy pulp of custard apple can be used as a balm that will help in treating ulcers.


3) Helps in Pregnancy

Consuming custard apple regularly during pregnancy is very much recommended by the doctors. Custard apple helps the brain, nervous system and immune system of the fetus to develop properly.

Many women undergo very painful labor. However, this great extent of labor pain can be minimized if the pregnant women consume sweet custard apple on a regular basis.

Custard apple is very healthy as it reduces the chances of miscarriage.

It also helps the pregnant woman to cope up with mood swings, morning sickness, fatigue, nausea, and numbness. It also stimulates the production of breast milk if consumed on a regular basis during pregnancy.


4) Prevents Asthma

Custard apple is rich in vitamin B6 content. Vitamin B6 helps the body fight against bronchial inflammation which is one of the leading causes of Asthma. Custard apple reduces the risk of asthma preventing the body from asthmatic attacks.


5) Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

Homocysteine collection in the body can be a leading cause of heart diseases. The vitamin B6 content of custard apple reduces the level of homocysteine in the body.

The high magnesium content of custard apple helps in fighting all the cardiovascular diseases. The balanced level of sodium and potassium assists in maintaining and controlling the blood sugar level.

The magnesium content relaxes the muscles of the heart and prevents jerking and cramps, thereby ensuring fewer chances of cardiac arrest.

Also, niacin and fiber content helps in controlling the cholesterol level of the body. It also prevents absorption of cholesterol in the gut.


6) Lowers the Risk of Arthritis

The high magnesium content regulates the water level in the body and removes the acid from joints. This reduces the symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis. Custard apple’s magnesium content helps to fight the muscle weakness.

The calcium present in custard apple ensures sufficient amount of calcium to the body which helps to ensure the proper bone health.


7) Helps in Good Digestion

Rich in copper and dietary fiber, custard apple offers smooth bowel movement and proper digestion.

Dried custard apple is crushed into powder and mixed with water to make a juice of it. This juice when consumed helps in healing diarrhea and dysentery.

It also helps in the reduction of toxins from the body thus ensuring proper bowel movements. It prevents stomach related diseases like heartburn, ulcer, acidity, and gastritis.

Custard apple contains about 6 grams of dietary fiber. Dietary fibers add bulk to the stool, thus preventing all constipation related problems.


8) Rich in Vitamin A

Custard apple is rich in Vitamin A. It helps to meet your daily vitamin A intake. It also promotes eye health.


9) Anti-Cancerous Properties

The bark of custard apple is rich in astringent and tannins which are used for the production of herbal medicines. These herbal medicines help in the treatment of cancer and tumors.

Custard Apple also contains acetogenin and alkaloids that help in reducing the risk of cancer. It is also rich in anti-oxidants like Asimicin and Bullatacin which makes it ideal for driving off the risk of cancer. These anti-oxidants destroy free radicals.

Also, the fibers provide a membrane to the gut, which helps in preventing liver and colon cancer. Custard apple also helps in fighting against breast cancer.


10) Control Blood Pressure

Custard apples are rich in potassium and magnesium. The potassium, magnesium, and sodium present in custard apple help in controlling the blood pressure. It regulates the fluctuating blood pressure.  Therefore, if consumed on a regular basis, your blood pressure level will always be in control.


11) Good Eyesight

Custard apple is rich in Vitamin A and C content. We all know, Vitamin A is good for eyes. It also contains riboflavin, which assists in fighting against free radicals and destroying them. This, in turn, ensures a better vision and proper eyesight.


12) Great Source of Iron

Custard apple is rich in iron. It reduces the risk of premature birth. The high iron content will also help in reducing the extreme labor pain in the expectant woman.

Iron helps a lot in inducing milk production in the pregnant and lactating woman. It is also rich in anti-oxidants, which aids in the reduction of infections.


13) Heals Skin Infection

Skin infection is a significant issue which needs to be cleared away instantly. There are several creams available in the market for treating skin infection. But this skin infection can be cured naturally too, by the help of custard apple.  

The Vitamin C in custard apple helps in healing wounds by forming cartilages, tendons, and ligaments around it. Regular consumption of custard apple juice can stimulate the formation of new skin cells. It also assists in the healing cuts.

Custard apple’s latex also proves helpful for the treatment of skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis, and inflammation.


