Radish is a root that you consume. They are majorly used in salads and are consumed raw. The best part about radishes is that they are easy to grow.

Radish is believed to be one of the low sustenance food items. It is thought to have originated from mainland China. There are various types of radishes which are classified by taste, size, and structure but, as such Radish is known to have a sharp, pungent flavor due to the presence of isothiocyanate.

It is one of the most cultivated crops today, and often their various varieties are classified according to the season they are harvested in.

Types of Radishes

The major categories for understanding various types of radishes are:

1) Round Radishes

This is the most commonly used radish. They range in colors from pink to purple and shades of red. They have a sharp and robust flavor to it.


2) Pusa Desi

It is an Indian type of radish with tapering stem and green foliage on top.


3) Icicle Types

These radishes are white inside out and are only 3 – 5 inches in length. They have a very pungent taste to them.


4) Pusa Chetki

This type of radish is generally available in India, and it is long and stumpy. They have pure white flesh and are mildly pungent to eat.


5) French Breakfast Radish

The round radishes which are slightly elongated come under this variety. They have a sharp taste but are milder than the round ones.


6) Cherry Belle Radish

These red round radishes are commonly available in all local markets and have a perfect radish flavor to them.


7) Easter Egg Radish

Round radishes which are sold in a bunch and are usually purple, pink, white or red.


8) Plum Purple Radish

These firmly textured radishes resemble the plum in their appearance but have a mild and crisp flavor to them.


9) Watermelon Radish

Watermelon radish has amazing and attractive pinkish red interiors, and green peel is strikingly similar to watermelon and so the name.


10) Black Spanish

These radishes truly have a black peel to them with milky white flesh. They have a sharp taste, especially when consumed raw.


11) California Mammoth White Radish

These radishes are oblong shaped, and their flesh is slightly pungent to consume.


12) Chinese Radish

These plump radishes are crisp and robust in flavor.


13) Daikons

The white radish with green foliage which is the most common type available is called daikon. If sliced in thin pieces they are yummy and crispy.


14) Horse Radish

This type of radish has a pungent taste. The aftertaste in the mouth is bitter though.


15) Korean Radish

These radishes are also called moo. These pale green-skinned radishes are often large and have a flavor that ranges from sweet to slightly hot.


16) Radish Sprouts

These are the seedlings of the radish plant and are harvested early after their plantation.


18) Red Globes

The red globe radishes are the oval-shaped button like radishes whose flesh is crisp and solid.


19) Snowballs

The snowball radishes are round and white. They have a crisp texture and mild flavor.


20) Wasabi

Most real wasabi is available only in Japan where it is grown as a cruciferous vegetable similar to a radish.


21) Sparkler

This radish is round and red with white tips, often confused with turnips. Though, the flesh is all white.


22) White Beauty

These radishes are white inside out. They are sweet and juicy in their flavor.


23) Early Scarlet Gold

These are a juicy and tender type of radish. They usually have red skin and white flesh.


24) Daikon Long White

Just like daikon variety but have long lengths. They can grow up to almost 18 inches long.


25) Fire & Ice

These oblong shaped radishes are red on top and white towards the bottom. They have a mild and sweet flavor to them.


26) Green Meat

The peel and flesh are both greens. The surprise of this radish lies in its spicy skin while the flesh has a mild flavor to it.


27) Sakurajima Mammoth

It is one of the largest radish types and has a sweet and mild flavor to it. These can weigh up to a 100 pounds.


28) White Globe Hailstone

These radishes are pure white inside out and are mildly spicy in flavor.


29) Chinese Green Luobo

This type of radish is also called quin Luobo and has a unique lime green peel and flesh.


30) Japanese White

These cylindrical radishes usually grow around 25 – 30 cm long. Their flesh is solid and crispy.


31) Punjab Safed

These radishes have a smooth texture and mild in taste. It is one of the quick-growing radishes.


32) Arka Nishant

This marble white radish which has shiny red and smooth flesh with pinkish white skin.


33) Rapid Red White Tipped

The smooth roots which are small in size and are bright red with white tips. They have a snappy and crispy flesh.


Health Benefits of Radish

1) The radishes are high on fiber, and thus, it aids in digestion. It helps in managing good bowel movement, and so it prevents constipation and diarrhea.

2) Radish is a good source of anthocyanins which help us in maintaining a healthy heart.

3) These little wonders help in managing your blood pressure because they contain potassium.

4) They help in preventing all kinds of damage to the red blood cells and also increase the supply of oxygen in our bloodstream.

5) Radish is rich in water content and thus, hydrates your body and keeps your skin glowing.

6) Radish is also known to treat Jaundice.


These are just a few benefits, and still, there are numerous benefits that this vegetable has on our health.



Emeril Lagasse had stated “Radishes grow just about anywhere. People think ‘oh! It’s just a radish’. But radishes are delicious, and people don’t think of cooking them.” Just because of their abundant nature many people often consider radishes to be just veggies, but, to make it easier for you some of the above-listed benefits must be a reason enough to try all types of radishes available to you.

Radish might not be your cup of tea due to its astringent taste but make sure to have it whenever you can, as it is a host of health benefits for your body.

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