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11 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water in the Morning Daily

Are you in chase of that glowing skin or do you just want a dose of any healthy potion you can get your hands on to refresh your body?

If so, do not pass over lemon water as something of mere ordinary relevance. Drinking lemon water in the morning offers a wide range of benefits.

Here are health benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning daily that will surprise you and surely entice you to include this affordable miracle potion in your daily diet:


The human body does not synthesize vitamin C. Therefore, it is completely dependent on external sources for the fulfillment of this vital vitamin.

The two main important functions of Vitamin C are:

  • To boost the immune system. Enough vitamin C will stimulate the production of white blood cells, hence strengthening the defense mechanism of the human body and help it to fight off diseases especially the occasional flu.
  • To protect the body from oxidative damage. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and if you are trying to keep those wrinkles at bay you know how important an antioxidant is to prevent or delay such oxidative damage to the human body

Lemon is a great source of vitamin C, with only a cup of fresh lemon juice providing more than half of your daily requirement of Vitamin C.


As we age, one of the main concern for most of us regarding our look is our aging skin. No one can escape the damaging effects of the sun and other pollutants in our environment.

On average, a person would spend a substantial amount on keeping their skin looking young and healthy. Lemon water is a very affordable way to achieve this goal. The antioxidants provided by this simple yet greatly nutritious drink combats free radicals which damage our skin. It helps in reducing blemishes and keeps the skin glowing.

Furthermore, vitamin C found in lemon water promotes the production of collagen keeping skin younger looking and keeping wrinkles at bay.


Lemon water especially when taken in the morning helps detox your body in a variety of ways.

  • It promotes the production of bile from the liver which aids in the smooth digestion of food.
  •  It improves the absorption of nutrients from food.
  •  It relieves bloating and an upset stomach
  • It is a mild diuretic, therefore it helps the urinary tract flush out toxins.

All this leads to healthy digestion which in turn keeps the body detoxed and vitalized.


Lemon water contains pectin. This is a kind of fiber which helps in giving that ‘full’ feeling. This, in turn, will prevent you from eating more or snacking more between meals. Therefore, lemon water can actually aid in decreasing the number of calories you consume!


Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. It helps in getting rid of excess uric acid from your body. Therefore, this vital vitamin helps in keeping bones, connective tissues and cartilage healthy.

Lemon also helps in keeping your joints healthy and pain-free. Furthermore, it also helps in the recovery of the body from injuries and stress.


We all know the side effects of being below the optimum hydration level. From constipation to mental concentration issues, water is an essential element in all the reactions taking place in our body. Lemon water helps in keeping our lymphatic system hydrated by replacing the fluids lost by our bodies.


Lemon water improves your energy levels and also your mood. Our body withdraws energy from the reactions which take place in it. Lemon water holds a higher negative charge and the reactions with it produce more energy.

Furthermore, lemon water improves a person’s mood and helps get rid of depression and anxiety. This is due to its high potassium content which helps in alleviating these conditions. Even the mere smell of lemon has a refreshing and rejuvenating effect on the human body.


Consuming lemon water during pregnancy can help in the formation of bone tissue of the baby. It also helps in keeping the mother safe from flu and colds. Additionally, it adds towards the daily intake of water which is vital during pregnancy.

Lemon water can even help in relieving morning sickness and nausea during early pregnancy. However, if heartburn is being experienced then it is better to avoid or limit intake of lemon water.

Moderation is always the key but is it important to check with your gynecologist before you decide to include it in your diet,  Momjunction Suggests.

Too much intake of lemon can trigger fast detoxification, which is dangerous for the duration pregnancy.


Lemons freshen up breath and also helps in relieving gingivitis and tooth pain. However, care must be taken as the citric acid can erode tooth enamel. Therefore, you should brush your teeth before drinking lemon water and keep a gap between brushing and consume the water. You should also rinse your mouth with plain water after drinking lemon water.


Vitamin C found in lemon water can help certain eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration, due to its anti-oxidative properties. In brief, lemon water helps in keeping your body hydrated and alkalized which in turn keeps your eyes nourished and protected.


You can replace your morning tea or coffee with a warm cup of lemon water. This will not only give you all the above-mentioned benefits but will also limit your morning caffeine intake.

Excess caffeine is known to reduce the efficiency of certain nutrient absorption by your body and it also tends to give you an energy rush which is inevitably followed by an energy crash. Therefore, lemon water helps you limit caffeine and protect you from its possible side effects.

Last Words

Now that you know the many health benefits offered by drinking lemon water in the morning every day and are sure that is just not another health fad, add this ancient recipe to your daily routine to reap the maximum benefits.

Start your day off just right with this ‘magic potion’!