Whiskey is a malted alcoholic beverage. It is one of those alcoholic drinks which have a high alcohol percentage. It is a distilled alcoholic drink. Many types of whiskey are known worldwide. These types are classified based on their country of origin, how it was made, or based on its alcohol content.

The age of a whiskey is often known to decide its price. But, be informed that the age of a whiskey is the time between distillation and bottling as after the whiskey is bottled, no aging changes the taste, nor are there any other effects on whiskey. The grain is used for malting the whiskey also decide the type of whiskey.

Types of Whiskey 

Various types of whiskey available for consumption are:

1) Malt Whisky

The barley grain mash is fermented to produce the malted whiskey. There are different ways in which this malt can be combined with the grains, which further creates many types of whiskeys that you will read about in the following types.


2) Grain Whisky

These whiskeys are made of grains like all others, but the difference is to be under this category, the whiskey must contain at least one grain apart from barley. Grains like corn, wheat, and rye.


3) Single Malt Whiskey

When one batch of single malted grain is used to make a whiskey in one distillery, it is called a single malt whiskey.


4) Blended Malt

Those whiskeys which are malted from a single grain but made in very many distilleries are called the blended malts.


5) Blended Whiskey

A cask made from a mix of different malts and grains and also some other ingredients to create unusual and rare flavors.


6) Cask Strength: These bold and robust whiskeys are always preferred diluted due to their high strength.


7) Single Cask: The single cask whiskeys are those which are made from only grain mush, no previous productions of whiskey are ever mixed with these. The labels of these bottles specify the cask they come from.


8) Bourbon Whiskey

The Bourbon whiskey has barley with at least 51% corn grains for its malt. This whiskey then is left for maturation in oak caskets. The bourbon whiskey, which is aged for a minimum of two years, is called straight Bourbons.


9) Corn Whiskey

The corn whiskey is the same as bourbon whiskey but with no spicy hints.


10) Rye Whiskey

Rye whiskey is the first production of North America with a malt which contains 51% rye along with the barley in its malt. It has a slightly fruity essence to it and a hint of spice as well.


11) Scottish whiskey

Though not many know except the connoisseurs that the Scottish whiskey is the base with which all other whiskeys are compared to set their standards. One of the primary reasons behind this fact is the substantial and close regulations laid on the production techniques of whiskey.


12) Wheat Whiskey

Wheat whiskey is made with a malt of at least 51% wheat grains. Those wheat whiskeys which are aged for two years are also called straight wheat whiskeys.


13) Light Whiskey

Usually, light whiskeys are smooth blends with some dilution to leave them with just slight bitterness.


14) Spirit Whiskey

It is a much lesser-known type of whiskey and belongs to the list of the 42 types of whiskeys that are recognized federally.


16) Scotch
The premium Scottish whiskey which has been aged for over ten years is called Scotch.


17) Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey is often considered the best blends across the world. Any average Irish whiskey, whether malted or grained, is at least aged for three years before being sold to the customers.


18) Tennessee
A straight Bourbon made in the state of Tennessee, the only difference is that this whiskey is steeped in charcoal before being fermented.


19) Japanese
The Japanese whiskey has been known for over a hundred years now. These are famous for their traditional and primitive flavors like peat. Though they have modernized and are also producing new genres of whiskey like aging whiskey in casks, which are used for making plum wines.


20) Welsh
The whiskey distilled in wales is called the welsh whiskey. This day the welsh whiskey is mainly represented by Penderyn.


21) Swedish
The Swedish whiskey is generally single malt whiskeys with a rare Scandinavian flavor to them. The smokey accent is due to the presence of Peat and Juniper and also due to the used of Swedish oak used in its maturity casks.


22) New Zealand
Being a British Colony, New Zealand used to produce some premium quality whiskey once but not anymore.


23) Indian
Indian whiskeys are generally consumed as rum around the world. India has been producing whiskey since the early 1800s, but now primary production is through the fermentation of molasses.


24) German
The German whiskeys depend on their whiskey-making process on the various ways followed in countries like Scotland, America, and Ireland.


25) English
English whiskey production had come to a steeping halt and have just recently started brewing their drinks off late since 2006.


26) Australian
Australian whiskeys are famous worldwide, especially the ones malted in Tasmanian islands.


27) Canadian
Canadian whiskeys are known for a small addition of rye in their malts. Some of their malts are also a combination of wheat, barley, and corn so that a smooth beverage can be attained.


29) Flavored Whiskey and Whisky liqueurs
Flavored whiskeys are those whiskeys in which no sweetener is added but just a single flavor to enhance the overall taste of the malt.

Whiskey liqueurs are whiskeys with added sweeteners. Any whiskey in which sweetening agents are added is called whiskey liqueurs.


30) Bottled in Bond
Bonded to create premium quality bourbon in its first place, but now bonded whiskeys are available in corn whiskey, apple brandy, and even rye whiskey.


The dictionary defines whiskey as a distilled drink made of malted grains. It is known to have specific benefits on your health, but as it is a fact, alcohol should only be consumed in limited quantity to ensure that only its benefits are used, and none of its side effects start harming your body.

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