How Many Almonds Should You Eat in a Day for Good Health – Weight Loss & Its Side Effects

Many of us are aware of how beneficial almonds can be if added to your daily diet. They offer you a decent amount of fiber and protein.

Almonds are loaded with many crucial nutrients. It helps to guard you against many diseases. You can easily pack and carry almonds around as a healthy snack.

Now, Let’s come to the question.

  • How many almonds should you eat in a day for good health?

I was planning to write about this because it always gets left behind in the crowd.

The other common questions about almond consumption are the following:-

  • What are the side effects of eating almonds daily?
  • What are the health benefits of eating almonds every day?
  •  Are almonds good for weight loss?
  • Are Almonds Good For You?
  • How Many Almonds are there in One Ounce?
  • Why are Soaked Almonds Better Than Raw Almonds?

If you continue to read this article, you will find the answers to all the questions I mentioned in the above line and the article title.

I’m going to start with the first question, that is also mentioned in the headline of the article:-
  • How many almonds should you consume every day to get significant health benefits of it?

The recommended intake of almonds will help you to avoid the side effects.

How Many Almonds Should You Eat a Day

side effects of eating almonds daily

It is hard to understand and claim that you eat 3 or 4 ounces a day. I don’t want to claim something like that, but If we want a good answer, then we should ask the experts.

Who can be the better expert than the Almond Website?

According to Almonds.comYou can eat one ounce which is almost equal to 23 almonds on a daily basis. It is an easy strategy to add numerous important nutrients to your diet routine.

If you follow Nutsforlife for healthy handful logo design, then their suggestion is 30 g of nuts that is equal to 20 almonds to eat to get the maximum benefits of eating almonds every day.

Eating Almonds Gives You Many Vital Nutrients

Adding almonds to your diet plan can provide many essential nutrients that will help you stay healthy and fit.

Almonds contain a decent amount of nutrients such as fiber, protein, vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, and calcium which are all essential for your healthy development and growth.

Vitamin E is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. It protects against free radicals, heart disease, some types of cancer and also improves your immune system.


Amount of Carbs, Fat and Protein in Almonds

According to United States Department of Agriculture(USDA),

In 1 Ounce almonds, There are 164 calories, 14.36g Fat (73%), 5.6g Carbs (14%) and 6.03g Protein (13%).

Are Almonds Good for Weight Loss?

Almonds are good for controlling your weight. Almonds have all important components that you need for healthy weight loss such as fiber, protein, and healthy fat content.

The healthy fat in almonds helps you to give a feeling of fullness throughout the day. It also helps in maintaining weight by reducing the desire of eating, which results in eating too much to cause weight gain.

Almond also have monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. It helps reduce LDL (The Bad cholesterol) in our bodies.

What are the Benefits of Eating Almonds in the Morning

According to Mapi Website, a Perfect method to consume almonds is to soak almonds overnight and remove the skin of almonds in the morning. You can mix those almonds with raisins and dates, which also decreases Pitta aggravation in the blood.

You can eat 10 almonds in the morning hours and  10 almonds in the evening.

It is suggested that almonds should not be consumed by themselves on an empty stomach but often combined with additional foods like milk, vegetables or grains, to prevent Pitta imbalance.


Are Almonds Good For You?

Almonds are one of those nuts which are loved by everyone. These nuts are not only tasty but also very beneficial, that can protect against many diseases. They are the good source of fiber, vitamin, minerals, and proteins which can cure many heart diseases.

Health Benefits of Eating Almonds

You may be thinking if almonds are good for you or not. As these creamy nuts are rich in so many nutrients, they have numerous health benefits which are mentioned below:


1) Helps in Fighting Inflammation

The antioxidants in almonds help to fight the inflammation. According to research, inflammation is caused by the oxidative stress. Nuts such as almonds are rich in antioxidants which helps to prevent oxidative stress and lower inflammation. The fatty acids also help to prevent inflammation.


2) Reduces the Risk of Heart Damage

It is considered that eating a handful of nuts like almonds can help efficiently help in reducing the risk of heart damage. They also effectively promote the heart health, thereby contributing to curing cardiometabolic disease.

The skin of almond contain antioxidants and polyphenolic compounds. These, thus help in inhibiting the LDL oxidation.


3) Alkalizes the Body

Among the nuts, almonds are rich in proteins which are alkaline. A human body is generally lacking alkalinity and is prone to the risk of osteoporosis and bad functioning of the immune system, but almonds fulfill this shortcoming. Due to the lack of alkaline content, your body also feels in a reduction in its energy and leads to weight gain.


4) Boosts Healthy Brain Function

Almonds play an essential role in maintaining healthy functioning. It is loaded with riboflavin and L-carnitine. These are responsible for enhancing the neurological functions and inhibit cognitive decline.

So, adults are advised to consume nuts like almonds to lower inflammation. Inflammation in areas around the brain can lead to Alzheimer’s disease and even dementia and almonds in the long run help in prevention for both these diseases.


5) Guard Against Cancer

Almonds can play an essential role in preventing cancer and also strengthen the immune system.  The antioxidants of almonds fight the free radical damage and help to reduce the risk of cancer. They also prevent the body from the damage of reactive oxygen molecules and thus, are one of the best wondrous food available for consumption.


6) Cures Constipation & Improves Digestion

Studies have stated that almond consumption can help to improve the stool frequency for many people as it contains fiber and fiber helps in proper digestion and acts as a laxative. So, one serving of almond which includes 12.5 gram of fiber can help to cure constipation. The soluble and insoluble fiber helps to improve the gut health. The increased fiber consumption should also be balanced with enough water to cure constipation. It is also helpful to improve the colon health.


7) Keeps Diabetes in Control

Almonds are rich in fats, proteins, and fibers and very low in carbs. Hence, it can efficiently control diabetes. It also contains magnesium which further helps to control diabetes.

