15 Foods and Natural Remedies to Cure Sinus Infection

According to the definition provided by MedlinePlus, a sinus infection is an inflammation in the sinus cavity, usually caused by a virus, fungus, or bacteria. Sinusitis can lead to problems like sinus pressure, congestion, low-grade fever, body chills, thick nasal discharge, and sinus headaches, which can be treated with antibiotics or even other medical treatments. […]

Sandalwood: Scientific Name and Common Names in Different Languages

Sandalwood is not only known for its heavenly fragrance but is also a cure for many common and sometimes chronic illnesses, as well. Diseases ranging from a common cold issue related to skin, fever, and even UTI can be relieved with the use of this exotic wood. Sandalwood oil is used in aromatherapies, and to […]

Turmeric: Scientific Name and Common Names in Different Languages

Turmeric is a plant that is regularly and commonly used in households, not only as a spice but also for medicinal purposes. It has a long history that links it to Vedic Culture in India. Turmeric originated in India and is now cultivated in most parts of tropical Asia. It grows on underground tubers or […]

Mulberry Leaf Tea: Health Benefits, Side Effects and How To Make

‘Here we go round the mulberry bush, The mulberry bush, the mulberry bush; here we go round the mulberry bush, so early in the morning.’ We all remember this rhyme from our toddler years but do we actually recognize Mulberry leaf or are we still in awe of it because of its special friend Mr. […]

Mint: Scientific Name and Common Names in Different Languages

Mint is a part of the mentha family. It includes several varieties, the most commonly hear ones being peppermint and spearmint Mint has been added to many savory dishes and cool as well as hot beverages since time immortal. Mint adds its unique, refreshing flavor to all delicacies. Often used as a culinary herb, mint […]

Guava: Scientific Name and Common Names in Different Languages

Guava is a uniquely aromatized tropical fruit. Its roots can be traced back to Mexico. The Guava fruit is generally pink from within though white ones are also available. The fruit is ovular in shape and has a green appearance. It grows on a little tree with a height of a little over 10 inches. […]

Understanding Your Microbiome and Its Impact on Your Life

We tend to think of ourselves as single organisms, but the truth is that our bodies are made up of more microbes than human cells. We’re colony organisms, and modern science is only beginning to scratch the surface of those implications. The area of highest concentration for those microbes in our gut, which is called […]

Cherry: 15 Health Benefits & Side Effects of Cherry Juice

 Well, who doesn’t know what cherries are? Cherries are the vibrant juicy red fruits enjoyed by the people mostly during the summer season. It isn’t only sweet but also has a tinge of sourness. This is the best kind of fruit that will add a perfect color to your dessert. You can have it the […]

11 Health Benefits of Drinking Kale Juice

Kale is a green leafy vegetable. It is also known as leaf cabbage and a type of cabbage. These leafy cabbages are basically grown because of their edible leaves. The leaves may be green or purple in color. However, unlike the regular cabbages, the central leaves in these cabbages do not form the head. Kale […]

What Are The Different Types of Echinoderms?

Echinoderms are a particularly different class of living beings. These are usually found in the deep oceans. If we go by the facts on Wikipedia, then this category of living beings further has around 7000 species listed in this category. Thus, knowing and understanding various types of echinoderms is a confusing task. The various types […]