14) Lowers Pigmentation Problems

Skin pigmentation is also a serious issue which needs to be cleared off instantly. Custard apple helps in the reduction of clustering of melanin granules. These help in the reduction of brown spots and other pigmentation. The destruction of free radicals helps in reversing the effect of pigmentation on the skin.


15) Reduces Pimples

Pimples are a great problem, especially for teenagers. Teenagers apply a lot of creams and face-washes so that they can reduce pimples. But pimples can be driven off by the natural process too.

Custard apple helps in reducing sebum production and also controls acne and pimples. To reduce a pimple and control sebum production, a paste of custard apple and lemon juice needs to be applied to the affected area thrice a week.

The anti-inflammatory property assists in the reduction of acne and also help in clearing out the pores which will prevent the further outbreak of pimples.


16) Acts as a Natural Detoxifying Agent

As mentioned earlier custard apple has a great laxative property as it is loaded with fiber and anti-oxidants.

You can gain a healthy radiating, and glowing skin as custard apple helps in reduction of toxins and also regulates the water level which is very much essential for skin.

Custard apple juice also helps in clearing the skin tone and makes it firm by revitalizing the appearance of the skin. Therefore, regular consumption of custard can help your skin benefit a lot.


17) Delay the Aging

Custard apple helps in thickening collagen which will reduce wrinkles and fine lines of the skin. It helps in breaking down collagen which will help in improving the elasticity of the skin.

The vitamin C content neutralized free radicals which eventually helped in the promotion of healthy skin. It also hastened the regeneration process.

Custard apple also helps in protecting the skin from the damage caused by Sun. The regeneration of skin caused due to custard apple consumption ensure healthy skin glow. It also reduces skin aging.

Custard apple consumption helps in keeping the skin hydrated. It also reduces age spots and blemishes. Vitamin C helps in promotion of healthy skin. Custard apple consumption always ensures youthful skin.


18) Promotes Moisturized & Luxurious Hair

Custard apple seed oil always helps in taming wavy and rough hairs. It provides moisture and hydrates the head scalp which helps in making the hair shiny and lustrous.

Custard apple also helps in increasing the volume of hair. It is rich in Vitamin A. The custard apple seed oil will help in hydrating the hair without harming or weighing down hair.


19) Prevents Pre-Mature Greying

Due to a lot of health problems, many people suffer from the premature growth of hair. Doctors recommend eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle.

Nowadays, due to advancement in science, chemical and natural medications are also available in the market that prevents hair from greying. But if you’re looking for a natural solution to combat this effect and won’t harm your hair, then custard apple is the right option.

Custard apple’s high copper content aids in the formation of melanin which eventually reduces the risk of greying of hair. Also eating healthy fruits like custard apple aids in maintaining the natural color of hair.


20) Promotes Hair Growth

Custard apple is known to be the best promoter for hair growth. It stops inflammation of scalp which in turn helps in preventing hair fall.

Custard apple acts as a promoter that helps in proper absorption of hair which provides nourishment to hair.

The decent amount of iron in custard apple also aids in proper blood circulation around scalp which stimulates the hair follicles and promotes hair growth.


21) Acts as a Natural Antidote for Hair Infections

Custard apple is said to be the best antidote for preventing hair infections and skin infections.

The vitamin C and antioxidants help in regulating the sebum production which in turn reduces dandruff and flaky skin. This eventually helps in preventing and reducing head scalp infections.


Side Effects of Custard Apple

Though custard apple has high nutritious value, there are some side-effects of custard apple too. The cons of custard apple consumption are as follows:

1) People who catch a cold immediately should be cautious while consuming custard because it is a cold fruit and may make one sick.

2) Seeds of custard apple are poisonous, so one should avoid consuming the seed.

3) The fruit is fleshy and creamy and has high sugar. Therefore, diabetic patients are recommended to consume it in a limited value to avoid any further risk.


Final Thoughts

Custard Apple is a highly nutritious and healthy fruit which if regularly consumed in a specific amount can contribute a lot to your body.

The decoction of leaves of custard apple aid a lot to women suffering from severe menstrual cramps, and it also helps in solving dysentery.

The unripe custard apple juice is used by a lot of people to prevent insect bites and infected areas of a wound caused due to insects. It also prevents dizziness which is very much helpful. So, it is good for you to include custard apple in your diet to ensure proper hair and skin health.


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