Origins of the Green Tea

This magnificent tea, which has so many health benefits for our body, is a very old type of tea which dates three thousand years back. The first time where we started using leave was really three thousand years ago, and at first, humans were chewing it, like tobacco or the whole beans of coffee. It’s was later on we tried boiling these leaves in water and by doing so; water got this amazing flavour from these leaves. It was firstly used in Asia, and here are some health benefits of green tea and reasons why you should drink it every day.

1) Reduces the Risk Of Cancer

This tea among numerous health benefits has one which is probably of the greatest importance for our society today since we have been troubled with this disease, it prevents cancer. It has a protective effect on our body due to antioxidants which this tea contains. It can prevent several types of cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer. By drinking it every day, you reduce the possibility of getting cancer; therefore, we strongly recommend it for you.

2) Good for Oral Health

Not only does the green tea kill the bad breath in your mouth, but it is also a great assistant in fighting with other bacteria and infections. It can kill several different types of bacteria. It also kills Streptococcus mutants in your mouth, and that bacteria is the main reason for teeth decay and cavities. Because all of this, you should consider on starting with the consummation of this tea.

3) Great Benefits for Skin

Believe it or not, this is a thing. By drinking green tea or placing green tea bags on your skin protects you from the dangers of sun’s ultraviolet rays, which is also why it prevents skin cancer. There is a study in Germany that has shown that people who were drinking green tea six cups per day, when exposed to sunlight didn’t get their skin burnt, or they did but less than usual.

4) Perfect For Weight Loss

Yes, this is definitely one of the best kinds and types of foods or beverages there is for weight loss. Numerous studies show that this is true, and this is a fact. If you’re looking for the way to lose weight, when you’re correcting you diet you should consider including green tea in those corrections. This magical tea increases fat oxidation and energy expenditure, and that is how it helps you with your fight against obesity. This is not just a story for a good night, this is a fact, and green tea has an immediate effect on your weight loss.

5) Protects Your Bones & Keeping Your Bones Strong

There is hard evidence that green tea is protecting your bones and preventing diseases like osteoporosis. Among other health benefits, this tea grants you greater bone density. Therefore, stronger bones mean less chance of osteoporosis. Also, strong bones are your primary concern if you’re old, you need to keep them healthy for as long as you can. So, it gives you greater bone density because it contains chemicals which stimulate the structure of the bone material.

6) Boosts Up Your Energy Levels


Yes, as you know all kinds of tea contain caffeine, of course, considerably less than the coffee itself, but it contains. For example, why it’s better to start consuming green tea instead coffee, you can more easily get the caffeine buzz without overdoing it. It is also a lot healthier and has a greater impact on your body than coffee. This tea also contains L-theanine amino acid, which helps the brain and helps you on staying focused and concentrated. You can also try consuming tea made from Kratom plant. This Kratom tea is also a great energy booster as well as pain reliever. You can buy Kraton tea here.

7) Green Tea Boosts Metabolism

It is evident that green tea boosts your metabolism, because everyone who is consuming it or consumed it lost weight, that’s for sure. It improves thermogenesis and fat oxidation as well as the production of energy by your body while digesting. You will need to drink a bit more of this tea, even if you can substitute the water drinking with it, that would be great, but the five cups a day is the advised dose.

8) Stomach Health

 As it helps you with everything else it also keeps your stomach health at its finest. And by stomach health, we mean digestion because digestion is the main source of stomach health issues, and this tea can help with digestion in many ways. You see, green tea acts as a digestive stimulant, and it reduces intestinal gas. It can also assist you with your fight against different stomach diseases, such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

9) Nectar of Youth

Green tea is certainly something which is worth calling “Nectar of Youth.” This particular tea contains a powerful antioxidant, and we all know that antioxidants prevent cellular decay as well as harmful effects of free radicals in our bodies. It also improves your immune system and reduces stress levels.

In the End

I think this enough for you to start even considering on including green tea in your diet because all of the effects listed above are true and even scientifically proven. Hence, we strongly recommend you start drinking green tea on a regular basis. You should also consider convincing other family members and friends in order to make our community healthier. Only by drinking this tea you can protect yourself from various health problems, and that should be reason enough.

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