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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Vitamin C For Your Body

Why am I writing about the health benefits of vitamin c?

I have my reasons 🙂 Due to the fact that there are many crucial nutrients, but Vitamin C is famous among all of them, Some sources indicate that Vitamin C is the single most searched nutrient.

(but it can be wrong, I have seen vitamin D had more average monthly searches than vitamin C ).


Famous Among Us

Vitamin C is very familiar vitamin as compared to other vitamins.

If you ask a question to your friends and family members or relatives that “what are the sources of vitamin B6, B12 or vitamin K “?

What then?

You will find that several of them can possibly not give you the answer of your question.

On the other hand,

When you ask them the same question in term of vitamin C that “what is the sources of Vitamin C ?”

You will surprisingly get the answer faster than the last time 🙂

And many of them will answer you, they will reply you as by naming few natural sources(fruits and vegetables) such as cauliflower, strawberries, pineapple, kale, spinach, cabbage, grapefruits or any citrus fruits to tell you the answer of your question that these are the good sources of Vitamin C, actually these are the excellent sources of vitamin C.


As you will probably see, your friends, family or relatives are very friendly with vitamin C.

If you don’t believe then you can try the above activity for just fun :).


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Health Benefits of Vitamin C

[Sources: National Library of Medicine[NLM]

1) Development and Restoration

Vitamin C supports the development and restoration of tissues in all parts of your body.

Vitamin C is also utilized to produce a crucial protein used to make skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. It also heal wounds and develop scar tissue.

It supports to repair and maintain cartilage, bones, and teeth.


2) Vitamin C as Antioxidants

Vitamin C is among the list of antioxidants. Antioxidants are the nutritional compound that prevent a harm made by free radicals.

According to University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, “Antioxidants neutralize the electrical charge of free radicals, which damage DNA by taking electrons from other molecules. Free radical damage has been linked to aging and a number of diseases including the development of cancer. Antioxidants may slow or possibly protect against cancer.”


free radicals are produced when your body breaks down food or when you are exposed to tobacco smoke or radiation.

The accumulation of free radicals as time passes is mostly accountable for the aging procedure.


Free radicals may are likely involved in cancer, heart disease, and circumstances including arthritis.

3) Common Cold And Vitamin C

For quite some time, vitamin C continues to be a famous cure for the common cold.

Research demonstrates that for the majority of people, supplements of vitamin C or food rich in vitamin C tend not to lower the danger of having a common cold.

Nevertheless, people who consider supplements of vitamin C on a regular basis might have a little bit shorter colds or relatively less severe signs and symptoms.

Using the supplement of vitamin C soon after a cold begins is not going to show up to be useful or effective.

4) Brain Health

[Sources: WHFoods Website]

Vitamin C is required to produce several neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are the indicators that hold feelings, thoughts, and commands near our brains and throughout our nervous system.

We require vitamin C to generate serotonin, a hormone, which performs an important role in the broad range of body systems such as the nervous system, immune system, endocrine system, and digestive system. the majority of our moods, everyday bodily rhythms (which includes sleep-wake cycles), and experiences of stress and pain have serotonin integrated as an element in their incident.

I want to share one of my favorite quotes by George Carlin.

George Carlin said, “Never let the brain idle. ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.’ .’ And the devil’s name is Alzheimer’s.”

5) Collagen

Vitamin C is needed to generate collagen. It is a protein, which performs a crucial role in the structure of yours bodies.
Collagen is the framework for our bones and our skin and without it, we would quite literally fall apart.


Clinical Examples from the National Cancer Institute

image doctor in hospital or clinic

According to Cancermonthly Website,


A reading of Drs. Cameron and Pauling’s book “Cancer and Vitamin C” provides 26 case histories of patients with various cancers who received a benefit from vitamin C including: brain, breast,prostate, bladder, lung, stomach, ovarian cancer, leukemia and mesothelioma.


“In a March 2006 article entitled “Intravenously administered vitamin C as cancer therapy: three cases” the authors examined clinical details of three cases in accordance with National Cancer Institute (NCI) Best Case Series guidelines. Tumor pathology was verified by pathologists at the NCI who were unaware of diagnosis or treatment. In all three cases (metastatic renal cancer, bladder cancer, and lymphoma), vitamin C demonstrated efficacy.”


Relationship With Other Nutrients

image of a Dog with a girl

Dog With Their Master

Improve the Absorption of Iron

Vitamin C is known for improving the absorption of iron (mainly iron identified in plant foods) and can possibly assist to reduce the risk of deficiency of dietary iron.

Relationship With Vitamin E

Antioxidants in foods often function together with each other in crucial and synergistic methods to offer safety in opposition to free radical damage.

By far the most highly respected of these relationships is that between vitamin C and vitamin E. vitamin C assists to guard vitamin E in people, which includes people who smoke and those who have a chronic overproduction of free radicals.


I mentioned only 5 benefits of vitamin C that are not enough to tell how beneficial is vitamin C for the body. Let me know what you think about benefits of vitamin C and relationship with other nutrients via comments.

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