Soft and sweet corn kernels melting in our mouth, who doesn’t love them?

Corns have been an essential part of our diets since primitive times. These corns over time turn sweet due to the natural recessive mutation which converts sugar to starch in the kernels themselves.

These sweet tasting kernels are then sold as one of the most beloved snacks, the sweet corns.

There are six major corn types which are consumed largely by the whole global population, and sweet corn has its place fixed in this list due to its high demand and popularity.

One major fact about sweet corn is that though it is a grain but is consumed largely as a vegetable and not a grain.


Types of Sweet Corn

Being a structural grain, there are many varieties in which these sweet corns can be categorized, mainly by taste, color, and texture of the grain. Some of the most commonly known types are classified under five heads, namely:


(A) Standard Sweet Corn

The standard sweet corn variety has the traditional taste of the sweet corn and one of the best textures too, but sadly this taste and texture are not retained for long, and thus, this corn is not great for storage as the sugar converts to starch in only 1 – 2 days.

This type of sweet corn is best for immediate consumption right after harvesting. This variety is further subcategorized due to the color of the kernels as follows:

Further, these are also classified under various types which have been mentioned later.


(B) Super Sweet Sweet Corn

The Super sweet type of sweet corn has almost ten times more sugar than the standard sweet corn varieties. The kernels of this type are generally shrunken and dried. The conversion of sugar and starch takes place much slower in this variety, making them suitable for storage for almost up to ten days. These types generally have crops with low yields in comparison to the standard variety.

The subcategories of this variety again depend on the color of the kernels which is further again divided into various types which are discussed afterward.


(C) Sugar Enhanced Sweet Corn

These types are between the above two mentioned types of sweet corn in their taste and sweetness. They have soft kernels which are easy to chew. It is also called a tender kernel. They can be stored for up to two weeks after harvest.

Just like the above two varieties they are also categorized as per the color of their kernels and are then further divided into various categories.


(D) Synergistic Sweet Corn

Synergistic sweet corn is a genetic combination of various types in different proportions to develop a variety that suits our taste. They have softer and tender kernels with sweetness in them. These can be similarly classified as all the other categories by their kernel color or color of the cob.


(E) Augmented Supersweet Sweet Corn

Various types of the supersweet corns are combined to produce the yield of the augmented supersweet sweet corn. Their kernels are tender and so are generally handpicked.


Similar to the categories mentioned above these are also subcategorized and divided into various types.

There are various types of sweet corns further classified under these categories. Some of the most commonly grown and sold varieties of sweet corn have been enlisted further:


1) Peaches and Cream

The peaches and cream variety of sweet corn has one of the sweetest tasting kernels with most tender corns ever developed.


2) Incredible

The incredible sweet corn variety is considered one of the best eating varieties available around the globe.


3) Northern Xtra Sweet

This sweet tasting corns can be either bicolor or just yellow, but in any case, they have an amazing sweet taste.


4) Butter and Sugar

This corn type has a delectable sugary taste that is unique to itself.


5) Sweet G90

This corn variety has a distinct ruggedness to it. The sweet G90 is one of the robust hybrids of sweet corns.


6) Honey and Pearl

This is a bicolor variety of sweet corn which is normally known to have exact 16 rows of kernels which are sweet and tender. These are excellent for canning purpose too.


7) Silver Queen

This sweet corn variety takes longer to mature, but its white color is appealing and attractive.


8) Cloud Nine

These types of sweet corns are generally disease resistant to an extent. The cloud nine variety of corns have white kernels which are sweet and tender in taste.


9) Ambrosia

This is one of the sugar enhanced types of sweet corn and has dual color. It has an excellent flavor.


10) Early Xtra Sweet

This variety of corn develops quickly in just about 70 days. The kernels are plump, tender, juicy and sweet.


11) Honey Select Sweet

The honey select sweet variety of sweet corn is known for its tenderness and sweet flavor.


12) Obsession

This variety too has dual color. It is easy to grow is one of the most tender types available.


13) Ruby Queen

This is a pretty unique variety of sweet corn due to red tasseled stalks. Ruby Queen has extremely juicy and sweet kernels.


14) Serendipity

This sweet corn has a crunchy sweet flavor to it. Serendipity’s kernels often burst with flavor and are thus, juicy.


15) Quickie

Just as the name suggests, Quickie is one of the earliest maturing sweet corn varieties.


16) Bodacious

These uniformly distributed kernels with more or less uniform taste make it a rich and deep tasting corns.


17) Silver King

This unique variety bursts of flavor in all its kernels from top to bottom. Its overall flavor content makes it a favorite for one and all.


18) Kandy Korn

The amazing softness makes it a favorite for consumers and thus, farmers love producing this corn variety too.


19) Devotion

Devotion has a delicious flavor and attracts a lot of buyers and thus, is perfect to sell on the shelf.


20) Sugar Buns

The kernels are fuller like buns, and this has a healthy and attractive appearance, these sweet corns have been a favorite since primitive times.


21) Providence

Another favorite of the market due to its delicious and delicate sweetness.


22) Trinity   

These corns are best to be planted early during the season, and they are sweet and tender.


23) Iochief

The Iochief variety of sweet corn is generally produced for canning or freezing for off-season uses.


24) Passion

The passion sweet corn has a pale yellow appearance. It is mostly tender and delicious to consume.


25) Illini Xtra Sweet

The kernels of this variety are extremely sweet if consumed right after harvest. They have a tender and juicy taste.


26) Jubilee

This variety is available during late summers and tastes good.


One of the lesser known classification categories is:

(F) The Heirloom Sweet Corns

This is one of the self-sustaining varieties whose kernels can be stored for production in the subsequent year. They should generally be planted in isolation to prevent any risks of cross-pollination.

Some of its famous types are:-

1) Stowell’s Evergreen: These tall plants yield tender and sweet kernels.

2) Country Gentlemen: This unique variety yields creamy white kernels that are not uniformly arranged.

3) Golden Bantam: This variety is one of the first in the yellow sweet corn category and yields yellow kernels only.



These yummy snacks are not just sweet but do provide us with Vitamin A, Carbs, Potassium, Fibre, Protein and fat and thus can be consumed on a regular basis but in limited quantity. One of the favorite snacking option all around the world whether with or without butter and added condiments, these surely are a one try worth at least.

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