21 Health Benefits of Eating Black Plum (Jamun)

Black plum, popularly known as Jamun, is one of the favorite fruits of Indians. It is a fruit consumed in the tropical regions. It comes from the flowering plant family known as Myrtaceae. This fruit is native to Indian subcontinents and can be found in other regions of South-east Asia like China. It can also […]

Guava: Scientific Name and Common Names in Different Languages

Guava is a uniquely aromatized tropical fruit. Its roots can be traced back to Mexico. The Guava fruit is generally pink from within though white ones are also available. The fruit is ovular in shape and has a green appearance. It grows on a little tree with a height of a little over 10 inches. […]

What Are The Different Types of Chili Peppers?

The dictionary describes chili peppers as a small variety of capsicum pod which is hot and spicy. Chili peppers especially those types of chili peppers which are extremely hot to eat are not everyone’s cup of tea, but they deserve to be tried at least once in your lifetime.   Types of Chili Peppers Chili […]

What Are The Different Types of Eggplants?

Brinjal or aubergine and eggplant are all the same. These beautiful and glossy purple veggies are often also called the king of vegetable due to the green nook that is almost like a crown on top of this purple colored vegetable. Well, it is still not clear whether the eggplant can be addressed as a […]

What Are The Different Types of Capsicum?

The beautiful hue of red, yellow and green capsicum is enough to attract the food lovers. These are also called peppers or bell peppers. These have been used as a spice since ancestral times. Capsicum needs soft and loamy soil for their cultivation. In the previous data, India has been ranked the first position for […]

What Are The Different Types of Sweet Corns?

sweet corns

Soft and sweet corn kernels melting in our mouth, who doesn’t love them? Corns have been an essential part of our diets since primitive times. These corns over time turn sweet due to the natural recessive mutation which converts sugar to starch in the kernels themselves. These sweet tasting kernels are then sold as one […]

What Are The Different Types of Apple?


Who doesn’t love the glossy reddish maroon, juicy apples? Furthermore, is there anyone who has not come across the saying “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Well surely, the answer is no one. Apples are one of the most easily available fruits across the world. The types of apple available in various parts […]

What Are The Different Types of Pumpkins?


This big edible ball pumpkin might come in as many types and variants, but the first thing its strikes in our minds is Halloween. Pumpkins come in various sizes and are usually orange in color. Just for factual knowledge the largest pumpkin ever had a circumference of 15 feet and 6 inches and weighed 1810 […]

What Are The Different Types of Pears?


Pears are mildly sweet fruits, with high fibrous content. Pears are available in various colors & types, each of which has a distinct flavor, color & texture. These are one of the most delicious fall & winter fruits. Here, we have listed the various types of pears: Pears can be Broadly Classified into Two Categories: […]

What Are The Different Types of Watermelon?


Watermelon is a big ball of nutrients especially essential for us in summers. Watermelons along with muskmelons, cantaloupes, and honeydew belong to the same scientific family. Each bite of this fruit is full of health benefits. Various Types of Watermelon The various types of watermelon known to us are: 1) Little Baby Flower   These […]