A dictionary defines herbs as any plant which has leaves, seeds, or flowers which can be used to flavor food or for their medicinal purpose or as perfumes.

Not just small bushy greens are herbs; for a fact, the Banana plant is the most significant herb known today. Also, another common characteristic of herbs is that they do not have any woody stems.

Herbs add a dash of freshness and aroma to all the delicacies they are added in. The different types of grasses have many various benefits to offer to your body. They vary in taste and structure. Each herb has its characteristic aroma, as well. Their appearance adds so much brightness to the food that they become an essential garnish if you wish that all should love the food made by you.

Types of Herbs

The different types of herbs used around the globe are:

1) Parsley

A mild herb with nice and curly leaves that are perfect for garnishing food delicacies. It is a good source of vitamin A and Vitamin C.


2) Mint

A fresh aftertaste is what mint is famous for. It will add a freshness to all the dishes that you garnish with it. Further mint is known to calm your stomach woes and adds freshness to your breath. Many types of Mints are available in the market.


3) Lavender

Lavender adds its delightful sweet flavor to all the delicacies it is added to. Lavender is also used to provide relief from headache and insect bites.


4) Dill

One of the best culinary herbs, especially for garnishing non-vegetarian dishes. It helps in digestion and reduces swelling and cramping. Just like mint, dill is also known to freshen the mouth.


5) Basil

Another famous flavorant is a star in Italian delicacies. The health benefits of basil are plenty due to its high antioxidant content. Types of basil are also known.


6) Catnip

Its benefits are innumerable like it is an excellent diuretic, helps in relaxing you, and also is used as a laxative, and it attracts a lot of cats to come and play in the bush.


7) Rosemary

It is a bold and robustly flavored herb and a great addition to any delicacy. Rosemary has a pleasing aroma along with its bold taste.


8) Thyme

A slightly soft and delicate plant by its appearance, Thyme is a majorly used garnish in all Mediterranean, Italian, and French dishes. It has a beautiful lemony aroma to it.


9) Chives

Chives belong to the garlic family and are considered one of the great herbs, especially in French cuisine. Apart from this, they are a great way to get beta carotene and Vitamin C.


10) Coriander

Coriander is widely used across the globe to garnish any dish and add its beautiful bright green hue and pleasant freshness to the dish. It is considered as a perfect addition to spicy food dishes.


11) Cloves

Cloves are a perfectly warm, and sweet-tasting herb. They are a perfect addition to desserts like pumpkin pie and gingerbread.


12) Fennel

A highly aromatic and full of flavor herb is Fennel. The fennel leaves closely resemble the dill leaves, but fennel bulbs are unique and can be recognized easily.


13) Chamomile

A favorite herbal tea choice of the U.S and Europe alike. Chamomile is known for its calming and soothing effects on your body. It also helps in lowering inflammation and curbing fever.


14) Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known worldwide for its calming and soothing properties. It is regarded as highly beneficial for your skin as well.


15) Jasmine

Jasmine produces highly aromatic flowers, which are further used to make beautiful perfumes and are also used for making herbal tea. They are also at times added to green tea.


16) Lemon Grass

It has a delicate lemony flavor that is bold to taste. The lemongrass is often added to tea and consumed for its beta carotene content and high. Antioxidant value as well.


17) John’s Wort

It is useful in curbing the symptoms related to stress and anxiety, but this herb is not a cure to either. It is not a culinary herb though it is a prominent herb used in the symptomatic treatment of depression.


18) Garlic

One of the readily available herbs with a pungent smell and an even more astringent taste. It is used as a seasoning in various cuisines. It is often also believed that garlic helps in fighting certain types of cancers.


19) Oregano

Oregano is the most famous Italian seasoning, which is a perfect addition to pizza and pasta and anything cheesy.


20) Ginger

A pungent tasting and slightly milder in its aroma gingers are often used as a garnish in many cuisines. They are also known to provide relief from nausea and heartburn and even menstrual cramping.


21) Chervil

Chervil is a perfect herb for those who love both anise and parsley as it serves precisely the same flavor which a mix of these to herbs will produce.


22) Stevia

Stevia is an appealing plant that is sweet to taste. It is often used as a substitute for sugar or as natural sugar.


23) Ginseng

Ginseng is a herb widely used in Asia for its medicinal value. It is a great aphrodisiac and even helps men with erectile dysfunction. It also helps in providing relief from type II diabetes.


24) Sage

A perfect seasoning for sauces and various meat delicacies. It is also known to provide relief from cuts and in areas that are inflamed. It also helps in cognitive development.


25) Anise

The bulbs of the anise plant taste much like licorice.


26) Tarragon

The tarragon has anise-flavored leaves, which are a perfect garnish for lambs and steaks.


27) Bay

Bay leaves are spicy and long and ovular in shape. They are a prominent part of Asian cuisine.


28) Angelica

This herb is often added as a condiment in confectionary items. Its roots and leaves are used as herbs.


29) Borage

A hard texture herb with greyish-green leaves. It has pretty star-shaped leaves.


30) Cicely

Strangely this herb is used as a substitute to sugar and even as a furniture polish.


31) Hyssop

A herb majorly used to flavor liquors and also used in salads when the leaves are not mature.


32) Lemon Balm

The arrow-shaped and light leaves have hairy structures on them. It produces beautiful white and pink flowers.


33) Lovage

It is one of the big herbs with beautiful dark green leaves. It has a celery-like flavor but is much bolder than the celery itself and is even sweeter too.


34) Myrtle

A soft plant with beautiful aromatic leaves which are used as garnishes in herb sachets very often.


35) Marjoram

This herb has velvety green and grey leaves and tastes much like oregano but is little sweeter and slightly milder than the oregano itself.


36) Savory

Savory changes its texture from summers to winters, and also its flavor gains robustness as the seasons cool down. These plants are usually evergreen.


37) Salad Burnet

This green foliage has a cucumber-like taste and is a perfect addition to your salads.


38) Woodruff

A herb that is used in almost anything like may wines and potpourris.


39) Sorrel

Shiny green leaves of the sorrel plant are appealing and attractive. They have a lemon-like citric taste to them and are often used in French cuisines.


40) Epazote

Epazote is a Mexican herb that is also known to help in the process of digestion and prevents gastric discomfort and also provides comfort from bronchitis.


41) Cinnamon

Cinnamon is often used as a spice, but it is also a medicinal herb that is used to calm an upset stomach. It helps in curbing nausea and also provides relief in cases of flatulence.


The list of herbs is never-ending, and so are their benefits. Herbs can easily be added to your diet by including them as garnishes in your cooking. Their fresh flavors and aromas not only enhance the dish but are a great dash of health for your overall body and growth, as well.

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