Eggs have the crucial component that a hair growth demands and that made me find out the method “how to apply Egg & Olive Oil  on hair mask for hair growth as home  treatment?

Eggs are rich in protein, vitamins, fundamental unsaturated fats and antioxidants. These supplements can repair different hair issues and give you silky and shiny locks

Dry and fragile hair, hair loss, dry, flaky scalp, dandruff – whatever the issue, there are egg packs to deal with all of these types of problems.

The unsaturated fats give nourishment to the hair follicles. The xanthophylls or the antioxidants, which realize the rich yellow shading, expand the oxygen supply in the scalp and help mend rough and effortlessly delicate hair.

The cholesterol helps in penetration and absorption of these essential components in this way raising the efficacy.

Eggs are filled with proteins and vitamins which are exceptionally valuable for controlling different hair issues and making your hair to a great degree brilliant.

They are an awesome approach to check dry and fragile hair, male pattern baldness, and regular scalp issues. The crucial unsaturated fats give the required food to your hair follicles and fortify them.

Benefits of Eggs for Hair Growth


Apply Egg & Olive Oil Hair Mask For Hair Growth – Home Treatment



You can apply eggs on your hair for hair growth. Using eggs as conditioning for your hair improves hair growth because eggs have lots of protein.

Hair is made out of 70 percent keratin protein, as a result egg protein repair affected hair by filling in damaged spots along the hair strand, which in the short term tones up the hair.

Eggs have a decent amount of protein, which ranges from 3.6 to 6.5 g for every egg. It assists egg using as conditioning and offers an extraordinary protein treatment.


How To Apply Egg & Olive Oil Hair Mask For Hair Growth


  1. Break an egg and place the egg white and yolk into the bowl. take out the chord like a structure of the egg from the bowl to steer clear of it getting twisted in your hair.
  2. Include 1 tbsp. olive oil. Blend the egg and the olive oil altogether with a fork to make egg & olive oil hair mask.
  3. Place a bit of plastic wrap over the bowl until you are prepared to apply it.



  1. You can keep the egg conditioner close in the bathroom, As a result, you can have easy access. Clean your hair with a clearing up shampoo to remove the growth from regular oils and hair products.
  2. Squeeze your hair of unwanted water. Place the towel on your hair to take out more water, however, don’t dry it totally.
  3. Use the egg conditioner to each area of the hair. Focus on the finishes of the hair strands on the off chance that you have split ends.
  4. Position your hair in a shower cap. Enable the egg conditioner to sit on your hair for 10 to 20 minutes.
  5. then simple, wash the egg conditioner out of your hair. Apply a moisturizing condition and let it sit on your hair for a couple of minutes. Wash the conditioner out of your hair and style the way you want.


You can use these easy steps to make Eggs & Olive Oil Hair Mask at home to get rid of hair issues.


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