People who have diabetes can have lowered insulin resistance if they are given supplements of magnesium.

Therefore, foods rich in magnesium like Almonds can help to cure metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.


8) Helps in Weight Loss

Nuts are reputed to have high fats. However, these are good fats. Eating these nuts on a daily basis can also help you to reduce weight.

As per WHFood, people who consumed nuts twice per week saw 31 percent fewer chances of weight gain when compared to them who didn’t consume these nuts at all in a study of 8665 people.


9) Maintains Skin Health

Almonds are a rich source of vitamin E which helps to improve the quality of your skin and also slows down the process of aging. It is also a good source of compounds like catechin, epicatechin and other flavanol antioxidants which are also beneficial for fighting any skin damage and cancer as it reduces the risk of curing oxidative stress. These are usually caused by poor diet, UV light exposure, and pollution.


10) Improves Bone and Dental Health

Almonds are a rich source of minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, and other essential nutrients. These are helpful for curing teeth as well as for maintenance of your bone health.


How Many Almonds in One Ounce?

There are 23 nuts in each ounce. These nuts provide a great snack as they keep you full and provide many vital nutrients.

One ounce of almonds contains 6 grams of protein, 3.5 grams of fiber and 75 mg of calcium and also offer 13 grams of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

These fats are healthy for the heart as they reduce the total cholesterol levels and also the LDL cholesterol. This helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

One serving of almonds contains 162 calories and 14gm of unsaturated fats healthy for the heart. Make sure to eat it in moderate amounts. One ounce of almonds contains about 23 almonds which are one-fourth cup.

Almonds are a high source of calories. Each 100 gram of almond contains 579 calories. They are also a rich source of good fat, for, every 100 grams of almond contains 50 grams of fats.

However, you should limit your almond consumption only to a few ones on a daily basis. It is better to consume only a handful of almonds on a daily basis like an ounce, or a quarter which is equal to 23 almonds.


Why are Soaked Almonds Better Than Raw Almonds?

As per the recommendations of Ayurveda, you should remove the skin of almond and then eat them to get maximum health benefits from the consumption of these nuts.

It is always recommended to eat soaked almonds rather than the raw almonds, and it will always be the same. It is indeed difficult to choose between raw almonds and the soaked almonds, but now you know that it is not only about the taste but also about the benefits.

Soaked almonds are also considered to be beneficial as the brown skin of the almonds is full of tannin and can help to prevent the absorption of the nutrients. If the almonds are soaked, the skin of the almonds will come off easily, and the almond without the tannin-rich skin will still be packed with all the essential nutrients.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to soak the almonds:

  • Take a handful of Almonds
  • Soak them in water
  • Cover it
  • Let the Almonds absorb the water for 8 hours
  • Remove the skin
  • Store in an airtight container


These soaked almonds will remain healthy for one week and will still provide you with their essential benefits.

But the research has suggested eating whole nuts, implying that their skin should not be peeled off. Taking out the skin of almonds would deficit them of all their nutrients. It is always suggested to eat roasted almonds if it is being bought. According to research, roasted almonds are beneficial than the blanched, dried, and freeze-dried almonds.


Side Effects: Eating Too Many Almonds Bad for Your Health?


1) Weight Gain

Almonds can also cause weight gain. Consuming almonds in large amount can result in gaining weight. The Suggested amount of almonds is 1 ounce that is 23 almonds, which contains 164 calories and 14.36g of fat.

In case you eat around 4 or 5-ounce almonds daily without maintaining your diet plan by calories your body requires each day can make your weight gain. (3)(7)

2) Drug Interactions

Almonds are high in manganese. If you eat far too many almonds, especially already having rich manganese diet, this may induce drug interactions and might affect any medication that you are consuming.

Excessive amounts of manganese in your blood can get in the way with some antipsychotic drugs, and also antacids, laxatives, blood pressure medications and certain antibiotics. (7)(8)

3) Side Effect of Almonds as Too Much Vitamin E

Almonds are very nutritious for your body. It is good to add almonds to your diet plan. It gives you many crucial nutrients including vitamin E, which also gives antioxidant safety.

Eating 1 ounce of almonds give you 7.4 mg vitamin E. You need 15 mg Vitamin E on a daily basis.

It will take a large number of almonds to climb the higher limit of 1,000 mg per day (Vitamin E intake upper limit). However, it is achievable if you are consuming vitamin E rich foods along with almonds.

According to Drugs.com “Overdose of Vitamin E causes symptoms which  may result in stomach pain, nausea, diarrhoea, dizziness, headache, tiredness and blurred vision”.

4) Other Side Effects of Almonds

Almonds have oxalates. Excess oxalates can trigger crystallization, which can cause a variety of different problems.

Those, who are suffering from problems of kidney or gallbladder should stay away from consumption of almonds. (9)



Undoubtedly, almonds have many health benefits. Keep in mind to eat a handful of them on a daily basis to extract maximum benefits from these delicious nuts. Higher consumption of Almonds than the recommended values can lead to cholesterol which is injurious for your health.

These nuts can be beneficial, although they are high in fat. One of the main benefits is that it can help in the prevention of cancer. They also help to improve the functions of your brain and help in maintaining a healthy cognitive system.

Hopefully, by now it is clear for you to understand how many almonds should you eat in a day and what are the benefits of eating almonds on a regular basis. Eating almonds daily can help you get many benefits along with keeping control over your weight. Then again, Eating too many almonds can cause several side effects thus, always be cautious in their consumption.

Thus, either stick to the advice by nutsforlife and consume around 20 almonds to get their optimum benefits or follow the advice by Spoon University and consume around 23 of these nuts but, do make sure the number does not get exceeded.

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